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A low-performing US high school has shown exceptional improvement in teaching and learning following the introduction of the I.B. Diploma Programme

I usually don’t celebrate schools that fail to make my annual list of America’s Most Challenging High Schools. But a week before the 2017 rankings will appear in The Washington Post, a low-performing high school in the District has shown such exceptional improvement in teaching and learning it deserves special attention.  603 more words

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Joint Employment Report 2017

The Joint Employment report adopted in March 2017, shows a snapshot of income inequality and poverty developments and of the policy efforts Member States have made to reduce them. 86 more words

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Computer Scientist built a watch that calmed her Graphic Designer friend's Parkinson's tremors

Microsoft has invented a wristband that could help stem the tremors caused by Parkinson’s Disease. The Emma Watch sends small vibrations through a wearer’s wrist that can stop the shaking experienced by those with the neurological disease.  306 more words

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How to see through the smoke

We invited IB Diploma Programme (DP) graduates to reflect on their lives and studies. Learn more about the IB Alumni Network at ibo.org/alumni.

by Ishanee Chanda… 818 more words

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STARCRAFT Source Code Discovered, Fan Rewarded for Returning It To Blizzard

Blizzard has showered a fan in rewards after the return of a lost gold master source code disc for the original 1998 StarCraft. As spotted by  375 more words

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Depression in football: Why it's not always the "dream job".

YOU will more than likely have heard of the phrase “money is the root to all evils” at least once at some point in your life and it seems as though for some footballers that can really ring true. 894 more words


Using Information Literacy to Fight Fake News

The issue of fake news (not a new problem) has been gaining more attention since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, where several social media outlets were blamed for disseminating untruths. 1,037 more words

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