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The Canadian Encyclopedia

“If culture is in fact the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves,
The Canadian Encyclopedia will strive to be the most comprehensive
collection of Canadian Stories online” (TCE, 2015). 252 more words


What's wrong with birds?

Two days ago I had the following exchange with my older daughter. She is almost six years old, but this short dialogue was the most extensive and most grammatically complex English statement she had ever produced in her life. 443 more words


She's Been in 68 Countries in 21 Years


I have been fascinated with CarouLLou ever since I met her online about a year ago. She and her husband have been global nomads together for 21 years (and on their own before that). 2,076 more words

Cultural Detective

Thanksgiving in North America, briefly

“A day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God…”

Dear All,
The video above discusses the history of Thanksgiving and its traditions in North America. Did you know that Thanksgiving is celebrated on different dates in Canada and in the US? 586 more words

Intercultural Communication

Kids Skyping Around the World

Remember the goal of intercultural communication? To help us be able to better understand one another, talk to each other, collaborate, and make our communities and our world a better place in which to live? 824 more words

Cultural Detective

Who are they, and who are we? (2)

To return to last week’s topic: saying “we” it is not as simple a matter as it once was. It has become quite tricky in fact. 529 more words


The American Dream

I was recently watching an episode of a television show called The West Wing and the senior staff of the President of the United States was facing a dilemma. 697 more words

A Penny For Your Thoughts