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Children of a Lesser Sharia - interpretations of the Corrupted Sharia

I squirmed nervously in my chair at a recent interfaith conference as a dear colleague tackled the controversial topic: “Is Sharia compatible with the America Constitution?” Thankfully, he nimbly navigated the situation with declarations that sharia (Islamic law) melds with democratic, developed world values such as freedom of religion and expression (2:256), presumption of innocence (49:6), gender equity (4:32, 33:35), social safety nets (9:60), rule of law (33:60), and strong ethics (70:21-70:33). 920 more words

Building Bridges, Not Walls

At exactly 4 p.m., I sat down, my eyes fixed eastward. I watched silently as my new friends responded to the Islamic call to prayer, standing shoulder to shoulder then bowing low on the plush carpet. 495 more words


Evangelical Christians Countering Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

There’s been a lot of negative campaign language about Islam this election season—calls for banning Muslims from entering the US and for patrolling Muslim neighborhoods. But there are also serious attempts to oppose anti-Muslims rhetoric. 69 more words

HWPL, Interfaith Dialogue in Pura Giri Natha

HWPL Holds Interfaith Dialogue in Pura Giri Natha, Indonesia

“The main objective is to stop the war, with HWPL organization of peace,
one through the understanding of religion”  
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Muslim, Christian faiths teach care for our planet

Whether Christian or Muslim, faith leaders agree that working as a careful steward of our planet is all part of God’s will.

That’s the message of faith and environmentalism that will be shared at 6:30 tonight at the Spirituality Center at Assisi Heights. 282 more words

Bridge Building Between Christians and Muslims

With nearly one billion followers each, Islam and Christianity are major religions that influence the thinking and values of over 40 percent of the World population. 622 more words

Muslim, Christian women build friendships, community in Michigan

Muslim and Christian women will work together sprucing up the dining room at First Step’s domestic abuse shelter this month.

They’ll clean, polish, buff and redecorate the space from ceiling to floor Friday-Saturday, April 29-30, in Wayne, Michigan, while also strengthening friendships and furthering the mission of their group, Common Ground Gathering. 214 more words