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Leadership Skills and Language Skills

Language skills are essential tools for leadership according to Rawn Shah from Forbes in his article Leadership Skills Multiply With Language Skills. Focusing on how language learning helps to understand culture and worldview differences, essential for business success, Shah suggests that learning language is one of the tools that leaders often overlook. 25 more words

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National Hug a Code-Switcher Day

You are probably one of the many people who thinks that code-switching doesn’t really matter to you.

But think about this. Would you call a woman friend “Ma’am” in the way you might call your boss “Ma’am?” Or, would you greet your teacher (or your child’s teacher) with “Hey hey hey!” the way you would a friend? 501 more words


Giving flowers across cultures

Dear All,
Flowers are considered to be an excellent gift in many cultures across the globe. However, there are certain cultural difference as to what flower gifts are appropriate and which ones are not. 152 more words

Intercultural Communication

Shy Beckham

Yesterday at Wimbledon, Murray accidentally sent the ball flying into the stands. Little Bei caught it and cast it back into the court. Gee! He looks sharp even when he catches a ball! 19 more words


Death: What's Communication Got To Do With It?

The next couple of blog posts will feature chapters from Gwen and I’s upcoming book, Denying Death: An Interdisciplinary Approach, set to arrive on a book shelf near you in 2016 with Taylor & Francis. 643 more words

Promotion to subject (2)

At times, whole categories of people can be demoted from subject to object. The insane experienced this in European history. During the Middle Ages they were mythified, and even listened to as having something strange and other-worldly to say. 409 more words

Intercultural Communication

Approaching Fluency: Stories from English Language Learners

I’m on the hunt for stories from language learners. What is the experience like? what grabs hold of a learner to motivate them? What are the struggles they encounter? 592 more words

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