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How do you become 'Interfaith'?

I had a very brief conversation with someone last weekend, which kept me thinking all throughout this week. I met this very kind lady who gave me and a friend a lift to the train station. 557 more words

Mind Body Spirit

Celibate philosophers and theologians in western and Islamic traditions


الفلاسفة والعلماء العزاب في التقاليد الغربية والإسلامية

Abu Ghuddah has written a book with the title: The celibate knowers who gave preference to sacred knowledge over marriage. 499 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Pursuing Justice and Teamwork With Bell Peppers

I spent my summer teaching kids to pursue peace and justice for their immediate communities and the world beyond them. Kids4Peace is a day camp that aims to educate youth about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 825 more words

From The Fellows

Hasan bin Qahtaba: A soldier of conscience or Mouchesias the zealot


الحسن بن قحطبة جندي الضميراو رجل متعصب

Assalamu alaykum brother. May God reward you for the article. I would like to point out that historians of Byzantine empire commit the character assassination of Hasan bin Qahtaba as Mouchesias the Zealot which seems very implausible because a God-fearing man who takes the risk of execution to avoid the sin of murder cannot plausibly be guilty of forced conversion of minorities which is forbidden by Quran 2:256. 455 more words

Interfaith Dialogue

Liberal Phariseeism: Character assassination of Nouman Ali Khan by liberals like Atif Choudhury


Message to Atif Choudhary who calls Nouman Ali Khan a Quran scholar an abuser. You sound like a salafi( sola scriptura legalist) against taqlid( hero worship of scholars) but to call sending private marriage proposals abuse is extreme. 220 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists

Women's luncheon on Islam

Meet Your Muslim Neighbor

Madison Inter-Faith Coalition Presents:
A Women’s Luncheon on Islam

Come join the Muslim community for a Lunch and Discussion about Islam and the Intersection of the Abrahamic Religions… 35 more words