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Best flight cancellation EVER!!

Well, we landed in Dubai and were expecting to quickly hop on our plane to New Delhi, but quickly found out our flight was cancelled and we would be on the red-eye flying into India.  56 more words

Interesting Happenings

Foreign types with their hookah pipes sing…

Way oh way oh way oooo aaaah ooo…

Walk Like an Egyptian!

We have now been in Egypt for 4 days and there is so much to cover! 963 more words

Interesting Happenings

It contains WHAT?

Hallo, good day fellow food lover

Although we have a variety of over 40 different cookies etc, I still find myself casting an eye over the health cookie sections in the health shop for a treat.Sometimes I am lucky and find one with an imaginative baker behind it.This week I did the same again, and here is my story:- 274 more words

Interesting Happenings

Well that was ridiculous...

Ok, where were we…


After the Balloon ride in Goreme, our Pension Manager offered to drive us to our next destination!! The bus ride to Antalya (on the coast) is about 8 hours, but he was going to a city just 40 kms before the town, and said driving a car there take only 5 hours! 1,061 more words


Goreme, Turkey

We’re writing this from inside a cave in Turkey.  Yup, caves have the internet.

After a couple of bumpy flights from London to Istanbul and then to Nevsehir, we arrived at the tiny airport in Nevsehir.  482 more words


no more sweaty palms

It’s been 3 days and 2 nights since we set off from Calgary, and it hasn’t been without adventure, good surprises and a whole lot of anxiety! 429 more words


we’re going on a passport hunt!

Ok, so… the short version of the story is, we still have no passports!

Although we were told it takes 5-7 days to receive our Indian Visas, we are currently on day 11, empty-handed. 407 more words