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Intercultural Communication or Post-Cultural Communication?

Guest Post by Paola Giorgis

Intercultural communication or post-cultural communication? Reflecting on mistakes in intercultural encounters

Some years ago, I worked with a total of about 350 refugees who, with the help of some radical activists, had become squatters, taking over an empty building which occupied almost an entire block. 1,317 more words

Intercultural Communication

Week 8: Ethics, Social Justice, and Intercultural Communication

Thanks, everyone, for your patience on Thursday night with the Google Hangout. Joe, Guy, and I were able to connect and have a short chat, but for some reason, no one else could join our call. 844 more words

Days like today

Days like today make me mourn the shortness of my time remaining in Indonesia. Days like today make me wish I was in it for the long haul, wish that I had time to nurture the relationships that are just now starting to bud. 705 more words

Fulbright Years

First Nations of the Old World

The newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung has been carrying reports about a conference in Trondheim, Lapland in early February. As it happens, the topic was reindeer raising and the challenges currently faced by those who follow this traditional way of life. 490 more words

Intercultural Communication

CFP Connections & Inclusions: Intercultural Communication in Communication Studies Scholarship

CFP Communication Studies Special Issue- Connections and Inclusions: Intercultural Communication in Communication Studies Scholarship

Editors: Ahmet Atay (College of Wooster), Melissa Beall (University of Northern Iowa), and Alberto Gonzalez (Bowling Green State University) 476 more words

Publication Opportunity

A role for aboriginal peoples?

Romeo Saganash is a Canadian parliamentarian and a James Bay Cree Indian whose ancestral lands are situated in what is now northern Quebec. A recent book by journalist  Emmanuelle Walter describes a road trip across this vast area of the Canadian north during which Saganash explained his lifelong political struggle. 417 more words

Intercultural Communication