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Design thinking <3 data: An emerging relationship

I remember the first time a colleague of mine showed me D3.

“I love these data visualizations,” she said, “because they represent complex datasets in a beautiful way.” 482 more words


Colour Scheme Re-evaluated

After reviewing my colour scheme that I Made, I realised that two of the blues are very similar in saturation. This means that they are hard to distinguish on the screen. 16 more words


Books to read: Seductive Interaction Design by Stephen P. Anderson

I have begun reading this book to hopefully gain a better understanding of design interaction and what it is to enjoy the experiences we have. I think it is important to explore the psychology behind interaction design if I am going to get a better idea of whether or not we love digital interaction. 1,342 more words

Brooks Remarks On Some "Artsy Apps"

Last week Katherine Brooks has a piece in HuffPo, “The Artsy Apps That Justify Spending Time On Your Phone”.

This kind of list is generally pointless except, as in this case, when they signal some interesting, possibly unconscious, cultural values.  1,042 more words


Inappropriate Touch Screen: Kids Edition

Of all the beefs we all have about ubiquitous and always connected screens, the one that worries me most is the effects on young children. The list of unintended bad effects are long and scary, from slow development of language through destruction of family live to loss of empathy. 891 more words

Science And Technology

Incremental Improvements Start With A/B Testing

If you spend anytime online, you have likely participated in an A/B test without knowing it.

A/B testing allows a web-based service to randomly direct users to two or more variations of an interface (A or B) in order to measure some kind of outcome like clicks, purchases, or recommendations. 624 more words


Blog Fodder from the CES: Acres of Inappropriate Touchscreens

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show offers wonderful blog fodder, and new entries for the Inappropriate Touchscreen Files.

I am grateful to the organizers for making life easy for bloggers! 1,251 more words