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BED meets IF

TW: dieting, weight loss

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl met a handsome man, and they fell in love. Then, they had a baby. And finally, after he stopped being such a wimp, the man asked the woman to marry him. 410 more words

Binge Eating Disorder

Intermittent Fasting Week 1

Hello world!

So a week ago today, I decided to try intermittent fasting. I was concerned about a wedding that I’m going to be in (for one of my best friend’s) and I just don’t want to be the big girl in the photos this time. 810 more words

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Seeker's "Diet"

I put diet in quotation marks because most people when they see the word “diet”, they automatically think starving yourself with salads and chicken breasts, and depriving yourself from all of your favorite foods. 451 more words

Intermittent Fasting

How to Get the most from Intermittent Fasting   #resetforgainz

If you’ve been living on the moon for the 5 years or so, let me give you a short primer on intermittent fasting:

Basically, you fast for as long as comfortably possible and then you fit all of your calories into a set block of time. 309 more words

Peak Performance

Intermittent Fasting

What’s been happening?

A few of my friends have been commenting on how I look thinner. I have been trying something “new”. And now I would like to share it. 1,967 more words

Hunger Scale: A Tool to Prevent Overeating

Do you truly know the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger?

During my walk this morning, I was listening to a podcast episode from…

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Baby Boomers: Obsessed with Staying Young?

I may do a series of articles on the topic of baby boomers. I am one. I’m interested in the characteristics of all generations, but I’ll start with the boomers. 714 more words