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Mayan Daykeeper Ix

The essence of Ix is the ability of the spritual realm to link with the physical realm. An ability to communicate in both.

I wonder if it’s a learning curve when you’re in spirit, just like for most of us anyway, we need to practice communicating in both physical & spiritual realms.  384 more words

Mayan Daykeepers


Dicen que la universidad es una carrera, que no son “carreritas”. Talvez tengan razón, pero no sucede así con la vida.
La vida es una carrera; tiene límite de tiempo. 262 more words


Mayan Daykeeper Ix

Ix may manifest as an awareness of spirit
and what may be considered supernatural.
On an Ix day, you may want to be more open… 386 more words

Mayan Daykeepers

North Dakota: Fact or Fiction?

According to textbooks and every other American we meet, there are 50 states in the United States of America.  We know them, we love them, but do they all exist?   379 more words


April 2017

This is the odds and ends bucket for April, from various days of the month.


Winged Dragons - Romantic Relationships 2: Developing Affection

Developing Affection

Everything written below is based on interactions with a spiritually and psychologically mature creature, and assumes you are too, as well as being emotionally mature. 660 more words