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An Interlude...

A one-day break from the stories, to do a quick poll: should I continue these? Are folks reading them? As I’m back in school, I find myself having less time and energy to write every day, but if you’re reading and enjoying, I will persevere! 28 more words


Radical, interlude

After New Years I made a radical decision to get rid of the game I was playing, which also meant saying goodbye to the guild I was in and the people in it.

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Composer of the month - Martha Mier

The composer for December is…Martha Mier!


Martha Mier is a pianist, piano teacher, composer, and clinician and currently resides in Florida. I met her briefly at MTNA (Music Teacher’s National Association) in Baltimore in March 2017 as she was presenting newly composed material. 268 more words


INTERLUDE: You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Many times, what I write on my website is solely about horse racing, or something that’s happened to me in my professional travels. To those of you who are expecting something like that now…my sincere apologies, because this is going to get weird. 684 more words


Pristine cut glass snow-flakes reflect prisms of light in the sharp air that bites at my skin.

Blinding bright sun, low at midday, brings a smile to my face and closing eyes can’t see the crystals of ice from my breath, but ears can hear the distant laughter. 29 more words

Better World

~Tales from the Deaf Side: Another Brief Interlude~

(All posts imported from Blogger blog http://randomgrey.blogspot.com/   I simply cannot wrangle the formatting properly on WordPress.  Indents, paragraph spacing, et cetera. It’s really annoying.)

~In which I learn that, yes, I am a dumbass and really slow on the uptake…. 889 more words