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my weakest discipline...

… is without any doubt interface / icon design. It is hands down one of the biggest obstacles (actual content creation is the biggest ;) )  I’ve faced since I started to work on the game and it’s still a big one to overcome. 430 more words


Judith Woods

Title: Senior Software Engineer
Company: ASRC Federal Holding Co.
Location: Maple Shade, NJ United States

Fortunate to have fallen into a field she truly enjoys, Judith Woods got her first taste of computer programming in college. 244 more words

Computer Programming

Eye-tracking:How Interface Design Affects Eye Movement

For e-commerce websites, list-page is one of the most important pages that affect conversion. In this research, I used eye-tracking technology to figure out how different list page lay-out affect users’ eye movement. 361 more words


Project 3 Ideas

Drink Recipe App: People would be able to find quick and easy recipes for mixed drinks. They could filter them by sweetness, bitterness, alcohol content and also create portion sizes. 272 more words

Interface Design

Week 9 BFA Website Feedback

Chen, Wei-Ching Addie Graphic & Web Design


I love how large the visuals are of each project. I found the scrolling to be a little difficult on my Mac laptop using the trap pad because it continued to scroll upwards when I was trying to go down. 271 more words

Interface Design

Unit 9 Reading Response

Retina displays may be one of the hardest things I’ve had to explain to the Design Director at my work. When we launched our new website, I had been testing on multiple devices, when I noticed there were extremely horrible images being showcased on the homepage. 172 more words

Interface Design

Unit 8 Reading Response

It’s great to understand the entire process of creating an app – and to see how much work goes into it. I’m actually astonished it only took him and his team a year to create and launch. 204 more words

Interface Design