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Crossing Dimensions


Last night’s dream was probably influenced by the new television show “The Crossing” but it hearkened back to “Fringe” in effect.

Once the dimensions began to open up, the show had a building that was a ‘no man’s land’ between them. 296 more words


The curse [Flash fiction] - 3, 2, 1

“You wanted to get HERE?!”, Jenkins asked. “This is just an old building. Can you even get in there without a brick hitting your head? Wait, with all that stuff you are were saying before, maybe one already DID hit you. 688 more words


Dark parliaments: The House of Uncommons and The Other Other Place

The recent silencing, for maintenance reasons, of the bell known as Big Ben met a suitably muted response from the nation. A half-hearted effort by a handful of MPs to lend the moment significance faded on the wind. 1,950 more words


Poem: The Immortal

The Immortal sat on a tree stump,
His long, sloping forehead, a pinnacle of rock,
Robes of faded vermillion, a petrified languor,
Carved into the lineaments of his face, 865 more words

Tarot: 14 ~ The Rainbow Knight/Warrior

14 ~ The Rainbow Knight/Warrior is about . . . . .
~ Giving of yourself in ways that are generous, kind, thoughtful, etc.
~ Making a difference being a way of life… 601 more words

Mayan Daykeepers

Contemplating the Multiverse: Tonight on Night Moves Radio

      What is reality? What is really out there? Do we live in not only an expansive universe, but a multiverse as well? Are there multiple versions of us in other realities parallel to this one? 86 more words

Current Events

The Quickening

We all exist amidst the nearly imperceptible grips of ceaselessly streaming cosmic synergy

Incarnate for the sole purpose of reconciling unstable vibratory energies

The undying souls whispers echoing out unto the unending embers of infinity… 171 more words