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The future of publishing

There are more information channels now than ever. These include thousands of new TV and radio channels that are enabled by the internet, millions of YouTube videos, new electronic book and magazine platforms such as tablets and mobile devices, talking books, easy print-on-demand, 3D printing, holograms, games platforms, interactive books, augmented reality and even AI chatbots, all in parallel with blogs, websites and social media such as Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and so on. 1,158 more words


Spatial Computing: A New Paradigm | Albert Hwang

Albert Hwang’s videos are homemade with few resources but still have interesting HCI concepts (in particular the importance of the perception of the scale of the objects in the user experience). 22 more words

Augmented Reality / Réalité Augmentée

Spatial Computing | Simon Greenwold

“We have arrived at a critical point in the history of the machine in space. Engineers are rapidly banishing the last moving parts from consumer electronics, allowing the machines to shrink into near invisibility. 126 more words

Augmented Reality / Réalité Augmentée

The future of freedom of speech

This is mainly about the UK, but some applies elsewhere too.

The UK Police are in trouble yet again for taking the side of criminals against the law-abiding population. 1,039 more words


A potential architectural nightmare

I read in the papers that Google’s boss has rejected ‘boring’ plans for their London HQ. Hooray! Larry Page says he wants something that will be worthy of standing 100 years. 906 more words