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Legendary Voices

The voice  behind Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are couple in real life. Wayne Allwine is the voice behind Mickey Mouse and her wife Russi Taylor in Minnie Mouse. 25 more words

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Coincidence or kowinkydink

In addition to this list 3 or 4 former Arkansas  State Troupers who were part of Clinton’s Body Guard detail when he was governor, were later appointed as Secret Service Agents when he became President.  

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10 Interesting Facts About A.K. Lawrence

Today is day 4 of the #30daywritingchallenge and the topic is 10 interesting facts about me. These are always fun. I can come up with 10 facts, they may or may not be interesting to others. 811 more words


Bookriot: World's Oldest Library

Bookriot recently ran an article about Khizanat al Qarawiyyin in Fes, Morocco. This is (as the title suggests) the oldest library in existence. The article itself is filled with beautiful pictures and interesting facts about the library. 79 more words

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Dream a Little Dream and Know What it Means

Have you ever wondered why you dream? There are many theories as to why we dream. Do we dream as a means of clearing out all the unnecessary junk in our brains? 425 more words

Sobhan's "Kaksha": A loss making venture for D.Rama Naidu!

                Contrary to what Natabushana Sobhan Babu fans claim, Kaksha (1980) was a loss making venture for Suresh Productions. Per the below article by Film Journalist… 23 more words

Interesting Facts!

Thanks Larry

Thanks to Larry Tesler he made our life easier, Tesler is a computer scientist who works in the field of human-computer interaction, and thanks to him he invented the Copy and Paste that we are using until now. 6 more words

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