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Online Collaboration Tools

Found this great article that covers 7 FREE online collaboration tools. Students should be encouraged to use these tools when they are working in teams. 9 more words

Interesting Articles

Sleep on it

Fully agree with this article, http://avc.com/2016/07/sleeping-on-it/.

One of my best life lessons. I have been through this several times.

Please read the comments below the article. 34 more words

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Live life to the fullest...

Take a look at these 26 simple pieces of advice. True, some of them you may not agree with, but we promise you there’s a lot here that will help you find peace of mind, food for thought, and above all, the potential to find the path to happiness. 313 more words


Surviving Art: It’s Harder than You Think! — Andy Peloquin

Do you know how many people have told me my writing was no good? Not even one person! Do you know how many times my brain has told me that?

361 more words

Midwives in Uniforms - Yes or No?

Today marks 83 days until my first day at University as a student midwife! With just over 2 months left, I’m slowly preparing and getting things organised. 848 more words

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