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What My Facebook Like Means

Facebook users often express dissatisfaction over the limited range of options available to them for responding to posts made on their newsfeed by their ‘friends.’ (I wish there was a ‘dislike’ button! 480 more words


Week 5 - Interface Design Review

Summary Interface Interface can be found within interactive design. Usually it is a medium that data can pass through. Concepts and devices that support interface are: 547 more words

Lecture Notes

Week 2 - Interaction and Interactivity

There are 5 key design areas that contribute to interactive products:

  1. Interactivity
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Time and Motion
  4. Narrative
  5. Interface

Interactivity is the use of or relating to a program that responds to user activity. 115 more words


Storyboarding Practice

In-Class Storyboarding Practice – Making Toast

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Main Screens

Interactive Design

Week 5


  • Interface: A common boundary, between things, a point of interaction (though is not an interaction itself), a medium across which data passes
  • Interface is a consideration within an interaction.
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Week Five

Notes On The Week Five Lecture

Interface Design Review


  • Interface is a point of interaction or a method of interaction but it’s not interaction itself…
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Interactive Design

Interface Design Review

 Lecture outcomes:

After this lecture you should be able to:

  1. Define and reflect on interface design
  2. Identify contemporary exapmles of interface/interactivity
  3. Identify fundamentals of screen-based interface design…
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