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Culture is not something we own but something we create!

When we interact with people, we constantly negotiate meaning and work out behaviour; in each single encounter, a new culture emerges. Culture is an ongoing and dynamic process created by agency. 65 more words

Intercultural Communication

Who are they, and who are we?

David Mulroney was the Canadian ambassador to China up till 2012. In a speech to the C.D. Howe Institute in Canada just after leaving his post, he quoted Chinese strategist Sun Tzu: “without knowing the lie of hills and woods, of cliffs and crags, you cannot march.” His comment was: “we have got to get more serious and systematic in thinking about China.” But he went on to say: “if the ancient Chinese reminded us of the importance of knowing the other, the ancient Greeks reminded us of the importance of knowing ourselves. 238 more words

Intercultural Communication

Languages of culture - Cultures of language

Wageningen, the Dutch student town I live in, is small but extremely multinational, and when walking through town or university you are permanently surrounded by foreign languages. 582 more words

Intercultural Communication

Comme II Faut: High-Context Living on a Low-Context Budget

Anthropologist Edward T. Hall, collector extraordinaire of cultural factors, coined a couple of terms that are proving very useful to me lately. He writes,

“High context transactions feature pre-programmed information that is in the receiver and in the setting, with only minimal information in the transmitted message.

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American Culture

I have an accent because I have another first language.

I have an accent because I have another first language and this is part of my identity.

The “native speaker” very often seems to occupy a role of prestige. 258 more words

Intercultural Communication

Doctors' Handwriting

Actually, I always suspect that the medical world have their own writing system…