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Unit 3 Reading Response

Week three and I’m already bombarded with assignments but here’s what’s up to date on this book.

Chapter 6:

This week was an excruciatingly long chapter but extremely informative. 719 more words

Garden Sensors+App: Connecting or Disconnecting the Gardener?

With the arrival of spring, the gardening industry kicks in to try to sell us gear.

This week there is buzz about, among other things, … 1,055 more words


Unit 2 Reading Response

Well week two of reading this book and here’s what I discovered!

Chapter 3:

Steve Krug continues from his previous chapter about discussing how we can make interface design easier for the general public. 1,157 more words


(Band sites, TV property sites, the worst site you’ve ever seen, sites you visit regularly – make sure you label each site – not just put up a link) 1,264 more words


Unit 1: Sketched Interface

Here is my rough sketch of my interface¬†for my supposed portfolio webpage. It’s still in progress so they are subject to change. But I’m hoping to have my webpage more illustration heavy rather than photography heavy. 19 more words

Unit 1: Mood Board

So really couldn’t decide on the style of what I want my portfolio website to be, so I came up with two mood boards and I will decide later or probably in class this week on which one I want to use. 11 more words