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Musical Interlude - 80s

23 January 2018

This was a busy period that was all about the dance, dance, dance when I wasn’t working.

So many old faves that eventually will die with the memories except for moments of reminiscing. 243 more words


Walnuts, interlude

..Dude, like whatta we gonna do with all these walnuts?

So I say, “Dude, relax. I got this epic plan for a cookie.”

–from “How I made my walnut fortune in California.”

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Call Me The Breeze

For us oldies. J.J. Cale – original artist who never received the due recognition from the fickle music industry because he wouldn’t conform to their demands. 54 more words



I was trotting along in life when something happened that I never expected. It lasted for a few weeks, but has reverberated ever since. These three songs form a strong connection to that past. 247 more words


He’s Eating, interlude!

…He finally eats solid food as of today at 4p.m. He hasn’t eaten anything solid since Saturday. I’m gonna keep hoping he’ll survive beyond this month.

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Poor Cat, interlude

…Two weeks ago he was fine. Ate like a horse, then wanted outside, then came back on his own. Just like a dog. He even has the same markings as my dog.

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