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Telling Jokes in the UK by Ruth Yao

Did you have a hard time communicating with host country nationals when you arrived? Share an example. Did you adjust your communication strategies in response? How? 257 more words

Crossing Cultures

Outward immigration

During the Nazi period in Germany, there were many writers who emigrated to get away from Hitler; but there were many who didn’t, and just withdrew into themselves. 488 more words

Intercultural Communication

The struggle is real

It’s been some weeks since my last post. It’s hard to find the mental energy to write a post when I am completely preoccupied by undertaking my data collection. 795 more words


Decade in intercultural communication pt. 2

Continuing from my previous post, this one will cover the remaining four themes discovered in the article reviewing intercultural communication research conducted between 2003 and 2013.  819 more words

Dealing with Culture Shock

How do you deal with the frustrations and annoyances that come with navigating intercultural contexts?

In the article Culture Shock: How to Snap Out of It… 158 more words

Educator Insights

Lessons learned by living an expat life

When an employee is starting a new job in a new country, the accompanying spouse is often facing a job free life. In theory this is paradise! 958 more words

Personal Growth

Intercultural Personhood

Intercultural Personhood

(Page 147-159)

Nguyen Vu Hao

Abstract: Personhood is one of the key problems not only in philosophy and the sciences, but also in different fields of the social life in all countries of the world. 728 more words

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