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Being someone's mama

Musings on motherhood popped like spring blossoms last weekend, but my favourite sentence of the ones I read came from Mary Karr: “Despite the lacy, sugar-spun horse hockey around this particular holiday, being somebody’s mama does crowbar your heart open in the deepest way.” 227 more words


Children and Youth Workers Shouldn't Exist

I believe we should not have children or youth workers. Now, before you close your browser, hear me out.

From my own experiences as a young person and someone working in churches I have seen children/youth workers act as a quick fix, a bandage over a wound and even a placebo in churches trying to fix a big issue and not just a scratch on the surface. 361 more words

Children's Ministry

A Writer Belongs Everywhere: Stories from a Writing Workshop for Middle School Girls

By Tracey T. Flores, Ph.D.

On a hot evening in June, four Latina girls, Rocky, Reyna, Blanca and Elizabeth, entering ninth and tenth grade, and their parents, Valente, Samuel, Alma and Rose, gather at the local university for an evening of drawing, writing and sharing. 1,006 more words

Latinx Literature

"Holy Week Through Fresh Eyes"

Those of you who have followed by blog for the last few years have probably wondered, “Where is she?”  I have not posted in a while but it was on purpose. 969 more words

Family Ministry

Intergenerational Taizé

Our Taizé services, held several times a year, have traditionally been attended by adults. For the service scheduled midway through Lent we wanted to make it more of an intergenerational event. 1,284 more words

Children's Ministries

Intergenerational Play

At the end of a very long term of teaching, marking and planning for next year, it was an absolute delight to move with fellow AUB colleagues, their children and some of our students. 226 more words

Guided Participation helps create sticky faith

First Pubished 4 April 2018 http://www.generationstogether.org.au

Have you ever wondered how best to pass on faith? As we observe our churches, schools and community one of our central challenges appears to be developing a faith in others that will stick. 512 more words