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Journaling Turkey-Paris

I managed to fit some writing into my Turkey travel. Most of the time I was talking to my cousin about our childhood traumas and helping her watch after her baby. 306 more words


Versatile Award Nomination

Oh my gosh! I was just nominated for an award by Simply Marquessa! It’s called the Versatile award. Where are these awards found, anyways? I still have yet to discover their hiding place. 697 more words

Writing 101

Kids Say Funny Stuff

My friends little boy said, “I can’t wait to go to kindergarten so I can eat raviolis!” She goes, “Judah, you realize kindergarten and Olive Garden aren’t the samething right?” He ignored her…lmao


Writing Life Stories: Last Session

Writing Life Stories: Last Session

This class began as a series of sessions lasting four weeks. Students voted to continue the classes longer than originally planned. 415 more words

Writing Life Stories


When you come right down to it, life is about decisions. We are constantly deciding on a course of action, and dealing with the results. Many decisions are simple; … 436 more words



“Here, I wrote this for you.”

An astronomical occurrence,

a chance happening,

an unexpected surprise.

He’s sat flashes of lightning away,

with blackened squares as companions… 172 more words