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My favourite type of intermittent fasting

TL;DR: The one that offers most freedom and simplicity.

It’s been almost 5 months now that I have been doing intermittent fasting and I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon. 963 more words


DAY 27 OF D.I.E.T.

Let it

I’ve been on this journey with all of you for almost a month now.

My goodness gracious….lol

Let it go and shake it off. 142 more words

IF Days 15,16,17

May 25-27th:

The last few days have gone off without a hitch… I’m almost thinking that this isn’t even really a challenging experiment at this point. 213 more words

Intermittent Fasting

The Starting Point: My Weight and Nutrition

This post is just going to give a brief account of the point at which I’m starting this journey ¬†from in regards to my weight and nutrition. 263 more words

Build Muscle

Me And My Motivation?

I am 20 years old and my interest in fitness and a healthier lifestyle in general has only really surfaced in the last year. Growing up I played football for 10 years but would never have considered myself fit., I was always on the chubby side. 431 more words


What Is The Blog About?


I’m Mike and welcome to my blog ‘Mikes Body Transformation: From Zero To Hero’

Have you watched a superhero film?

Yes is the answer for most people i imagine and i can bet most of you have had the same thought when watching them… 103 more words


Intermittent Fasting

As I’ve mentioned before, I do not claim to be an expert and the information that I include in my blogs is meant to be more demonstrative than normative (I’m telling you what I do rather than what should be done). 789 more words

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