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Interfewrongetry / Isolation Table

I’m going to make something called an isolation table, and I’m going to try and do interferometery which uses a laser to create an interference pattern through a two way mirror, and based on how that interference pattern forms you can identify how stable your worktable is. 230 more words


Image of the Week: Dynamical holographic Moirés in a TEM

This week’s image of the week is a phase image simulation of a sphere with a positive charge of 100 e, including experimental phase distortions due to the microscope setup (projector lens and CCD camera). 196 more words

Journal Of Physics D: Applied Physics

Super Gravity Brothers

The GW150914 blackhole merger event recorded by aLIGO, represented in a wavelet (morlet base) spectrogram. This spectrogram was based on the audio file released with the original announcment. 61 more words


What is Interferometry?

Today’s post is a light-hearted introduction to interferometry and why we need it to understand light waves. 794 more words