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Writing Julia functions in R with examples

By Gabriel Vasconcelos

The Julia programming language is growing fast and its efficiency and speed is now well-known. Even-though I think R is the best language for Data Science, sometimes we just need more. 1,202 more words


Use "old YouTube" UI in Desktop

Requirement :

  • Desktop Computer or tablet
  • Browser
  1. Go to Youtube.com
  2. Access the Restore old YouTube menu via three dot icon on top right of Youtube web page…
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13 ,14,15 October marked the shaping of another success to one of the biggest technical fests of south India-TATHVA

It was a vibrant festival with vibes of Technology.

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Self Captured

Microsoft revamping Outlook for Mac to look more like iOS version

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

Microsoft is working on a major redesign of both Outlook for Mac and its Windows counterpart. The aim is to simplify the user-interface, bringing it more into line with the iOS app. 242 more words


OOP Abstraction

Abstraction is one of the major components of OOP. When we abstract, we are hiding the internal working details of something from its user. The user only cares about the controls that operate an object, but how the object acts on the controls are of no concern to the user. 987 more words


We are filling out time
As we become space-degreed,
A pressed navigation button
Taking you from lesser to greater,
When you finally look,
At your beautiful convenient apartment… 108 more words