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Walk Like An Egyptian- The Budge Legacy Interlude

As Nicola so politely requested of me, it’s about time for the Budge family to have a holiday! So Sonny and Nicola packed their bags and jetted off to Al Simhara, as a sort of late honeymoon, let’s say. 584 more words

Back To Basics

Interlude: "My kids are now 10 and 7, and they’re going to remember me."

Listen to one Texas woman’s story about living with incurable cancer — living with it, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Her name is Nicole Stewart Cortez, and she’s just one of millions of people who rely on the ACA, which is still under attack, even as the GOP fails again and again to pass a “Trumpcare” replacement that would leave tens of millions of people, like Natalie, without health insurance. 1,183 more words



I woke thirsty in warm darkness at 2:30, the fan outside by my open bedroom door blowing enough cool air in to keep the hot layer above my head when I sat up and got my bearings. 212 more words


Photo Flood 59: Tiffany*

Photo Flood Saint Louis is an organization that I created almost five years ago for photographers in St. Louis.  PFSTL offers great opportunities to network, share images, learn from more experienced shooters, and more, but mostly, it tells the story of the city, neighborhood by neighborhood.   78 more words

Jason Gray

Stealthbee Secretions

“This is almost painful,” Lorwyn says idly.

Across the room, Taseino is attempting to speak with a teenage girl. In the time it takes me to glance their way I watch them grow tangibly more uncomfortable. 615 more words



Somedays I am there
ready, smiling, like a
prelude to the onset of a
melodious symphony,
every chord of me knows it
feels the rhythm of it. 45 more words

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