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DHANAK on NDTV Prime Time!

Watch a discussion on the difficulties faced by couples, the Special Marriage Act and the issue of the myth of Love Jihad: DHANAK on Prime Time


Ravish Kumar meets Dhanak members

Watch Ravish Kumar talk to Dhanak members on Valentine’s Day, 2017 about the various issues regarding Interfaith/Inter-caste marriages in India.
The show includes a candid conversation with parents of interfaith couples discussing their feelings about their son/daughter marrying someone from a different religion.

PrimeTime with Ravish Kumar Feb 14, 2017 धर्म , जाति से बाहर कितना मुश्किल है शादी करना ?


the Qur'an does not prohibit women's marriage to people of the book - and other facts about interfaith marriage in Islam

Pre-post: This is for those who believe that Muslim men are allowed to marry People of the Book while women are prohibited; because that means that the whole “shirk” of the People of the Book becomes relevant only when we’re talking about women but not when we’re talking about men (I address this below). 6,671 more words

Death To Patriarchy

Seven years ago there was a horrid fire. The flames appeared to swallow a huge portion of the building from the bottom, and swiftly moving upwards. 942 more words


“Can your wedding gown be altered?”

“Like how? Would you like the trail shorter or the neck less wider?”

“No, can you make it red or green instead?” 563 more words


Why Atheists Need Solidarity

Lately, my Christian husband has been attempting to make amends for being incredibly insensitive about how he handled baptizing our daughter. Short version, I told him that when he baptized her I did not want to attend, he told me he just wouldn’t baptize her, he then went and made arrangements to do so behind my back and I found out when his family asked me a question about a baptism that was happening the following week, which I knew nothing about. 1,382 more words

To Have a Home

Last night, at the B’nai Jeshurun Annual Meeting, our rabbis announced their decision regarding interfaith marriage, a decision that emerged from long deliberation and contemplation, including a full year of discussions, lectures, and other events, as well as prayer, thought, and conversation. 713 more words