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01 Introduction and a historical perspective

Its the second day at IBA and we were introduced to another subject, Interface design. First we went through the course curriculum, which is divided into three parts – knowledge, skills and competences. 150 more words

1. Semester

Why Interactive Design Prototyping is a useful tool

Prototyping is an extremely useful tool as a proof of concept. It lets you test the idea you propose and helps you decide which features are worth investing time in before devoting to hundreds of hours to a project. 338 more words

Interface Design

Making Hybrid Apps flexible for copy changes

Hybrid app – one that runs in the web browser but behaves like a native app as far as the user is concerned.

While developing a hybrid app from the planning stages, it benefits project managers and designers to think about how copy changes will be will be saved and made available to the client’s editors and subject matter experts. 

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Interface Design

6 things to keep in mind about designing Responsive UX for Live chat apps

If you’ve been following any design blogs related to apps and mobile design there’s a good chance you may have heard a lot about the design thinking behind mobile first and responsive design. 326 more words

Interface Design

Design Principles for Wearable Computing

Over the last year, I’ve been griping about the weak design seen in the current wave of wearable computing (and many other human interfaces). Fortunately, designers are beginning to wrap their heads around at least some of the issues for the most common case, the wrist screen (e.g,, Apple Watch, numerous fitness bands, and many other products). 772 more words


Double awards for our DePIC research into developing technology for blind users

Our DePIC team has won the Award for Best Solution by a Large Organisation at the Connect Ability Challenge event, a software development competition focusing on developing technology that can help improve the lives of people living with physical, social, emotional and cognitive disabilities.  354 more words


Google Interface Design Guidelines

“We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. 26 more words