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Advanced C# - Extension Methods

The extension methods came up with the version 3.0 of the .net framework. Basically it gives us the possibility to use the syntax to call a method (object.method()) defined as static method. 367 more words


Lesson 2: Setup Workspace

Before you can use CAAV5 Interfaces, you need to locate pre-requisite workspaces.
To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to CAAV5 Workspace -> Select Locate Prerequisite Workspaces… 17 more words

CAA V5 Tutorials

Learning .Net & C# step by step Part 6

In the previous discussion we had learnt about the different types of Collections in the .NET framework, how are they differentiated and in which cases they are used. 1,944 more words


New Yorker + AR

Title Christoph Niemann’s New Yorker AR Cover
Platform Multi-platform
Price $7.99

Review It might be hard to tell sometimes, but this site is about more than just virtual reality (VR) — it is also about all sorts of other interesting 3D applications. 282 more words


Access Modifiers in C#

When ever we mention types and type members in our code, they have accessibility levels. Where the scope of each and every type is defined and hence need to be used accordingly while writing code. 556 more words


Difference between Interfaces and Abstract Class

So before answering the question , let’s get to know what is Interface and what is Abstract Class in C#.


An interface contains definitions for a group of related functionalities that a class or a struct can implement. 886 more words



Because calculators are the simplest implementation of a useful computation device, their displays should convey as little extraneous information as possible. This principle lends a predictable dimension to human-machine interactions; one can even say it is… 511 more words