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Describing Switzerland

I am writing from Switzerland, where I live and work. This is a difficult place to explain to people in the Americas and Asia. To people in Europe it is familiar, perhaps a bit quaint. 504 more words

Intercultural Communication

Improve/ maintain your French

Hi All,
Today I would like draw your attention to an excellent resource for the people who are learning French or who want to maintain it. 441 more words


A generic curriculum of intercultural communication

How do you teach intercultural communication ? Typically you will be dealing with pairs of cultures – for example, trying to teach Swiss to communicate with Japanese. 491 more words

Intercultural Communication

Best Friends

I think the true best friends are those who become kids when they are physically together and get back to the adult mode when they are not.



Role for Sri Lanka’s Diaspora

The eyes of the world have been on Sri Lanka as the people go to the polls. In spite of everything that has happened, the island is a functioning democracy where the voters can make a difference – as we have seen now, more than once. 270 more words


The Power of Cultural Influence on Communication

By Austin B. Hahn

My culture influences the way I make meaning of symbols and gestures. This in turn, affects how I conduct my personal behavior in social settings. 151 more words


Intercultural Communication

By Austin B. Hahn

What role does competent communication play in helping alleviate outright prejudice and discrimination?

The competent communicator acknowledges that negative feelings may arise when interacting with people from another culture, but he or she minimizes them by understanding the values that pertain to that culture. 39 more words