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Religion, intercultural communication and integration – the case of Islam

When we talk about intercultural communication, the first thing that comes into our heads is, of course, the term “culture”. Culture is a very broad complicated concept that can be looked at from different perspectives. 1,600 more words


4 things to think about if your 'rude' coachee isn't really being rude

Imagine your first conversation with a new coachee… The ‘problem’ is said to be low Emotional Intelligence. According to your coachee, he or she’s been described as having a distinct lack of empathy for others and a tendency to be overly blunt in interactions with work colleagues. 1,183 more words

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Tsuda U Job Ad: Intercultural Communication (Japan)

Lecturer/Associate Professor in Intercultural Communication, Tsuda University, Tokyo, Japan. Deadline: June 11, 2018.

The Department of English at Tsuda University, the oldest women’s college located in Tokyo, Japan is looking for applicants for a full-time (tenured) position in Intercultural Communication. 62 more words

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退散 [tuì sàn]

退散 v. Retreat+dispel. Go away. This Internet slang term comes from the Japanese word “逃げ去る.” It is often used to drive away something or someone unwanted.

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土偶 [tǔ ǒu] and 土創 [tǔ chuàng]

土偶 n. Indigenous & Unrefined+idol. Indigenous & Unrefined Idol. This Internet slang term is a nickname for Idol Producer, a Chinese reality boy group survival show produced by iQiyi.  69 more words

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