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Annoying Chinese Values

Which Chinese values are popular yet wrong?

I think it’s this one:

The Japanese people have the tolerance that as long as you don’t disturb others you can be as insane as you want as well as the sense of responsibility that no matter how insane you are you must not cause others trouble. 89 more words


油管 [yóu guǎn]

油管 n. Gas pipeline. This Internet slang term is a nickname for YouTube.  油 “oil or gas” sounds like “you” while 管 “pipe” is a translation of “tube.” 8 more words

Internet Slang

On Twinsters and dreams

The other day, I watched the documentary Twinsters on Netflix. It’s about two Korean adoptees who were separated at birth and had no idea they were twins. 859 more words


James Baldwin on race

What is there to say? I have nothing to add to the conversation (and in fact think there are already too many voices competing for attention), and I’m not sure where I’d begin even if I did. 730 more words


Preview: Intercultural Comm. Theories

Starting next week, I will be doing a six-week ‘feature’ about some of the common intercultural communication theories we use in this specific area of the Communication discipline. 109 more words

Intercultural Communication

Getting the Celebrity Treatment

Mosquitos. Everything and everyone is covered in mosquitos here, ha. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but certainly something that I took note of the second that I entered my dorm. 1,365 more words

Aztecs Abroad


Dear All,
What do we know about salt from the linguistic perspective and in general?

According to Oxford Dictionary the origin of the word “salt” can be traced to: 341 more words