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Week 6 Reading Response

Design Principles for Android:

Subtle design, real objects make a stronger representation for the user,
allow the user to personalize their app in some way, track preferences for some users, use short phrases and simple words, use pictures over words when possible, try and guide the user, but let them have complete control, only show what the user needs when they need it, teach people as they go, always show where the user is, save information that users want to save, if it looks the same it should… 219 more words

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Week 8 Reading Response

In the article the Tale of a top 10 app Jeremy Olson goes over the process of creating an app from the idea and design to marketing and launch. 237 more words

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Unit 7: Reading Response


Chapter 10, “Mobile: It’s not just a city in Alabama anymore,” is essentially about “tiny, time-wasting overlords.” The cellphone era, the author is referring too, has practically brainwashed our world and especially generation Z and some of gen Y. 318 more words

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Week 6 Unit 2 Classmates Feedback


Dominique Capcinno and Andrew Alimbuyugen


48 pgs. on Poetry. Title: The Iceland by Sakuto Hagiwara.

Client/Audience and Feedback

The audience ranges from 30’s to 40’s

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P3 - Application Definition Statement

Source: From Concept to Product

Application: SkiMore mobile app


Big ski resorts attract huge crowds during the winter season. They usually have a large and well-developed network of ski trails and chairlifts, but some lifts have longer lines, and some could be closed or suspended. 138 more words

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Unit 7 Reading Response

Chapter 10 – “Don’t Make Me Think” book

In this chapter the author describes how mobile devices are different from desktop in terms of planning, design and usability testing. 272 more words

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