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Why are Reptilians following me?

Why humans?

Reptilians are made a little different. Some say they are 4th dimensional beings. All I know for sure is they are hard to see from inside your body in your own living space. 525 more words


Time Traveler Proof featured in Carbunkle Issue #2 "The Deuce"

The following screencaps were printed in our latest issue. Unfortunately, the text was mostly illegible when xeroxed.  We apologize for this lack of quality control on our part. 155 more words


Exposing Great Pyramid Ancient Aliens Myths

The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series promotes the bizarre and absurd notion that space travelers from other planets helped build the pyramids of Egypt and other ancient wonders. 1,702 more words


As you are,
every speckle of your cells
contribute to exquisite energy.
I feel you.
As you are,
every print,
every line on your canvas of skin, calligraphy to my eyes. 21 more words

Poetry Collection

What if this world isn't what it seems to be at all...

Since my spiritual awakening about four years ago, and even somewhat before that, I have been studying and researching theories and evidence that propose that this planet; this reality; this universe is not at all what it seems to be or what we have been taught it is.     437 more words


Tuesday March 29th, 2016 - 9:14pm

To Who It Probably Concerns

   Today. Twodey? Toodeh! Why today? Because today I managed to make peace with the Mole-Lizard¹ inhabitants of this strange interdimensional hostel in which I have been entrapped for the better part of the past year. 131 more words

Dog Vomit And Mud