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This is me.

On 23rd July 1999 at 00:15, I was born. Approximately 6/7lbs, I was my parents first child. I was born on an island in the UK with a population of around 300,000. 352 more words

News Items of Note #1 - The British Library

My favourite story in local news this week; The British Library in London has been made a Grade I Listed building – at the tender age of 18! 239 more words

Rob Ryan - Listen to the World Exhibition

Today I had a glorious day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park! If you haven’t visited before, it’s a stunning 500 acre park in the rolling Yorkshire countryside filled with outdoor sculptures from numerous artists, and also indoor exhibitions dedicated to artists working in all kinds of mediums. 156 more words

About Me

Wanderlust Novels

If you’re bitten by the travel bug, it doesn’t take much to fuel the desire to take off and see the world. Just on the train from London to my home city recently I was listening to Bruce Springsteen and thinking to myself “I could definitely just take off on a motorbike”, before reminding myself that a) I don’t have a licence, let alone a motorbike, and b) I am terrified of them. 656 more words


A Disinteresting Theory

Those diagnosed with Asperger syndrome are often described as having restricted and repetitive interests. They are seen as lacking empathy and any desire to share their personal interests with other people. 987 more words


Why am I here again? #Itsallalearningcurve

I had been advised a few times that I should probably start writing a blog; I’m not entirely sure what one is supposed to do really but I enjoy writing for my own amusement, so that seems like a good place to start, right? 484 more words

World Embroidery Day 2015

It seems to me that every day of the year is a national or international something day but I was interested to discover that today, 30th July, is… 620 more words