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F2F blocks May

Three more 12″ blocks for you you enjoy! These are the F2F blocks for Kate in lime green, grey and black on a light background. 220 more words


Writing Letters!

Hi everyone!

This week in 1 BAC, we’ve been working on writing letters of complaint. We’ve read a sample letter and analysed its structure and language. 105 more words

Digging up Diamonds (on the Internet)

One of my good friend’s sisters has a ritual every Monday (maybe Tuesday?) morning. She starts by going online and searching for something random. Once she finds anything that sparks her curiosity, she starts anew and searches for more information about… 159 more words


Sentences Types

Hi everyone!
We’re working on the types of sentences in 2 ESO. We’ll be using this material to identify the different types. The purpose, making students aware of the different types of sentences to improve their writing. 34 more words

Grammar and punctuation quiz!

Are you curious about your grammar and punctuation knowledge? Take this quiz and guess if you know more than you think.

Enjoy it!



Phrasal Verbs!

Hi there,

This week with 2ESO we´ve come across with phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs as we know are a great way to enhance our vocabulary repertoire. 74 more words


Friends often look at my computer as I am busy not paying attention while professors are rambling incessantly off topic in class and ask “ 365 more words

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