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Innhabit Architectural Photography

Before Calgary ProPhoto’s website was launched, complete with a section dedicated to real estate photography, there was Innhabit. The purpose of the site was to provide a platform from which to promote the architectural photography of homes and commercial buildings  by… 17 more words


Blending Objects

This project was both difficult to understand and easy to complete. We were asked to think of two actions that are similar and come up with an object that blends them together. 423 more words


Daily Design - Day 12

So I’ve been away for awhile due to shifting and changing cities, so I ended up neglecting this. But now back to some practices and notes on my travels, daily experiences etc. 19 more words


Material IO: Material Design

As designers we know that the web is always interchangeable, with different trends changing websites and apps must continuously change with them. Google understood this offering up new collaboration tools for web designers, they called them Material IO (Material Design). 236 more words

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Tangible Swarm Interface

Many of us have been dreaming of tangible interfaces and smart matter for many years now (Ivan Sutherland dreamed of this over 50 years ago [2]). 495 more words

Science And Technology

eBook Virginia Coutinho

Responsible for the development of Virginia Coutinho’s eBook about Facebook KPI’s in all its aspects: structuring of content, information architecture, typography, storyboarding, page layout, graphic design and assembly. 18 more words


Catari Website

Catari introduced a new page loaded with new navigation sections to improve its interaction with customers: www.catari.pt

The goal with this new website is to provide the visitors an easier way to learn about Catari’s services and solutions and also to allow the visitor the ability to conduct not only product searches and news but upload new projects and be part of the whole, with a simple navigation bar. 78 more words