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Interfaces in java, Really Needed?

Most of the newcomers in java programming language experience a confusion why on earth do you need Interfaces when you have abstract classes. It is one of the simple feature of java that may sometimes become puzzling. 169 more words


Setting Up A DNS Server - Linux

Domain Name System (DNS) servers, or name servers, are used to resolve an IP address to a hostname or vice versa. The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is most commonly used to set up a DNS server on the Internet. 1,148 more words


Take a look at your(Selfe)!

Before starting my PhD studies (ie, five or so weeks ago) I admittedly knew very little about the ‘main players’ in conversations about rhetoric and writing pedagogy. 800 more words

First Year

What Is The Difference Between UI and UX?

It seems that no discussion of UX can begin until you have distinguished it from its cousin UI. UI stands for User Interface and focuses more on product design than on people. 379 more words


Tears of pride for brave gran

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FORMER Waverley councillor Ingrid Strewe said she was a bit embarrassed when her grandmother asked to be recognised for rescuing and hiding persecuted Jews during World War II . 3,359 more words


IEC 61131-3: Parameter transfer via parameter list

Parameter lists are an interesting alternative for transferring parameters to PLC libraries. Strictly speaking, these are global constants (VAR_GLOBAL CONSTANT) whose initialization values can be edited in the Library Manager. 577 more words

CoDeSys V3

Merkel backs end to EU-Turkey membership talks

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