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Most apps have some version of a launch, load or splash screen. It generally showcases the logo of the app while the app is loading. 345 more words

App Design

Week 1

Your prototypes (photos and descriptions, before and after the evaluation)

Initial prototype — I was not totally satisfied with the initial prototype – I was shooting for a simplified version of a music-player application, without over-cluttered features, but my design ended up being pretty sloppy, having some really unclear functions as I was not decided on what features to implement.  427 more words

Weekly Assignments

"When machines control us"

Patrick Baudisch, Pedro Lopes, Alexandra Ion, Robert Kovacs, and David Lindlbauer have made a bit of a splash with their interactive art installation, ad infinitum: a parasite that lives off human energy… 917 more words


Week 6

AB Testing / Positive vs negative colour usage


Will more users sign up if the action button is a positive colour as opposed to a negative colour? 437 more words

Weekly Assignments

Week 5

Topic: Color


Will more users sign up if the action button is a positive colour as opposed to a negative colour? (i.e. green vs red) 318 more words

Weekly Assignments

Week 4

Your Prototypes

(clickable version here and at the bottom of the article)

Expert review on my wireframes (done by a fellow student)

Expert Review (done by Jeroen Nijkamp) 1,917 more words

Weekly Assignments

Assessment 1 Guidelines

Research Report and Design Proposal 调查报告和设计方案


Task 任务

Background research,了解设计任务的背景上下文与issues,包括设计先例。背景调查包括从:文献,在线资源,出版物,趋势分析trends analysis,网络民族志online ethnography和其他形式的引用和启发。还包括竞品分析,用table列出他们的市场成功的关键属性,评估竞品性能。

Design Proposal,基于调查,开发一个设计方案。包括一系列ideas(3个以上),通过分镜storyboard,用户场景user scenarios。评估你的ideas,并且解释为什么会选择最终方案。

Design report,设计报告(10页,不包括cover,引用,附录),内容包括:

  • 用自己的话简要叙述design brief
  • 背景调查总结
  • 通过趋势调查或者竞品分析得到的key findings和insights
  • 通过online ethnography得到的key findings和insights…
  • 7 more words
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