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Discontinuing the old interface

As announced, we’ve discontinued the old Chapoo. We hope you and your users discovered our new user-friendly interface.

This new release brings also new features and improvements: 78 more words


Jhin Music NEW Champion Select

Hey Guys, PentaKing here with an updated Champion Select mod for the Jhin Login music. This works for the SR Blind, (NEW) Draft and HA. 140 more words


is Mathematics translated from.... Linguistics?

Once upon a time there was no communication, as if it was made out of noise. Then, came frequency, and it was made from the pattern´s constancy formed. 182 more words


@ time machine

In 1996, the website of the Brazilian Association of Popular Video was made. At that time, for me, there where no UX guidelines, no interface discussion, it was just the single principle of usability. 106 more words


The continuing frustrations of Apple Music

The ‘functional high ground’ argument is in the air again, with various tech journalists and podcasters weighing in with their opinions on various parts of Apple software. 1,140 more words


The pervasive, the ubiquitous, and the invisible of syntax

There is a trend in the making of digital culture I would like to call syntactic. Take digital culture as the pervasive technosphere of devices, thinking, and actions, a broad category for the initial 80´s scenario of personal computers and its mainstream and it alternative subcultures. 448 more words