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Wheelhouse Seafood & Miscellany Thrift & Vintage Interviews

Introducing two more incredible local entrepreneurs.

Wheelhouse Seafood is owned by Catherine and Trevor Yamamoto who have been selling sustainable, locally caught sea-food, long before the sustainability movement came into popularity.    65 more words

Community Stories

Self-perceptions about Aging Matter

It can be dangerous applying observations about individual behavior to groups. But, I am going to venture into just such territory for two reasons. The first is that we need to encourage each other to pay attention to the advice that comes from scientific research for our own health.  921 more words

Research Shows: More than love, it's healthy for Grandparents and Grandchildren to Connect


When grandparents better understand what their grandchildren are learning at school, including not only subject matter but also the emotional, intellectual and social skills/development that their grandchild experiences as they grow toward young adulthood, they can better enter their grandchild’s world and engage in meaningful discussions and connections. 26 more words

Grandparents Matter

On The Eve of Optimism

Stressed? Not so much. Panicked? Maybe a little. Realisation sinking in? Oh most definitely. It struck me this week that having spoken to Cecilia Macfarlane, a dance artist with over 30 years experience in intergenerational projects I perhaps needed a bit more time than the couple of months I have for my final collaborative project for the immense recruiting drive necessary to tap into the various spectrum of ages that would be ideal for such a project. 955 more words


Frustrated About Kids in Church? Something's Gotta Change

A wise person once shared with my husband that “Frustration is the difference between expectation and reality.” He went on to say, “If you are frustrated, you will need to either change your expectation or you will need to change your reality.” 990 more words

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