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Intergenerational and Diversity in Connections and Conversations

Virgin published a wonderful piece that reminded me of something I’ve thought about a few times in the past few years. The piece is about intergenerational learning.  358 more words


Sex, Power, God - Q&A Space: Stories and Resources for the API LGBTQ Community

Sex, Power, God – Q&A Space: Stories and Resources for the API LGBTQ Community:

Coming out to my friends wasn’t the hard part. But then again, I wouldn’t necessarily describe what happened with my parents as “coming out.” 

Gay, Femme, and Asian: A Mentor's Path and the Power of Being Me

Gay, Femme, and Asian: A Mentor’s Path and the Power of Being Me:

I’ve done a fair amount of thinking around intergenerational community building in the queer API sphere and I’ve been so lucky to meet our gaysian/downe/GAM elders and learn from their wisdom. 419 more words

Intergenerational Feminism & Media Manipulations

It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything here, but the article I wrote about my mothers inadvertent feminism, which was inspired by the skewed and inaccurate reporting of feminism over the ages, compounded by a comment an editor from the Guardian made has forced my hand into putting it here, so that anyone who watches the video I intend on making about this whole issue can read it if they so wish. 840 more words


Church, for Kids. Not Kids Church.

Imagine with me for a second what it would look like if you walked into church and the pews were filled with children and youth. In fact, imagine with me that it looked exactly like your church but switch the adults in your church to kids and the kids to adults. 920 more words

Family Ministry

Drivers for Selecting Choral Music in the Intergenerational Church

It’ll come as no surprise that most leaders of choirs find their choral music from major publishers of choral music. While it’s a great idea to talk with your colleagues about effective music used in your own choir, most leaders of choirs I interviewed (and still talk with) listen to, and peruse the websites of, publishers offerings of new choral music. 620 more words