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I Survived the Fast-Mimicking Diet

I just got done eating nothing but avocados and veggie powder for five days. Why? For better long and short term health. It’s been clear for a while that one of the main reasons for what are called Western Diseases is that people don’t starve enough any more. 704 more words

blogmas 2: a teenage journey through weightloss

in which i try to better myself

so, this is probably quite a personal topic for me to talk about in day 2 of writing daily blogs, but it’s something i want to share. 339 more words


Eating Skeptic Crow

Today begins my journey of going gluten free. My nutritionist hasn’t said how long she wants me to do it for, but most of what I’ve read says you need a solid 3 months of zero gluten in order to conduct a true test of gluten sensitivity by reintroducing it into your diet. 179 more words


The Nourish My Life healthy eating philosophy

The definition of a healthy diet varies wildly depending on who you ask, even among experts. I’m going to share the type of diet I adhere to and briefly explain why I believe it’s one of the healthiest diets out there. 731 more words

Healthy Eating