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I would avoid bonds here's why!

Growing up I always heard of the wonders of bonds and how great they can be, however; in a modern-day environment I believe bonds are the worst possible investment. 374 more words

The Hidden Risk of Bonds

If I were to tell you that you could buy a bond that would pay out interest of 5% or more per year for the next 30 years, that might sound like a great deal. 508 more words

Mark Leibman

Treasury Management for Different Organisations

Contributed by: Jayna Gandhi, CFA

When we think about Treasurer , what comes to our mind ? Is the treasury profession an extension of accounting profession or are treasury professionals just liquidity managers and cash flow planners ? 559 more words


The Negative Carry Problem

The Headache of “Negative Carry”

One of the problem that is always faced by most banks (including Islamic banks) is the mismatch between the commitment to pay a “fixed” return to depositors (created during deposit building exercises) and the “volatile and underperforming” returns from the usage of these funds (earned from the Assets). 1,146 more words

Islamic Banking

Is the 2008 Lehman Moment Back ?

Analyzing and reading the experts view on the current situation of Deutsche Bank to that of Lehman Brothers in 2008.  Many of them are emphasizing and argue that 2008 is back. 788 more words

Financial Crisis

The Medicine is Worse than the Disease

Monetary authorities took extreme measures during and after the financial crisis. These policies failed in their stated goal. More importantly, they have the potential for much mischief in the portfolios of the unwary in the months and years ahead. 416 more words

Mark Leibman

Deflated Inflation Expectations

We’ve written before about inflation and its corrosive effect over time. The topic has become much more timely because of two developments:

1. The prospects for inflation have gone up with the large increase in the price of oil and other forms of energy. 372 more words

Mark Leibman