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O Camel, Where Art Thou? - Kasey Smith

When my friends and I went to Morocco, our primary goal was to ride camels. Really it that was all we had done in that country, we would have been satisfied. 236 more words

Intercultural Communication

The moving subject

These days the thoughts of the whole world are turned to Greece, that country of many islands. As Homer tells it in the Odyssey, the hero Odysseus or Ulysses came home to the island of Ithaca after twenty years’ wandering. 497 more words

Intercultural Communication

Famous Gentleman in China

Does this old gentleman from Seattle know that he is so popular in China…



Zhong Hanliang! You Come Out

At first I was at the door of the classroom.

-Zhong Hanliang!
-You come out for a sec.
-You come in.
-You come out. I have something for you. 92 more words


小确幸 [xiǎo què xìng]

小确幸 n. little+definite+happiness. Little things that you can be sure of and will make you happy. Quoted from Haruki Murakami’s book Afternoon of the Islets of Langerhans… 19 more words

Internet Slang

The Haitian deportation

The bus arrived at a certain stop and a dark skinned person wanted to enter. The bus driver stopped him and yelled that native persons had precedence. 698 more words