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Gaining spatial resolution by arranging radio telescopes in interferometric arrays

Interferometry is the way to go in modern radio astronomy. Why? By arranging multiple small radio telescopes in interferometric arrays, spatial resolution of the entire array of smaller dishes is higher than that of a single radio dish of larger diameter. 35 more words

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How Satellite Images Could Be Used To Predict Volcanic Eruptions

Scientists are now looking to satellites to monitor volcanoes all over the globe and even predict volcanic eruptions.

There are around 1500 active volcanoes currently on earth but only 100 volcano observatories, many of volcanoes are not monitored because they either: 600 more words


Green lasers from IPG Photonics aid science and medical research

IPG Photonics makes a number of fibre laser systems available specifically to the research community.

CW Green Fibre Lasers
A variety of science and medical research applications can benefit from a green laser and IPG’s GLR series of single-mode, single-frequency, linearly polarised continuous wave (CW) 532 nm fibre lasers with output powers up to 30 W are ideal for these purposes. 71 more words

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