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Settings And Contrasts In Stories And Comics

When it comes to writing interesting stories and/or making interesting comics, one thing that can often be overlooked is the contrast between the different settings in your story. 686 more words


The Hands That Try

We climb the steps of stone littered with bone

To peer apon the world so wide

We weep the sorrow

To reap the fruit that holds us in divide… 196 more words


It means something to me

There’s one of those questions about life that goes something like if a tree falls in a forest where no-one can hear it does it make a noise?  456 more words

Middle Age

Taylor Swift's Astonishing Look-A-Like Lives In Valley!

Morgan Jensen is an Arizona native from Chandler and has been trending recently around the nation! Why you ask!?  Because she looks EXACTLY like Taylor Swift with the bright red lipstick and everything! 139 more words


Fact of the Day

People with Type O blood are more welcome by mosquitos then people with Type A or B blood.