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Why we require Interior Designer?

The position is a blend of architect and craftsman, and it takes an one of a kind sort of psyche to handle both of those ideas well. 409 more words

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Hey Farooq.....Maybe it's Time to Change Your Business Model


Maybe, just maybe, if you considered Interior Design as valuable service and not a free hook to lure in the occasional big sale your staff might earn a bit more respect and increase their sales, and your profit, via ethical business practices.

But what do I know?

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Create a Modern Look with Embroidered Cushions

 Embroidered cushions can be made in various designs from modern patterns to complex, traditional themes. The best embroidered cushions you can find online are carefully crafted and made by hand. 288 more words

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Social Musings 101: People who have contributed to society

So interior decorators….what the people who dress up house matter. Yes. The people who dress up houses. We take the time today for the time and energy that they spend studying ergonomics and human interaction and behavior. 79 more words

Social Musings 101

I'm with Milton

Recently, I visited a café in south county Dublin and noticed that the walls were decorated with shelves chock-full of books. The shelves were set at such a height as to discourage casual browsing but by craning my neck I could see they were all hardbacks of a certain era – 1940s/50s ─ minus their dust-jackets.  1,242 more words

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Reasons for hiring an interior designer

Each Interior Designer will let you know that a standout amongst the most well-known inquiries they are asked is ‘the reason to pay a designer when I can outline pretty much too myself?’… Why utilize an Interior Designer in Sydney? 328 more words

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