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Doodles and drawings

I’m debating whether to buy an art pad so I’ve downloaded every art app on the Apple Store I can find in an attempt to see if I would actually use it, here are the attempts at doodling ideas down in basic form: 13 more words


Colouring and Self-Care

Yesterday, I took a sick day. Monday had been a ridiculously rainy, slippery day. Embarrassingly, I slipped down some wet stairs. My pride was only slightly bruised, as the physical pain was too much to give a damn. 404 more words


Nineties Film Project - Film Three

My choice of film for Nineties night was inspired by my Mum. She loves the Blade films, and was kind enough to lend us her copy of  214 more words


About Me

It’s already been three blog posts and I have not yet formally introduced myself. Sure, we may never see each other face to face but we’re still human beings making a connection. 335 more words


Things have changed a lot since I went to college some *mumblety-mumble* years ago. Back then, I took a desktop IBM PC with an amber monochrome monitor, 2 of the 5.25″ floppy drives (no hard drive), a dot matrix printer, and no modem with me. 301 more words


Read My Face

Read My 14 Year Old Face: Acne, Anxiety, Despair, Hope

Anxiety | Skin Care | Hope | Heal

When I look at myself in this photo, I see my top lip nervously inverted as I attempted to smile, my right ear on fire from anxiously yanking at it as I waited in line and my emotions downward feeling, but full of hope. 464 more words