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The Future of Games (recycled from 2005)

I was trawling through some old documents and stumbled on this one from just over 10 years ago. The message still rings true, even if the recession has shifted the time frame somewhat compared to what I though then. 467 more words


Static Methods in Interfaces

Java 8 has several solutions to support evolution of interfaces. In the last post I explained about one such solution, default methods. Today I’ll be explaining another solution: static methods in Interfaces. 400 more words

Java 8

A Quick Sneak Peek of Default Methods in Java 8

So far I have discussed some of the “code changers” brought about by Java 8 such as lambda-expressions, variable scope changes and method references… 829 more words

Java 8

The future for IT technicians

This blog accompanies the British Computer Society’s launch of RITTech, a new standard for IT technicians. For more info look at:

http://www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/55343 and


It is a great time to be in IT. 838 more words


A script for reseting interfaces

This is not a common problem and probably I have this issue due to a misconfiguration and because I lack enough physical NICs to use an adequate failover method… anyway, this is the scenario: 465 more words


Ultrasound scan bodysuit

You’ve seen ultrasound scans of pregnant women that show grainy pictures of the foetus inside so I won’t bother pasting one here and the appropriate ones are all copyrighted anyway. 336 more words


Inbound File Interfaces Best Practices (Part 2)

Today I’ll cover my experience dealing with CSV file interfaces in AX 2012. Unlike Excel, this will be a much more positive review of my experience. 691 more words

AX 2012