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How Can Interfaith Work Be Planned to Be Useful?

by Kemal Argon

Many people of religion have grave doubts about the worth and utility of interfaith dialogue, dismissing it entirely. Interfaith work can appear to be leading nowhere and accomplishing nothing relevant or useful. 261 more words


HWPL News: Role of Religious Leaders in Achieving Peace...

HWPL News: The Role of Religious Leaders in Achieving Peace on the basis of the Scriptures 972 more words


Stephen Coughlin's "Red Pill" Brief

Maj. Stephen Coughlin is a retired U.S. Army officer and one of the foremost experts on Islamic law in the United States. For years he was well-known inside the Beltway for his “Red Pill” briefings of military commanders and defense officials on the topics of jihad and sharia. 184 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Gülen Movement Presents Yet More Interfaith Bloviating

Religious Freedom Coalition, by Andrew Harrod, June 18, 2015:

Perhaps the naïve expected insightful discussion of modern Islamic violence worldwide at the April 12 Fairfax, Virginia, panel “Community and Faith Leaders’ Role in Countering Radicalization,” … 1,110 more words

Civilization Jihad

Similarities Between The Bhagavad Gita And The Qur'an

– Nature Of God –

“I am unborn, everlasting, and I am the lord of all” (Bhagavad Gita 4:6)

“Nor was he born (Qur’an 112:3) Allah, the eternal (112:2) Allah, lord of all the worlds” (1:2) 162 more words


The Atheist Advises the Pastor

No one else will
ever see the stars you dream
so often.

so pencil-punch through
the black
lift it up
Make them see
when you… 135 more words