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Moldavite is an amazing specimen, as it is technically a meteorite but because of its physical characteristics, is also classified as a gemstone. It is the only meteorite with this classification. 281 more words

Poise, equipoise, awareness

The Intermediate practice has been focusing on how “the inside creates the outside,” and then how “the outside conditions the inside.”

We have practiced with the chakras, with the major channels, and we have sat asserting asana on three levels of body, emotion (astrality), and awareness (mind). 49 more words

Current Round

Interdimensional ETs are helping ascension through Contactees, Psychics and Talk Show Hosts

In a telepathic interview with “George”, a 13th dimension Interdimensional ET in communication with Contactee Ray Kosulandich and psychic and radio show host Dr. Sam Mugzzi, George let it be known that he and other upper-dimensional ethical, Interdimensional ET entities are assisting in humanity’s frequency ascension at this time by communicating and intervening in radio and online video programs with useful information and “frequency boosts”.