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The Netherlands

 I love this photo. It is an ordinary day for a Muslim who is not blowing things up.  Terrorists create terror. This is a girl who is smelling the tulips, just like everyone else. 127 more words

Impressions Of A Country

Doing little things differently

Today I met an amazing person, she has such an organised kitchen and different way of doing things, she makes a lot of stuff like- she makes her own apple cider vinegar, bathing soap and uses raw turmeric in so many novel ways like in tea preparation and before today I had not heard and thought of that. 137 more words

Random Musings

Why I jumped out of a plane

David Kafer writes…

If you asked me a week ago, “Would you ever jump out of a plane,” I would have adamantly said “No!”

I would then list the reasons why I wouldn’t jump out of a plane: I don’t like flying, I don’t like the idea of heights, I could die… etc. 1,139 more words

Interesting People

Dealing with Vendors and Beggars

In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, formerly  called Rhodesia ( An interesting topic  that helps explain Africa  http://www.britannica.com/topic/history-of-Zimbabwe) my friend and I were walking alongside a flat, wide paved road to see Victoria Falls. 973 more words

Impressions Of A Country

The ladies of the circuit – Mary

Recently I went to the gym on a Saturday. (I know! Even I couldn’t believe it but I missed a day during the week and felt….compelled – that’s the nice word for guilt.) 313 more words


Advice from a dying woman

Sickness and health are two very different states of being, so says Diane Gold. When we are sick, there is little else to think about except working all the techniques we have learned in life to get us through stress, difficulty, panic, fear, sadness, and the biggest one– the feeling of feeling sick. 1,217 more words

Interesting People