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Have patience 

sometimes you have to just stand there waiting for the shot you want. With enough patience you may just get what you want. I was shooting pics and without realizing it this woman got into the shot perfectly. 66 more words


What does September still have in store?

This is my first monthly summary of exhibitions & lectures in Flanders (Belgium) on interior design & architecture. I always made them for myself, but now I’ll share them with you. 401 more words

Exhibitions & Lectures

Make it through

There is always light in your life even when you are being engulfed by the darkness. Open your eyes, focus and steady yourself. The darkness can be beaten just master your mind. 103 more words


Sometimes simple is better

Sometime it’s pays to keep it simple. Most people fail when they try to complicate things. I try to take a minimal approach which is due to personal reasons and my location. 68 more words


don't fear your basement

I feel sorry for basements.

In film after film, they’re the place where horrible things happen to good (and sometimes stupid) people. Most homeowners don’t give them much thought unless they need to seek shelter during a tornado warning. 508 more words

Elizabeth Monical Design

Coffee shop

Time and motion studies for boutique coffee shop. Reorganisation of space. Development and simplification of customer experience and promotion of product.

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Open Sesame

We invite you to experience the magical splendor of color, contact us.

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