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Dreams. You've Got to Love Them.

I was approaching the end of my pregnancy. I kept thinking I was going into labor, even though I was not feeling any pain. So I rushed to the doctor, convinced that the time had finally come. 160 more words


Please Explain This, Google.

Look at what I highlighted and then tell me what that means. Because I haven’t got a clue. ;)


An Extended Brain Freeze

I got brain freeze eating ice cream like ten minutes ago, and it still hasn’t gone away. Has your brain freeze ever lasted more than 20 seconds, even? 11 more words


I Caught It from My Mother

My mother has always worried about her children. When she doesn’t know where one of her children is, or if the child is late in coming back, her mind immediately starts jumping to the worst scenarios, and she gets very nervous. 207 more words

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