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7 Richest People in the World and some interesting facts

1. Bill Gates

Net Worth – $86 B

Cofounder – Microsoft
Cofounder – Bill and Melina Gates Foundation

Money has no utility to me beyond a certain point.

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Hemp & Hard Hats

Everyone in Canada is focused on legalization right now. How are governments going to regulate it? What will the quality be like? How can I get the highest and where? 162 more words

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Benefits of Crafting

Benefits of Crafting

Do you know crafting is good for you both physically and mentally?

Many people who like crafting might agree with this. I, as a person who likes crafting, have experiences about it. 215 more words

Interesting Facts

2/49 Water do you actually make me sober?

My Assumption– drinking water when you are intoxicated (hereafter drunk) will help sober you up.

My reasoning– its something that everyone does to help sober up. 342 more words

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Memorize Out Loud

A study published in the journal Memory suggests that

Saying words out loud can help you to remember them.

Canadian researcher, Colin MacLeod, a psychology professor at the University of Waterloo discovered this study and coined it: “production effect”. 208 more words

Interesting Facts

Should You Over Cuddle Your Baby?

Infants that are held less by caregivers show lasting changes to genes involved in immune response and metabolism, according to a study of children from British Columbia.

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Interesting Facts

My assumption– Coca-Cola is responsible for Santa currently being Red with a white trim.

My reasoning– I have been to a number of museums where I have seen old advertisements of Santa as brown or more commonly green. 420 more words

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