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Interface di Java

Interface pada dasarnya merupakan sebuah class, hanya saja method-method yang ada di dalamnya hanya sekedar deklarasi saja, tidak ada implementasi dari method-method tersebut. Hal ini ditandai dengan adanya titik kome(;) pada akhir deklarasi method. 201 more words


How to embrace the unknown and challenge the known

I picked up my car this morning. The garage fixed it for two-thirds their estimate. Great. I came in my son’s car which had a misfire. 2,365 more words


First and foremost

Distillation column of a cryogenic air separation plant

Perhaps the most common failures of individuals and organizations that need to change but can’t are either that they don’t seek the broader view that offers new choices, or that they don’t explore the deeper roots (unquestioned beliefs) that perpetuate past and present dysfunctions. 1,125 more words


Zoom Out- Atatürk Boulevard Analysis and Conceptual Model

This semester, the site given to us in an area placed betweeen Atatürk Boulevard and Tunus Street. To better understand the site, we are asked to analyze the boulevard. 115 more words