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Aggression disorder linked to greater risk of substance abuse

People with intermittent explosive disorder (IED)—a condition marked by frequent physical or verbal outbursts—are at five times greater risk for abusing substances such as alcohol, tobacco and marijuana than those who don’t display frequent aggressive behavior, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Chicago. 399 more words

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Intermittent Explosive Disorder

I label myself an emotional rollercoaster ride because I think it’s the most fitting and most honest description. I’m full of highs and lows… rarely anything in-between. 458 more words


"You Can't Have That..."

As I sit in my school’s massive cafeteria, I can’t help but look at my plate (5 tater-tots, a large green apple, a small orange, and half a grilled cheese) with two emotions spread thin across my face. 445 more words

People with anger disorder have decreased connectivity between regions of the brain

Less integrity and density in the “information superhighway” of the brain can lead to impaired social cognition

People with intermittent explosive disorder (IED), or impulsive aggression, have a weakened connection between regions of the brain associated with sensory input, language processing and social interaction. 479 more words

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Seen At 11: Adults Throwing Temper-Tantrums Could Be Suffering From Disorder

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — People usually associate temper-tantrums with children, but adults are being caught now pitching a fit.

CBS2’s Dick Brennan reported that more and more adults are being caught on tape throwing temper-tantrums. 333 more words


Got Anger?

Do you or someone you know sometimes fly off the handle when you least expect it? Might this same someone own a cat?

If you’ve answered “yes” to both of these questions, then here’s something to think about. 256 more words

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