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Michelson, Morley and LIGO

Two teams of scientists, 128 years apart.  The first team, two men, got a negative result that shattered a long-standing theory.  The second team, a thousand strong, got a positive result that provided final confirmation of another long-standing theory.  671 more words

That Laser Asteroid Mini-Death Star Thing Is Back In The News

“Yes, you caught it: I said weapon, for if a weapon can be constructed to vaporize asteroids, say, of small or medium size, imagine what such a weapon might do to buildings or targets on earth, with appropriate phase conjugation to minimize atmospheric effects… 296 more words


Science Sunday - LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves

This is the beginning of a series of weekly posts related to current events in science. I’ll pick a big story from the past week and post a video or two about it. 134 more words


Seeing ripples in spacetime

One hundred years after Albert Einstein shared it with the world, the general relativity is waiting for its last confirmation: direct observation of gravitational waves. These ripples in the curvature of spacetime are created when a massive object accelerates. 828 more words


The Future of Optical Technology

Telescopes could dramatically shrink in the future with a gen-after-next technology called SPIDER. A thin, scalable array of tiny lenslets piece together visual information like a jigsaw puzzle—a science called interferometry—and will eliminate all the bulk of traditional telescopes. 19 more words

Noteworthy Stream

First Light From Black Hole Innovation Makes Remarkable Discovery

According to researchers lead by the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, a newly installed instrument for zooming in on black holes at ESO’s Very Large Telescope made a surprising discovery from the first set of data. 412 more words

Holography And Its Application - Ostrovsky

In this post we will see Holography And Its Application by  Yu. I. Ostrovsky. 

About the book:

The books explains basic physical fundamentals of a hologram and holography.

125 more words