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Learning with a High Chance of Fun!

I cannot begin this blog without first saying, “Thank you Pelmorex Media Inc.!”. Thank you for being above and beyond gracious hosts to the Web Design 2015 class. 970 more words


Emilio Artacho: improving first-principle simulations in condensed matter

In JPCM’s first featured author interview we ask Emilio Artacho about his work and life in physics. A computational and theoretical condensed matter physicist at the University of Cambridge, he studies oxide heterostructures, liquid water and interfaces, as well as and non-adiabatic processes related to radiation damage of materials. 510 more words

Condensed Matter Physics

25 Ideas Shaping The Future Of Design | Co.Design

Design is always changing, and with tech and design increasingly aligning, we’re arguably headed to the most radical period of change in design history. How radical will the design landscape of 2020 be, then? 83 more words


Cisco WLC Interfaces, Ports & Their Functionality. Understand How WLCs Work, Connect to the Network Infrastructure & Wi-Fi SSID/VLAN mappings

Learn the purpose of each WLC interface (management, AP-Manager, virtual interface, dynamic interfaces), and physical ports. Read on Cisco WLC VLAN requirements, deployment guidelines and more.

The IT dark age - The relapse

I long ago used a slide in my talks about the IT dark age, showing how we’d come through a period (early 90s)where engineers were in charge and it worked, into an era where accountants had got hold of it and were misusing it (mid 90s), followed by a terrible period where administrators discovered it and used it in the worst ways possible (late 90s, early 00s). 1,087 more words


My goodness - Ergonomics

I opened the blog to type the content and right side section moved to left side..

Ergonomics at works..

Most of the product designers need to pay great attention to ergonomics, else any goof ups have long term impacts not on the product but the individuals using the product.. 145 more words