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Pulling the Trigger: Bulletproof RFLP (Day 8)

So I survived the re-feed day without as much damage as I feared. 189.2 pounds, which on the one hand is only two pounds. On the other hand, still feeling pretty disappointed with the unexpected gain at the end of the fasting period. 325 more words

Bulletproof Diet

Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Curried Lentils

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but 3 medium potatoes (the amount in 1 serving in this recipe) provides 50% of your daily requirement for vitamin b3, 60% of your daily requirement of Zinc, 70% of your potassium, over 50% of your magnesium, and 90% of your vitamin c. 257 more words


Pulling the Trigger: Bulletproof RFLP Day 7 (Re-feed)

Food, glorious food. I get it, Oliver Twist.

Today started a bit rough, since the first thing I did was jump on the scale, giddy to discover my six day overall loss. 265 more words

Bulletproof Diet

Doing better!

Hey all, this has been a good week! No I haven’t lost any weight!! So now you may ask why am I so happy? Well I stuck to my plan! 386 more words

Pulling the Trigger: Bulletproof RFLP Day Six

The pickles were not filled with secret calories. I woke up and ran to the bathroom, making all sorts of deals with God on the way, negotiating weight loss for Mass attendance and anything else I think I have that He might want. 585 more words

Bulletproof Diet

My Fitness Journey

I’ve been gone a while… but I’m making a slow comeback. 2015 was a funny old year. Actually it wasn’t really funny, but it marked the year I started to prioritise myself and my health over a lot of other things… including blogging. 978 more words


How Much Protein Do I Really Need?

It’s a question as old as time, and one I’ve been obsessing over during the past few days as I’ve been mentally tweaking and refining my diet and fitness regime to FINALLY burn off this last little bit of body fat (hell, I’d be happy with losingĀ  1,655 more words