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As you have seen in the previous post, Abstract Base Classes can have both abstract as well as non-abstract methods. But if you need to define a class, which just contains abstract methods and nothing more, in other words a “pure abstract base class” you would create an  940 more words

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User Testing a Paper Prototype

The final stage of development in UX Design Techniques: Paper Prototyping is User Testing a Paper Prototype. This section covers Users respond in different ways to paper prototypes, Special considerations for testing paper prototypes and Tips for user testing prototype interfaces.


JunOS - Multiple IP's on one interface

Just like Cisco, Juniper allows you to have multiple IP addresses under one physical interface into what we call “logical” interfaces (known as sub interfaces in Cisco). 139 more words


Audiobook Samples Now Available on Goodreads | The Digital Reader #audiobooks @GoodReads @audible_com

Note: Amazon owns Audible and GoodReads.

If you like listening to audiobooks then I have some good news for you. Goodreads is in the process of adding audiobook excerpts to its website.  156 more words


A01 - Animated Interface

My clock animation is made up of:
Black area – bevel & emboss, gradient and drop shadow
Silver line – bevel & emboss, inner glow, gradient… 42 more words


Inheritance in C#

As we know object-oriented programming enables you to declare and use a new class as a descendant of another class. This process is known as  254 more words

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