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How to make it through a trip to Quebec as a trucker

My husband used to drive truck throughout Quebec on a regular basis. He wasn’t bilingual, but knew enough to get himself through the Province. Although he took high school French he never used it after that until he began trucking. 474 more words


Spontaneous Air Shows

Believe it or not, there’s a lot to love about Yuma. One of our favorite things is the nearly constant air show we’re attending — without having to fight crowds or pay an admission fee. 333 more words

Full-time RVing

Mittry Lake

During a visit to Yuma back in January, we spotted smoke northeast of town but didn’t think much of it. With thousands of acres of agriculture, we’d seen lemon trees hacked down, piled up until their branches and leaves went crisp from the sun, then burned to huge white circles of ash. 232 more words

Full-time RVing

Uber ~

It’s a new day.   Things are changing all around us! Some changes are challenging but some changes are kinda “cool”.  My husband and I went to the Bay Area last week; we grabbed Uber from the Airport and stayed at an Airbnb…how’s that for “cool”!! 535 more words

Pop Quiz!

Ready? Name the longest sustained march in US military history.

Need a hint? It occurred (mostly) inside our borders in the 1800s.

Thinking the Civil War? 200 more words

Full-time RVing

Terror Taxi

By Gunny Mac
  don’t know if they still do it or not, but around the time that I was going through boot camp Drill Instructors played a mental game of good-guy/bad-guy on recruits. 912 more words


Adventures Long Forgotten

This past summer we made a visit to Ohio where I (Ellen) met up with some of my family. It was easy to share our “Bob and Ellen Adventures” while there, but much more difficult to write about the family side of the visit. 304 more words

Interesting Stories