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Golang 的 interface 對正在學習 Golang 的人來說可能會有點轉換不過來, 簡單來說, 在 Golang 中的 interface 算是一種抽象的類型. 它並不會對外顯示自己所代表對象的內部結構以及該對象的基本操作集合, 反之, interface 只會對外展示自已所支援的方法. 換而言之, 當你看到一個 interface 的 變數時, 你不會知道這個變數是什麼 (它有哪些成員, 它能做什麼事), 反之, 你只會知道在這個 interface 的定義下你可以用這個變數做什麼事. 114 more words


How to show interface statistics using netstat -i command Linux CLI

This is a quick reference on how to show interface statistics using the netstat -i command on Linux Based Operating Systems.

1. netstat -i

root@GNS3-Server:~# netstat -i
Kernel Interface table
docker0    1500 0         0      0      0 0             0      0      0      0 BMU
eth0       1500 0       572      0      0 0           359      0      0      0 BMRU
eth1       1500 0        43      0      0 0            37      0      0      0 BMRU
lo        65536 0      3172      0      0 0          3172      0      0      0 LRU
tun1194    1500 0         0      0      0 0             0      0      0      0 MOPRU
virbr0     1500 0         0      0      0 0             0      0      0      0 BMU
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Ubuntu 18.04

CPanel's Interface Help and Guide

What is cPanel?

cPanel is Linux Based System. It helps you manage your server without having to know programming. Which, is especially useful if you don’t know coding. 2,129 more words

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Apologies if you are having problems with downloading our protected data from A Vision of Britain through Time.

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