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Do I have to have a custom built wheelchair 

So imagine this as a scenario. You are going about your life as anyone else would and something dramatically changes! You have no warning and no time to plan! 699 more words

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In plane and out of plane testing of unreinforced masonry walls strengthened using polymer textile reinforced mortar

It’s been recognized that unreinforced masonry show susceptibility to either in-plane or out-of-plane load actions or sometimes both which often leads to partial or complete collapse of a building. 395 more words

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A Study of the Influence of the Microstructure of One Type of Bitumen Grade on the Performance as a Binder

The adhesive properties bitumen has been studied extensively due to its relevance in road construction. Further understanding on the stage of failure associated with temperature and strain rates, overall performance of bitumen as an adhesive is of high importance to the construction industry. 443 more words

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Strain compatibility method for the design of short rectangular concrete filled tube columns under eccentric axial loads

In many countries, high-rise building construction has been rapidly increasing where steel concrete composite construction is highly preferred. Concrete-filled tube columns have superior constructability and structural performance attributes. 462 more words

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Food…a word that is complete in itself. A word that needs no explanation. A word that each and everyone has their own way of defining. 1,236 more words


New metamaterial can switch from hard to soft and back again

When a material is made, you typically cannot change whether that material is hard or soft. But a group of University of Michigan researchers have developed a new way to design a “metamaterial” that allows the material to switch between being hard and soft without damaging or altering the material itself. 373 more words

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