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Project 3 Brainstorm

Money transfer app: Venmo with chat feature

  • -social media integration
  • -venmo takes too long to transfer

Dating app?

Travel app

  • -Road trips/route management
  • -gas notifications…
  • 80 more words
Interface Design

Unit 5 Reading Response (Don't Make Me Think)

Chapter 8 was an eye opener for me for quite a few reasons. The first one was a simple line of text, “We really enjoy using sites with ____, or we find ___ to be a royal pain.” I have always considered a web site to be functionally superior to a Sears Wishbook, but not why the parts made it better or worse to use. 181 more words

Interface Design

Week 6 Classmate Feedback

Feedback provided by: Wes, Erik and Stephen

The quotations on the sides of the page should be clickable and appear larger so the quotes are easier to read. 86 more words

Interface Design

Wk 6 P2 Peer Crit

Wes, Eric and Steven:

Quote honeycombs should expand, allow the user to see more reviews/hyperlink to amazon reviews page for the book. Author name should scroll up to meet the title at the top. 23 more words

Interface Design

Unit 5 Reading Response

I bought the newer version of the textbook on amazon (it was only $20 for the kindle version.)



User Testing:

User testing VS focus groups:¬†User testing gives concrete information about user experience, whereas focus groups are more abstract and don’t allow you to actually see how users interact with the website. 181 more words

Interface Design

Unit 5 Reading Response

In chapter eight, the first thing that came to mind was how right he was in discussing this. While working at a small company and trying to build a new website, everyone seemed to have an opinion of who liked what and how it should be setup. 392 more words

Interface Design

Unit 4 Reading Response

In chapter seven, Krug talks about what is all needed on a homepage. For me, it depends on what/who the website is for. Most of his points would not apply to say, a portfolio website, but would make sense for an ecommerce site. 200 more words

Interface Design