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Microaggressions Matter

by Simba Runyowa, theatlantic.com, September 18, 2015
When I was studying at Oberlin College, a fellow student once compared me to her dog.

Because my name is Simba, a name Americans associate with animals, she unhelpfully shared that her dog’s name was also Simba. 48 more words

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The Informed Imagination: Drusilla Modjeska discusses writing The Mountain

Australian writer Drusilla Modjeska has written an insightful and thought-provoking article in Meanjin about writing her latest book, The Mountain.

I fear the excerpt below might make the article seem like hard work but it’s definitely not.  227 more words


Australia will begin teaching coding from the 5th grade

Seeking to future-proof its next generation of young people, Australia’s public school system will begin teaching students computer coding as early as in their 5th year of primary school, with full-blown programming set to begin from year 7.According to The Australian, the new curriculum was approved by the now former Education Minister Christopher Pyne prior to being sworn into his new role as Minister for Industry, Innovation, and Science.Like many developed nations in the “western world,” a greater emphasis is being placed on a STEM education — science, technology, education, math — to prepare students for livelihoods that are increasingly dependent on digital literacy and informatics, skills that could accelerate or hamper future economic growth.”High quality school STEM education is critically important for Australia’s productivity and economy wellbeing, both now and into the future,” states Pyne in a statement. 206 more words

Computer Science

The Role and Importance of Literature in a Classical Education

Part 1 of 4

By Sue Ellen Turscak

When people ask me about the “Role and Importance of Literature in a Classical Education,” my first thought usually is, “What prompted this? 873 more words

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In Search of Diversity in the Biomedical Sciences

by Caleph B. Wilson, chroniclevitae.com, November 12, 2015
Since the 1990s, the federal government has created many programs in the biomedical sciences aimed at increasing the number of Ph.D.s from underrepresented minority groups. 58 more words

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EESC should go back to basics and promote European integration, says its President Georges Dassis

Brussels, 13/11/2015 (Agence Europe) – The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) should go back to its primary role, namely expressing the views of civil society and advising the other European institutions on the best ways of encouraging European integration, which could include drawing up a plinth of European social rights, as desired by the European Commission. 703 more words

Racial Disparities in Higher Education: an Overview

by Beckie Supiano, chronicle.com, November 10, 2015
Racism on American campuses is a matter of national concern again this week following protests at the University of Missouri at Columbia that led on Monday to the resignations of both the campus’s chancellor and the system’s president…. 58 more words

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