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25 July 2016

In the space that slowly evolves from the unexpected end of a sentence, when conversation goes away to think about what it has done, when the eye is staring unseeing at a possibility, a moment of time, lost, unborn, gone forever- in that quiet interlude, a whole universe can die and be born again. 152 more words


My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 86

Each day, beautiful souls are released from this world, while evil is allowed to remain; help me to understand why.


7c. The opportunity to choose

Interlude is an empowerment that we can give ourselves. It is the pause of mindfulness. Interlude provides the space and time to choose peace or ease or kindness or respect or empathy rather than reaction or thoughtlessness. 76 more words

Current Round

7b: Awareness as it is

Meditation practice is profound in its simplicity. Sit down, give yourself time and quietude for a chosen period of time, and simply engage the essence of the moment. 243 more words

Current Round

My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 85

The world is full of the mundane; be the shining beacon that lights the way to diversity.


Interlude Again :)

Okay, now we’re back to the main focus of the comic. ┬áBack to a retail environment, with a bit of fantasy thrown in. This does not count as an update. 8 more words

Makai Mart

Interlude: House Tour

A House Tour with Victoria and Cornelia.
Special Guest: Elden.
904 more words