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Burnout in Academia

The Greater Good Science Center has recently published this article on risk factors for Burnout. What struck me most about the article is that in three out of the four risk factors, author Tchiki Davis mentions her experiences in graduate school. 33 more words


My trip on the Seine with Avalon Waterways

I was very excited to hear that I had been invited on a 2 night Educational with Avalon Waterways.  I was a River Cruise virgin which qualified me for the unique experience that was on offer.  575 more words

Interesting Articles

People With No Attention Spans Can't Think About God

Here’s the latest article about how the internet and constant entertainment is killing our brains and our ability to concentrate.

The more entertained we are the more entertainment we need in order to feel satisfied .

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Interesting Articles

Artists Working with Children

The Royal Opera House Bridge tweeted this inspiring article about the value of having artists work alongside children. Definitely worth a read!

Take a look at @ROHBridge’s Tweet: … 6 more words

Art In Schools

Mechanical Flip Book Art

I just came across this randomly and thought it was an interesting concept. I would some day like to try making one for growth patterns of plants.

Mechanical Flip Book Art

MarijaCANADA: The grey zone of legalization

The new Canadian government plans to legalize the use of marijuana but haven’t been very clear on how that will be achieved.

In the recent federal election, many promises have been made that will inevitably have major consequences for Canada in the near future. 436 more words

Interesting Articles

Russell Moore on Christ's Confidence

Jesus is not threatened. The remarkable thing to me in the gospels is how un-caffeinated Jesus is when everyone else is freaking out. Jesus is becoming anguished, anxious, and provoked at the oddest times.

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Interesting Articles