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Interior Designer/Decorator

Impact of Colors

With Autumn here, and my favorite holiday just around the corner, I decided to attack a course in one of my dream jobs- Interior Designer/Decorator. 127 more words


8 Steps: How to save money

Easy ways to save some money. Keep it simple.

Shop from Sales

Every woman knows that by the end of the season, there are sales in every store… 348 more words

Articles In English


It has been a long time since I have posted a song here, I don’t know why. I have been listening to a lot of songs though, but not one I felt strongly about enough to share. 261 more words


Fall For Me <3

Not everyone loves fall or even loves fall for the same reasons but it is pretty special to me.

  1. Apple cider :) how can you go through fall without a cup of apple cider and a cinnamon stick in it?
  2. 201 more words

19 Things I've Learnt In 19 Years | Emily Rebecca

In 2015 I turned 18, which is probably one of the biggest birthdays that you can have in your life. Turning 18 begins adulthood although I know for a fine fact that I’m not ready to stop being a kid just yet. 2,640 more words


Explore the Islands through Geocaching & Letterboxing

Have your kids ever fantasized about finding buried treasures? Adventure-loving kids’ fantasies can become realized by participating in geocaching and/or letterboxing, activities that lead explorers to a hidden treasures, supports mapping skills, and is time well spent together outdoors as a family, discovering new places around where you live. 16 more words


Pattern's in Nature Merge Math with Beauty

As you gaze into the center of a flower, did you know that you’re regarding an incredible example of mathematical reasoning? Nature’s patterns, as it happens, are deeply rooted in the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio. 77 more words