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Rain on my desert home

I pee in a Tupperware because it’s too wet outside.
I eat dark sea salt chocolate for breakfast because I don’t want to set up my alcohol stove in the mud. 123 more words

Written In Sedona

My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 74

Nature, art, and music fill my soul; help me to block the sounds of chaos, hate, and unrest.


Supercool Music: A Living Article© Part 2: Interlude x 2

There is so much good music to review! When you think about how much there has been since the beginning of time, it is truly amazing. 1,106 more words


I've been a bit quiet....

I’ve been a bit quiet in recent weeks as I’ve been busy beavering away behind the scenes at Yarntastic HQ as well as trying to fight off another dreaded lurgy (eugh!). 319 more words


Track List for Crush's 'Interlude' x Introducing Miso

Last week Amoeba Culture posted a teaser photo for Crush’s new album ‘Interlude’ followed by a teaser video (found below). Since then Amoeba Culture released a statement announcing that the album would be dropping  May 6th instead of May 4th. 127 more words

Check It

Slapped with blessings

My friend Peter always says “Whenever I complain, the Universe slaps me with a blessing.”
The same is true for me.

Just a few days ago, I posted a rant called “A day late and a few grands short.” I have since deleted it. 2,871 more words

From Spirit