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What an Inspiration...

Meet Meg. She’s a high school student from Mequon, Wisc. who decided to hold a fundraiser in honor of her sister, Meredith. Meredith has a rare disorder called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia or HED, which results in multiple missing teeth, sparse hair and a reduced ability to sweat. 211 more words

Interesting Stories

6am in The Bronx

Okay, let’s start at the end: It’s 6am. A young woman is pacing up and down the half block in front of my bldg across the street. 1,014 more words


Breast Implants

Editor’s note:

Lack of breast development is common in certain syndromes of ectodermal dysplasia. We wanted to share a few stories of affected women who experienced lack of breast growth either in one or both breasts. 1,908 more words

Interesting Stories

About Those Two Facebook Pages and Zero-Tolerance Policy

There have recently been some changes to this blog and FB page that  hope will be beneficial. Read to learn more about the status of our urgent updates/recaps, why we have two Facebook pages, and our zero-tolerance policy. 174 more words

An interesting plane ride...

Part 1: Flight to Adelaide (I wrote a bit on my trip to Adelaide)

I was raw boarding the plane. I was emotional. I had a strange last few days before my flight and felt some apprehension for this so called cheerful time of year. 713 more words


Call on the Doctor - Post #500

When I had a painful blockage in my ear, I definitely needed help from others. I originally kept quiet about it, fighting through the pain, hoping it would clear up, but eventually the wax in my ear became so bad that I needed medical attention. 741 more words

Daily Prompt


Well hello there!

Come in, make yourself at home. Some tea, maybe?

What? Earl Grey? No, no… we only have Chai here.

So, how did you get here? 139 more words