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Interfewrongetry / Isolation Table

I’m going to make something called an isolation table, and I’m going to try and do interferometery which uses a laser to create an interference pattern through a two way mirror, and based on how that interference pattern forms you can identify how stable your worktable is. 230 more words


Image of the Week: Dynamical holographic Moirés in a TEM

This week’s image of the week is a phase image simulation of a sphere with a positive charge of 100 e, including experimental phase distortions due to the microscope setup (projector lens and CCD camera). 196 more words

Journal Of Physics D: Applied Physics

Super Gravity Brothers

The GW150914 blackhole merger event recorded by aLIGO, represented in a wavelet (morlet base) spectrogram. This spectrogram was based on the audio file released with the original announcment. 61 more words


What is Interferometry?

Today’s post is a light-hearted introduction to interferometry and why we need it to understand light waves. 794 more words


Michelson, Morley and LIGO

Two teams of scientists, 128 years apart.  The first team, two men, got a negative result that shattered a long-standing theory.  The second team, a thousand strong, got a positive result that provided final confirmation of another long-standing theory.  671 more words

That Laser Asteroid Mini-Death Star Thing Is Back In The News

“Yes, you caught it: I said weapon, for if a weapon can be constructed to vaporize asteroids, say, of small or medium size, imagine what such a weapon might do to buildings or targets on earth, with appropriate phase conjugation to minimize atmospheric effects… 296 more words