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Animated Progress

After a lot of work playing around with graphics in Android, I developed some basic animated progress bars. They aren’t much, but it was good practice playing around with graphics and threading processes. 89 more words

SunnySplosion Soraka + Pack

Hello everyone, I am back, and I am bringing you a Skin of one of my favourite youtubers : SunnySplosion as Soraka 155 more words


Smartphone Shooting is a Great Way to Get Into Professional Video Production • WeLove Media

Anyone looking to get into video should begin with the camera in their pocket. Smartphones are not just a convenient tool for shooting video, they can be used for learning the trade or professional filmmaking. 35 more words

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Get Incredible Visuals with These iPhone Pro Video Apps • WeLove Media

iPhone video is good enough to stand up against many pro video cameras, but don’t rely on the native camera app to get the best results. 41 more words

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Fusion’s newsletter strategy trades automated feeds for human curation and reporters’ voices » Nieman Journalism Lab

“There’s a thematic through-line and a coherence that you get from reading the intro and the email all the way through. This is not something you’re going to create by just sending out a email RSS feed or using an algorithm.” 17 more words


Omega Squad Teemo Ward

Hello everyone, I would like to present to you: Omega Squad Teemo Ward 123 more words