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How to Change Anki's Language

Anki’s language can seem pretty much fixed. There is nowhere in the settings to change it.

So if you started with it in English as a newbie and now have a set of massive decks, it looks like you’re stuck with an English interface. 527 more words


Review of Hootsuite for Social Media Management

Review of Hootsuite for Social Media Management
With Hootsuite you will have access to many social networks. The main advantage of using Hootsuite is that it is able to connect to more social networks. 22 more words

Designers complaining about clients

You probably know how customary it is for designers to complain about clients. I always find it lame and see the core for most of the complaints in poor client management and design presentation skills of a designer. 231 more words


The App's Finalised Storyboard

Linked above is the finalised xcode storyboard for our app, representing how each screen interacts and how the user navigates the app.

The design is relatively simple and linear, but is focused around the third screen – the Tower and score counter – as the hub from which the user can see their progress and how close they are to completion. 118 more words