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Java 8 | Default methods in interface

Every developer in office is instructed to write no-nonsense code. That’s a protocol.

So when there is no exception, why should every developer create their own creative ways to code. 206 more words


Creating a custom HTML front end for Domotiz Part 3 - YouTube companion article

We’re going to get a bit more clever now. When we have taught Domoticz a list of devices (be they switches or lights or door contacts) we may want to list them all in one go without manually entering a long list of html for each device. 2,462 more words


Java 8 arrived with new features and advances which has also interface with default methods in its arsenal too.

What we might have heard about default methods in interfaces? 679 more words

Korean VoiceOvers

The long-awaited Korean Voiceover pack is here! This time, I’ve included the announcer in the main download. :D

I highly encourage you to watch this tutorial video for installation! 209 more words


Week 4: Understanding the Device

Planning for an app on iOS you should always practice using an iPhone and the same goes for android. Each platform has a set of unique elements, terminology, and device characteristics. 307 more words


Apple Adds iPad Support to Apple TV Remote App

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

For those unfamiliar with the Apple TV Remote app, it’s designed to be used with the fourth-generation Apple TV and functions similarly to the hardware-based… 252 more words


Week 2: Hitchhiker's Guide - Website Project Roles & Responsibilities

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – In this week’s blog I would like to talk about roles and responsibilities in typical website projects. (Haha yes, I said typical – how funny is that?!). 2,021 more words