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Seeing Red: How to solve a problem like 3D

By Geoffrey Bunting

Platformers used to be a simple matter of left and right and up and down. In Super Mario games, there was no doubt about where to go: you start on the left-hand side of the screen and finish on the right. 1,192 more words


Personal Interlude

As I reach the cusp of my deadline, and I struggle to finish, I find myself running behind on the things that I planned to do, like edit my podcast that should have been up Saturday. 197 more words


As we move into a new year and I bring my numbed brain back into gear, it’s time for you to remind me what you’d like to see on ABC since I’ve forgotten what you’ve requested last time. 34 more words


My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 110

There are holes in my soul that can never be filled; help me to find the fleeting moments of joy that provide some relief.


For You ~Song Interlude

When I was young ….. ah… that was a very long time ago


Day 7 - My Relationship in Writing

When you have been in a relationship for 4.5 years and spent that entire time using some reliable af birth control, you have a lot of time to sit down with your legs crossed and contemplate the future. 1,084 more words


Day 10 - 40 pounds less

As I eluded to in How to Tell Your Girlfriend She’s Fat, I embarked this time last year on a year-long weight loss endeavor. After knocking on obesity’s door with my 5’6″ frame, I am now no longer overweight by a fraction of a pound. 626 more words