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Let’s really talk about risks (part of our series on what we mean by financial planning)

We wrote about “debt free” and “emergency funds,” saying that only focusing on debts is like claiming that your favorite team won on defense alone, not needing any offense.  482 more words


Explaining Financial Gravity

This is a follow-up post to The Gravity of the Situation. Please read that for the simple version.

Since the Federal Reserve decided to begin playing the most dangerous game of limbo in recorded history with interest rates at the beginning of the current market cycle, investors have begun obsessing over yield like Gollum with his ring. 1,125 more words

Stock Market

Good and Bad Deflation

Deflation, it seems, is like the curate’s egg; good in parts. On reflection, this makes about as much sense. Central banks have referred to falling food and oil prices as ‘good’ deflation. 1,583 more words


Keynes and the Misspecified Liquidity Trap

J.M. Keynes’ “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money” was not a general theory but rather a series of brilliant insights. Keynes, a financial market speculator as well as a theoretical economist, applied some insights derived from his speculative activities to economic theory with spectacular results. 543 more words


Are You Ready for Some March Madness?

Two things happened yesterday that will impact your credit union. What remains to be seen is how great an impact they will have.

Most importantly, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee gathered yesterday for its first meeting since January. 405 more words



What equity investors should know about bond investing

  • Bonds are Not Stocks;
  • Ratings, Credit Risk and Political Risk
  • Dividends and Interest;
  • Low Rates Don’t Have to Mean Low Return;
  • 92 more words