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Additional resources in optical device development

Optical theory can guide only so far, before designers must look at actual device designs. Books and patents are the obvious sources for this, but these are often very generic and soon outdated, as books get old and patents are vague by design in order to protect trade secrets. 161 more words


Testing a convex aspherical mirror with a Null system

Last week I designed a Ritchey-Chretien type astrograph that employed a convex aspherical secondary mirror. Convex surfaces are difficult to measure during manufacture, asphericals even more so, so I will discuss a method to measure such a surface. 492 more words

Case Study

From Keck: "Scientists Accurately Quantify Dust Around Planets in Search for Life"

Keck Observatory

December 2, 2014
Bertrand Mennesson, PhD
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Steve Jefferson
Communications Officer
W. M. Keck Observatory… 1,348 more words

Basic Research

Talk @UFF, Pablo Saldanha (UFMG), Friday Oct. 17th, 11:00

Next Friday, Oct. 17th, we’ll have Pablo Saldanha (UFMG) visiting our group in Niterói. At 11:00 he’ll be giving a talk with title: “É possível se separar um fóton de sua polarização ou um nêutron de seu spin?”. 291 more words

Book review: "Field Guide to Interferometric Optical Testing" by Goodwin, Wyant

SPIE Field Guide to Interferometric Optical Testing (ISBN: 0-8194-6510-0) by Eric Goodwin and James Wyant is a small, pocket-sized intro/refresher on interferometric testing. Light on mathematics, it covers a range of interferometric tests and interpretation of the interferograms. 238 more words


Pulsating Stars: Space-Time Continuum

Meet the innocuously named PSR B1913+16. The first three letters of its name indicate it’s a pulsating radio source, an object in the universe that gives off energy as radio waves at very specific periods. 1,996 more words

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