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Intergalactic Interlude / Black Girl Lexicon // Krystal Collins

Hello friends, family, lovers, enemies, guys, gals, and gender non-conforming pals!

My work will be shown in the November Dance concert in the Colwell Playhouse of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts November 9-11. 243 more words

Interlude: To be.

If I could be anything in the universe, I would be light.


Another haiku interlude (I have so many!)

Up or down?
Asked the lift man
Of the gates of the afterlife

The birds start to sing
It isnt morning yet
Just light from our torches… 25 more words


Interlude: Truth

Will the truth set us free? Or will be be too scared to accept the truth?


Interlude: Haiku

A familiar call
After many years
The birds are still here


Interlude: Haiku for the voyagers.

Music for the universe
Sent from Earth
In the hope that someone listens

Distant life
Listens to symphonies
From unknown well wishers


Interlude: Identity.

Literally all functions in our body, can be carried on without the need for identity. Only muscle movement, and thinking, require identity. So maybe identity isn’t all that important for survival, and maybe most organisms don’t have it.