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諾蘭黑 [nuò lán hēi]

諾蘭黑 n./adj. Nolan+black. Christopher Nolan detractors. This Internet slang term is used to describe people who dislike Christopher Nolan’s film style.

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伐木累 [fá mù leì]

伐木累 n. Wood+cutting+exhausting. Exhausting to cut wood. This Internet slang term means “family” because of the similar pronunciation.

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大表姐 [dà biǎo jiě]

大表姐 n. The eldest cousin sister. This Internet slang term is an affectionate nickname for American actress Jennifer Lawrence and Chinese model Liu Wen.

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甜茶 [tián chá]

甜茶 n. Sweet tea. This Internet slang term is an affectionate nickname for actor Timothée Chalamet.

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23. South Korea - Strolling Through Seoul

It is rare when a short visit to a country is as memorable as the two layovers I had in Korea in 2012. En route from Hawaii to China, our first layover was twelve hours, during which we were shuttled to the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel, where each member of my four person team was given our own room for some respite from our travels. 579 more words


University in Oslo - "Knot Dot" Friendships

You made the move from far away and into an international student village. Each day you start branching out more and speaking a foreign language when you’re grocery shopping or grabbing a coffee at a café. 1,039 more words

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Douban Movie Review on "Get Out"

Short review of “Get Out”:

father would vote for Obama if he ran for the third time. Perhaps Obama had also gone through the surgery at their house. ​​​​