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The Foibles of Phonetics and Dialect

How we pronounce words influences our ability to spell them correctly. I’ve moved around enough to pick up and combine a number of dialects. There have been times I’ve spelled a word so wrong that I cannot even find it in the dictionary. 837 more words

Writing Life Stories

Firefighters Mow Lawn for Heart Attack Victim

It is often in times of great stress and tragedy, where people come out with their best actions and redeem your view of them. One article struck me as a great way to turn around a negative event like a heart attack into a positive story. 363 more words

Interesting People

Waitress Picks Up the Tab for Customers and Gets an Amazing Gift in Return

When it comes to hard work, most people are familiar with having a long day. It doesn’t matter if you are a nurse or a mailman, labor takes it’s toll on the best of us. 374 more words

Interesting People

One Good Man, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

The net is full of bad news and up to the minute details on the latest disaster, but finding an up lifting news article is a challenge, but not impossible. 365 more words

Interesting People

5 Reasons to Stop by Railroad Station Antiques on Thursday

Do you like books, history, silver, paintings, or jewelry?

Railroad Station Antiques and Interiors is hosting a Summer Extravaganza on Thursday where you can find all of that and more. 419 more words


Making Tracks and Having Stacks Pt II

stack (Australian slang)



  • to have a crash or a prang
    “That’s my fifth stack in fifteen minutes!”

verb: stack; 3rd person present: stacks; past present: stacked; past principle: stacking; present principle…

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The Bucket Man's Pursuit of Happyness

One Man Against A Rising Tide

Larry “Bucket Man” Hunt is a famous fixture of San Francisco and a good friend of mine. He has been a street performer on Market Street for as long as I can remember and usually can be found hanging around the corner of 4th and Market in front of the Old Navy slinging mighty drum beats. 818 more words

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