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Tiap awal bulan saya selalu berbelanja di sebuah swalayan favorit. Selain harganya yang murah dan barangnya yang lengkap, ada satu hal yang anehnya saya tunggu jika ke sana. 115 more words


14 April 2018: Comedy break

I love the comedy of Dave Chappelle. This one is a gem…

…and this too…


Late argument, interlude

Ask me anything and I’ll make a counter statement in one word. Ready? Go.

–from an interview with a house cat that looks like a barn owl, today at 2:57 a. m.


Crude Noisemaker, interlude

It’s our noisiest little motorcycle engine ever. Guaranteed to annoy the neighbors who, of all things, shouldn’t be sleeping at 1:53a.m.

–from an ad for One_A_M Alarm Cycles in “Insomnia & Motorcycle Weekly, April 2018 issue.


Musical Interlude: 1993

This is a repeat post. I remind myself from time when life gets me down, and poetry does not work. You can listen, or just walk on by. 16 more words


Sleep Interlude 

​I had a dream. Not like Martin Luther, no. A real dream. And it is happening right now. You can feel it, in little words. 200 more words

Season 1

Rorenfruit Sludge

I’m barely in time to steady the tray Meristo has nearly spilled onto a customer’s head. This isn’t his first near-disaster born out of clumsiness and distraction today, and he’s clearly not going to improve. 805 more words

Tea Princess