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Cork Three Faiths Forum hosts Earth Day Celebration

For the second year in a row, the Cork Three Faiths Forum organised an Earth Day Celebration right in the centre of Cork City. The theme for Earth Day this year was ‘End Plastic Pollution’ and the Forum were delighted to be joined by a representative from VOICE Recycling Ambassador Program. 160 more words


An Urdu couplet with Murjiah tendencies

سر محشر خدا پوچھے گا پاکبازوں سے…..
تم نے گناہ کیوں نا کیے، کیا میں رحیم نا تھا

On the day of judgement, God will ask the pure. 32 more words

Interfaith Dialogue

Modern anti-theism is about cultural monopoly of post-Judaeo-Christian races.

The secular Armilus the Antichrist emerged out of hellenized Judaeo-Christian culture. What Quran calls the culture of Gog and Magog. Modern anti-theism is about cultural monopoly of post-Judaeo-Christian races. 59 more words

Dialogues With Secularists/modernists



What do a Muslim, mainline Protestant, Catholic, and atheist have in common? Not very much, as each operates from very different philosophical starting points. 855 more words

When Flowers Bloom

Today is April 13, the start of the Burmese lunar new year celebrations. In Burmese lunar calendar this is year 1379. At this time of the year which usually last for 3-4 days, people return to their villages. 753 more words


The Lights around the Throne of God:The glorifying Ishmaelitic Prophetic descendants

كنا أنوارا صفوفا حول العرش نسبح

We the Ishmaelitic Prophetic descendants were lights around Arsh the throne of God in rows like rows of prayer glorifying Him.

Interfaith Dialogue

Join LMU Hillel Club

Check out LMU Student Hillel, an on-campus club that invites both Jewish and non-Jewish students to the celebration of Jewish holidays and culture. The club holds events for students interested in learning about Jewish faith and culture, and encourages everyone to attend events and join their team! 76 more words