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ObservableCollection is a Leaky Abstraction

And so is BindingList. Or, rather, exposing them through your controller’s interface is a Leaky Abstraction.

Anyone who’s done any Windows desktop development has eventually come across ObservableCollection and BindingList. 440 more words


Ghostbusters VR

Title The Void’s Ghostbusters Dimension VR Experience
Platform NA
Price $50

Review So, in case you were too busy playing Pokémon Go to notice, they’re back! 132 more words


A new two-dimensional material

Philomena Schlexer and Professor Gianfranco Pacchioni of the University of Milano-Bicocca discuss their recent work published in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter special issue on… 522 more words

Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter

Java Interfaces

Today we’ll talk about interfaces in Java.

A class can implement multiple interfaces, but extend only one superclass!

How do you know whether to make an abstract class, or an interface? 197 more words


The Climb

Title The Climb (Crytek)
Platform Oculus Rift
Price $49.99 (Oculus Store)

Review Okay, so let’s say that you “just” got and set up your brand new Oculus Rift CV1. 206 more words


IEC 61131-3: Arrays mit variabler Länge

Bei der Deklaration von Arrays musste bisher immer eine konstante Größe angegeben werden. Ab der 3rd Edition der IEC 61131-3 können Arrays mit einer variablen Länge deklariert werden. 846 more words

CoDeSys V3

The Future of How We Interact With Technology

We use technology everyday. Whether we are conscious, just about everything has a processor (something that handles inputs and outputs) and an electric supply. This includes appliances, speakers (most of the time), phones, computers, and cars. 371 more words

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