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A "SURREAL" dream

Where am I? I ask myself… Am I in another place? Or is it just a fragment of my memory? I cannot tell… Am I inside myself? 55 more words


Walt Disney World Photo Report - 2015-07-01: Four Parks and Downtown

Your mission if you choose to accept it: You have 36 hours to cover all four Walt Disney World Theme parks and Down Town Disney. Mission Accepted, here are the results. 2,116 more words

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Wednesday Rest Day

Hi there!

So I was looking for a subject for my photography and I happened to see my cat. It (actually she) was taking a nap and I feel that she is “REALLY” taking the time to do it despite the “RUCKUS” environment. 131 more words


Sunset photography

Hello people!

How do you feel when you see a photo like this? How does it affect you? How do you personally define the word “sunset” or “sundown”? 113 more words


Street Photography

Taking photos is really HARD and it should have a lot of PATIENCE…

What draws me to this is because of conveying my feelings, moods or ambiance of a particular subject. 187 more words


Walt Disney World Photo Report - 2015-05-18 - Epcot and Downtown Disney

Interesting Photos taken at Epcot May 18th 2015, the Monday Morning After Flower and Garden Festival and some construction updates from downtown disney, including the newly opened Boat House and Superhero Headquarters. 1,221 more words

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