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10 Facts That Will Leave Your Jaw Dropped

Last week  I decided to dig into Reddit  and found out few things which i would love to share with you.  Here are the  10 facts which will leave your jaws drop and eyes wide open.



People who work with my spiritual tools, that is the spiritual symbols and essences, frequently encounter the term “morphogenetic field” in my books or seminars. Many people ask themselves, “What is it actually?” 412 more words

Ingrid Auer

Two in Two calendar years!

Very impressed to note that two theatres in Chilakaluripeta, a small centre in mid 70s, opened with Superstar Krishna movies. Below scans show Vijayabhaskar theatre opening with… 11 more words

Superstar Krishna

A Dialogue With An Engine Driver

Train journey has its own charm. The panoramic view it provides of trees and hills and ponds flying past is enchanting. No wonder kids fight over the window seat. 588 more words


Create Your Own Joy... There's a Difference Between Need and Want.

My Story

When I was 15, I got in my first serious relationship. We were going to get married and live happily ever after. He rescued me from my “miserable life” of going back and forth between my divorced parents and I knew I could help him with his “bad life situation” as well. 1,464 more words


Time - it's not what you think it is!

Just to pass some time, here are some fun tidbits courtesy of Google (via Buzzfeed).

  • The smallest standard scientific measure of time is the “
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Timely Thoughts