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Suffering from poor interface design

Suffering from poor interface design

It’s recently become more of a challenge for me to learn new systems.  I sometimes wonder why some computer systems are harder to use than others, at first I thought it was just me and my slow uptake of new information but on reflection and observation of my learners, I now feel it has a lot to do with the system or rather the interface. 487 more words


Controlling Autonomous Vehicles


The assignment requires us to show the understanding of UI/UX and knowledge of visual hierarchy, typography and information design in an interactive setting by designing the controlling interface for an autonomous vehicle. 1,042 more words


CES 2017: "Social Bots"

Evan Ackerman has and interesting discussion of the “social robots” appearing at CES this year. These bots are intended for home use, and, like t… 703 more words

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Geezer Tech?

Most network and mobile tech is designed by young adults to be used by young adults to solve the problems of young adults. (This is why there are so many dating and shopping apps, and why the screens and fonts are so freaking… 701 more words

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Fitts' Law in UX

Paul Fitts:

One of the founding fathers of Ergonomics, his famous “Fitt’s Law” (which predicts the time required to rapidly move to a target area, such as a button or control) is still in use today. 473 more words

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Bolsas (de emprego) de Investigação e Desenvolvimento

Nos últimos tempos, temos tido uma grande necessidade de encontrar recém licenciados para integrar projetos de investigação, ou para desenvolver trabalho. O que é estranho é que temos tido bastante dificuldade em encontrar candidatos, apesar da falta de emprego. 312 more words


Innhabit Architectural Photography

Before Calgary ProPhoto’s website was launched, complete with a section dedicated to real estate photography, there was Innhabit. The purpose of the site was to provide a platform from which to promote the architectural photography of homes and commercial buildings  by… 17 more words