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Girls Who Code releases satirical videos about stereotypes in computer science

Girls Who Code, the national non-profit working to close the gender gap in technology, today released a series of videos satirizing stereotypes about why women are underrepresented in computer science. 125 more words

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Shin Splint Recovery Like A Pro

If your legs below the knees are sore, tender and painful, and you can’t stand the thought of heading out on your daily run, chances are that you have developed shin splints. 613 more words

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3 Ways To Avoid Shin Splints

If you have ever been a runner or serious athlete of any kind, you have likely dealt with the dreaded shin splints. Maybe you didn’t even realize what they were – you just knew your legs hurt and it felt like death to go for one more run. 621 more words

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Is it Time to Reconsider Graduation Requirements for High School?

Candidly I asked two of my seniors what they thought of the required courses they took in school and how prepared they felt for life. Each young lady had a different stand point on the diversity of education they have received and multiple times used the term “ 555 more words

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Top 10 Reasons To Hit The Trails

Trail running beats road running by a country mile in so many ways. Being in the great outdoors, the shared experiences with friends and of course, the child-like sensation of getting your… 538 more words

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