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Mental Health Triggers in College

Moving to a new place, taking challenging classes, and trying to figure out your future can add a lot of stress and anxiety to your life. 298 more words

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Interesting Facts: Pac-Man

Despite what some might think, Pac-Man does have an end game cinematic. All one must do is clear the 257th maze. Upon winning one will find a surprisingly detailed cinematic, explaining Pac-Man’s back-story, and chronicling his attempt to re-enter society after bingeing on so many power pellets. 98 more words

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Human Resources Has a Dirty Little Secret

Harvard Business Review, posted an excellent article written by Keith Ferrazzi (access the article here) on the extremely high turnover rates (new employees leaving their new employers). 330 more words


Interesting Facts about King Richard III — Part Five

King Richard III is interred. Requiescat in pace.

Conversation flagging at a cocktail party? Tense moment at the family dinner table? Run into someone at the office water cooler? 384 more words

A million dollar salary

Baseball is one of the favorite game in the US. People cheer in each team and players especially when they got a home run. In other side, players have a million salary each league, and that is a winner! Cheers!

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Better than any camera

Eyes is very important to us, considering that eyes are part of the 5 senses and indeed giving support to our body and we are using it every seconds of a day.

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