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Applied ICD: 3-D Printers and Prosthetic Hands from the US to South Africa

Sometimes the most extraordinary intercultural collaborations result from contacts made through social media. The following story started through a connection made through YouTube, between an artist in the US and a carpenter in South Africa, using the latest technology (3-D printers) to create a prosthetic hand. 166 more words

Intercultural Communication

Listening and communicative space

Listening is a cultural act. It is culturally coded. By that I mean that different cultures, different societies throughout the world, listen in different ways. This may mean that the whole emphasis of communication in one society may be different from what it is in another. 298 more words

Intercultural Communication

The World's First Threesome Gay Marriage

The world’s first threesome gay marriage in the spotlight. Three homosexual men from Thailand love one another so much that they decided to get married.

世界上第一对3P同性婚礼被曝光,三个来自泰国的gay,由于太相爱,决定一起成婚。by @SexFriend


颜值 [yán zhí]


n. Meaning “face” in Kanji, this Internet slang term returned to China as an index for measuring the beauty or handsomeness of one’s face. 颜值爆表 “Maxing out the cute-o-meter”, unbelievably beautiful/handsome. 15 more words

Internet Slang

弹幕 [dàn mù]


n. Barrage, referring to the viewer comments that fly over the video screen. This Internet phenomenon originated from Japan’s video sharing site Niconico and is now widely seen on China’s AcFun, bilibili, tucao, dilili, etc.

Internet Slang

Tribal power - How tribes across the world are standing up for themselves

Recently I stumbled across an article about the Maasai, probably one of the most well-known tribes of our world; their traditional clothing is what comes to many people’s mind when thinking of “tribal Africa”. 447 more words


Is There a Better Way to Discuss White Privilege?

I’ve previously discussed my problems with the term “privilege”. I think there are basic human rights that every person should have, regardless of gender/race/ethnicity/class et al. 694 more words