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The Mission Readiness Review Episode 12: Jakku is a place on Earth

On today’s show:

  • Falling Russian space launch debris!
  • Will SpaceBees make good or bad policy?
  • And, NASA’s spending priorities don’t match up with the public’s!
  • 355 more words
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June 8, 2018: Weekly Spatial Resolutions

What is “Too little, Too late” for $100, Alex?

Some Russians think a reusable rocket may be useful. It’s true! It’s in this article: Russia’s advanced technology fund says it will begin testing a reusable rocket to rival SpaceX by 2020… 842 more words

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Reviewed: The Metaphysical Club by Louis Menand

According to Louis Menand, modern America’s birth can be traced to the Civil War. American culture, politics, and philosophy were swept away by the brutality and tragedy of the Civil War; the fighting of North versus South utterly “discredited the beliefs and assumptions of the era that preceded it” and it would take “nearly half a century for the United States to develop a culture to replace it, find a new set of ideas, and way of thinking that would help people cope with the conditions of modern life.” 1,255 more words

Interesting Articles

SLS--Play Out the Line? Or Cut Bait?

I happened upon this editorial today:

NASA’s New Rocket Is Huge but so Is Its Budget

It’s an article from “The National Interest,” so approach it with a little skepticism. 654 more words

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The Mission Readiness Review–Episode 11: It’s Cubesats All the Way Down!

On today’s show:

  • Antares, and Falcons, and Long Marches, oh my!
  • $25 to listen to cubesats?
  • And, combating space junk!

Click on the link below to listen to the podcast: 532 more words

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June 1, 2018: Weekly Spatial Resolutions

UFO Crash In China Explained: It Really Did Come From Space

This is why the U.S. launches rockets near the oceans–rocket bodies just don’t fall on land unless something goes terribly wrong. 1,205 more words

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The cornerstone of a white story is a car and a fancy apartment, not a good movie to watch

No fun guy would ever ruin this for me, but once I had a best friend who was not. The story of how I went broke in Chinatown has nothing to do with this, she was once a Vietnamese slave driver, and now she is a Canadian one. 460 more words