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Be Picky About Reading

If you don’t get excited about books, you’re reading the wrong ones. That’s why I love a good recommendation list. Someone else already rolled the dice for me to see if a book is worth the time and effort. 1,098 more words


Their Eyes Were Watching God

We have started to read TEWWG in my English class. If you have not read it, power through the first couple of chapters, they are painful in my opinion. 416 more words

Interesting Books

Reflection on American Slavery

During my English class, we wrote a reflection on the novel 12 Years a Slave. I decided to compare and contrast an article about a lost slave girl from her mother and Solomon Northup’s story. 258 more words

Interesting Books

International Book of the Week #4

This weeks international book of the week: Life of Pie by Yann Martel 

Original language: English. I was pretty surprised this was listed as an international book until I googled the author and found out he’s originally from Spain.  151 more words

Interesting Books

Book: Londonistan

Most people (including our politicians) who pay attention to the goings on in our deeply depressing and violent world are becoming very frightened, mainly because they have no understanding of what is happening.   350 more words


What if?

I’m not a history buff but this book as turned me into one. It was fascinating to see how events tuned out. I mean what are the chances? 93 more words

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International Book of the Week #3

Hey everyone!

I’m back! Last week was definitely not my week, first the whole issue with the wi-fi at my house, then I got really sick. 282 more words

Interesting Books