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Dear LEGO...

Dear LEGO,

I’m a member of your VIP club, and I’ve spent more money in the last decade on LEGOs for myself and my sons than I’d care to admit in public, so I’m wondering if you might do me a little favor. 149 more words


Chanukah and Christmas: chocolate coins and presents as we celebrate God in the world

On Tuesday evening Jews all over the world will light chanukiot, the 8 branched candelabra used to celebrate the festival of Chanukah. It commemorates the regaining of the Jerusalem Temple in 164 BCE, and its rededication after the occupying Seleucids had defiled it while imposing Hellenic culture over its empire, prohibiting any other religions.  416 more words

Jewish Values

A Hindu, Muslim and a Christian walk into a school...

If you are the kind that prays – particularly if you’re the kind that prays specifically for me or Oldham Bethel Church – I would be grateful if you could put that into action right now. 748 more words

In The Wilderness (Of Today) Prepare The Way Of The Lord

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” That quotation is heard regularly from this pulpit and is one of my favorites from Dr.   1,089 more words

The Episcopal Church

A Post-Christian Christmas Card

(This “card” is retouched and reposted from 5 years ago)

I was born on December 25th and I became a minister because of that day and the lowly-lord of long ago who shared the birthday. 1,557 more words

Winter Wraps the Present


Last Treeleaves, First Snowleaves

Berry berry beautiful


Clothed in Clouds

Winter wraps the world in a cold white mountain blanket today. . .


We are a house of two religions

We celebrate both Jewish and Christian holidays. Sometimes, this can be confusing.

“I’m excited for Easter,” George said last spring. “Is that the one where we hide the matzah?” 592 more words