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Favorite TV Show

My Favorite TV show is “The Walking Dead”. I like the walking dead because there’s a lot of action. There’s always a problem that they have to figure out how to solve. 46 more words



Ha! I’m not just a writing advice dispensary.

I mean, as I learn things, I will share them. I’m not going to wait until I’m successful and/or an expert in writing to share. 758 more words


FRCC Student Promotes Alternative Spring Breaks

As the spring semester moves along and students become increasingly mired in schoolwork, one cannot help but look forward to the iconic “spring break.”  During the week of March 14, many Front Range Community College students will pack their bags and head to a warm beach or a cold ski resort to release the steam built up from weeks of hard work. 461 more words

Front Range

The Sweet Spot

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching us in Vancouver, and Cupid is no doubt getting ready for this holiday by polishing his trusty bow and arrow. With all the cotton-candy pink, bright red, and heart shaped boxes of chocolate, doesn’t it induce a craving inside of you that can only be satisfied by copious amounts of sugary sweets and rich, sweet desserts? 1,852 more words


"You do you and I'll do me, and we won't do each other."

One thing that bugs me constantly is the idea that people feel the obligation to take down someone a few pegs based on something that they like. 356 more words


Every time a blog is published, an angel gets his wings… no, that can’t be right. I know what you are thinking, another blog, meh. What does she have to offer? 142 more words