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Fanciful attitude 

3 weeks ago I resolved to post a story on the Roaming Bobcat once a week, as a writing excercice.

It’s sunny out. ūüĆě

‘Nuf said ūüėÄ


Pincode Protection for Interlude

Native security system for protect any character in account. Pincode is unique constant and can be used for only one character or for everyone. Everyone character can be use unique pincode. 48 more words


Instance System for Interlude

The system of Instances for Interlude chronicles and many others, where is not implemented in gameplay, makes it possible to create unique instances for any events. 104 more words


Changing Gender and Class

Changing gender and class of character without relogin. Actual trouble forI all clients of Lineage II. Addon was wrote for Interlude client. 23 more words


Fearless - 5 secrets to survive your new love in a tiny home

“2 people. 32 square feet. And barely¬†enough cash to get to where we’re going. What could go wrong?”

Previously, on the Roaming Bobcat … remember how I met a man in Maine, a new sparkly love, and invited him to travel back to the desert Southwest and live in the truck with me for the winter? 1,149 more words

Trail Journal

Open Minds: Interlude

Sometime in the evening of 26 Halli, spoken in Illumian:

“This is not good.”

“Agreed. ¬†What are the chances that the Wings of Salvation have the coin, and aren’t telling us about it?” 113 more words



There is something timeless and very simple about working with the human figure that I much enjoy. ¬†For the commercial work that I do, I am always concerned with what the client’s expectations are, and with my more conceptual work, I operate within very strict parameters governed by what I am trying to say. ¬† 144 more words

Jason Gray