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Winged Dragons 3 - When you think you won't make it

Forget it. I can’t regain control of my mind and body!

Deep trouble? Go back to basics.

Example from an 18 year old woman: “A man in a suit approached in a room and offered for me to come upstairs to where God resides. 462 more words


The CERN Deception - The Evil from Geneva 2016!

Extra dimensions? Anti-Matter? Dark matter? Satanic rituals? What is this machine The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) really doing?

The Most powerful Collider in the world hunts for the clues to the Universe and our very creation from the Big Bang. 402 more words


Winged Dragons AKA Draconians 1 - What are they?

Winged Dragons?

Reptilian, humanoid with wings, and ridges on their heads or mini horns in some cases. Several names for them are available online.

If you know them, and deal with them it’s because you have a reasonably advanced understanding of the metaphysical world and you have an impact on it somehow. 510 more words


Why are Reptilians following me?

Why humans?

Reptilians are made a little different. Some say they are 4th dimensional beings. All I know for sure is they are hard to see from inside your body in your own living space. 525 more words


Time Traveler Proof featured in Carbunkle Issue #2 "The Deuce"

The following screencaps were printed in our latest issue. Unfortunately, the text was mostly illegible when xeroxed.  We apologize for this lack of quality control on our part. 155 more words


Exposing Great Pyramid Ancient Aliens Myths

The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series promotes the bizarre and absurd notion that space travelers from other planets helped build the pyramids of Egypt and other ancient wonders. 1,702 more words