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Junos: Creating a Sub Interface / Virtual Interface

Okay run the following to create a sub-interface

edit interface ge-0/0/1
set unit 5 vlan-id 5 family inet address
set unit 5 description "Internal VLAN"
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Drawings from Metropolitan Museum of Art

Have just added five Bernini drawings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Wikidata (link to Wikidata list)

Some brief thoughts on the Met’s online catalogue: 199 more words

IEC 61131-3: Arrays with variable length

While declaring arrays, one had always to define a constant value up to now. Since the 3rd edition of the IEC 61131-3, arrays can be declared with a variable length. 851 more words

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Strategies to extend an existing interface in .NET

Let’s say you have the following interface in production code:

public interface IPrintable
	void PrintMe();

…and you’d like to extend it in some way: add one or more parameters to the PrintMe method or add another method to the interface. 261 more words


Spintronics by Design

My work “Graphene-multiferroic interfaces for spintronics applications” has just been published on Scientific Reports. First principles calculations tell us the best way to combine the properties of two class of materials – graphene and multiferroics – in a new hybrid structure that takes the best of both worlds: high carrier velocity from graphene & magnetism form the BaMnO3 substrate. 17 more words

Ab Initio

Interface and multiple Inheritance example in VB,Visual Basic Teacher Sourav

Option Strict On
Option Explicit On
Imports System
Interface Iparentcustomer
Sub Iparentcustomer()
End Interface
Interface Icustomer1
Inherits Iparentcustomer
Sub Icustomer1()
End Interface
Interface Icustomer2
Inherits Iparentcustomer… 105 more words

Visual Basic

IEC 61131-3: Das ‘Command’ Pattern

Durch den Aufruf einer Methode kann an einem Funktionsblock ein Befehl ausgeführt werden. Funktionsblock A ruft eine Methode von Funktionsblock B auf. So weit so gut. 2,278 more words

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