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Some like it Superhydrophobic

In a recent Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter paper, Alberto Giacomello and his team shed new light on superhydrophobicity using atomistic modelling simulations. Read on to find out more in the authors’ own words: 634 more words

Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter

The User Interfaces in Rogue One Are Gorgeous. Here They Are in High Res

(Source: www.wired.com)

When Andrew Booth began designing user interfaces for feature films 15 years ago, the field was still in its infancy. For a given film, the visual effects team might handle one part of the UI design, the art department another. 424 more words


RAMP 101: What Interface Do I Need?

Whatever curriculum you plan to use, the audio interface is an integral part of the program. It’s your communication method between the analog world and the digital world. 782 more words


RANCID for interfaces err-disable

*This script is for RANCID only.

  1. Edit the file /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid
  2. Add the following line
     	{'show variables boot'		=> 'ShowBoot'},
     	{'show flash'			=> 'ShowFlash'},
     	{'show cdp neighbors detail'	=> 'ShowCDPNeighborsDetail'},
    +	{'show interfaces status err-disabled'	=> 'ShowStatErrDis'},
     	{'dir /all nvram:'		=> 'DirSlotN'},
     	{'dir /all bootflash:'		=> 'DirSlotN'},
     	{'dir /all slot0:'		=> 'DirSlotN'},
  3. 97 more words

Hackerrank Day 21: Generics

Write a single generic function named printArray; this function must take an array of generic elements as a parameter (the exception to this is C++, which takes a… 546 more words


Hackerrank Day 19: Interfaces

Abstraction is the separation between what something does and how it’s accomplished. An interface is a collection of abstract methods and constants that form a common set of base rules/specifications for those classes that… 201 more words


Fluorescent microsphere mist displays

A few 3D mist displays have been demonstrated over the last decade. I’ve seen a couple at trade shows and have been impressed. To date, they use mists or curtains of tiny water droplets to make a 3D space onto which to project an image, so you get a walk-through 3D life-sized display. 310 more words