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Mind body dualism and balanced sirat mustaqim

It is Christian monasticism and the idea of a non-sensual heaven which are criticized by Quran which actually led to rise of mind body dualism in modern Christendom, while Muslim seminaries to this date teach ancient greek logic in seminaries. 35 more words

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I accidentally hurt the feelings of a Vietnam veteran


Ishmael Abraham Was Vietnam war just according to Torah?

Man I do not know. But do not disrespect the memory of our fallen heroes of Viet Nam. 94 more words

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Sacred ink of the Recited Logos and the sacred tears of five prayers

To an American sister marrying a Pakistani guy: I met the American converts in interfaith fb discussion groups. I think Pakistani men never cheat unless they are too secular. 170 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Quran, Pope and a rabbi on temptations

Ishmael Abraham

5 January at 20:14 · 

About Pope trying to change a prayer about temptations: Quran teaches that God CAN allow temptations to mislead us if we stop going back to God often. 238 more words

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Islam has a more social and universal approach compared to celibate Catholicism, monastic Buddhism and tribal forms of Protestantism

To a sister who admires Muslim families and societies: This is because previous religions were oriented towards personal development(tazkiya) or at most tribal supremacy(asabiyyah) while Islam also includes social engineering through focus on congregation(jamat). 86 more words

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Exploring a Scriptural approach to evolutionary theism after failed deism

Muslim evolutionary theism is still in infancy  but future of theism depends a lot in developing it at a more nuanced level, that’s why I love BioLogos foundation although when I chatted them, they did not like my Scriptural approach because deism is seen by some arguably as the forerunner of atheism due to lack of a Scriptural approach. 104 more words

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