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Day 148..intermittent fasting

I started intermittent fasting yesterday and I intend to continue it for the next 4 weeks. I basically eat like once a day.


1hr strength training… 9 more words

Stuff and Starve: A Means of Holiday Binging or Healthy Eating?

It’s estimated that around 248 million turkeys are raised, 2.4 billion pounds of sweet potatoes are grown, and 7.5 million barrels of cranberries are harvested a year [1], all for our consumption (and I probably inhaled about half that amount on Thanksgiving alone). 1,540 more words


Journey to Feel Wonderful

Hey, What’s Up?

This is it. This is my frantic “hail mary”- just go for it- last ditch effort to take back control of my life before I cross the threshold into my 30s. 1,090 more words

Challenges: Fast-5 Lifestyle

The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle is a book about integrating intermittent fasting into a daily routine that gets appetite working like it should — reducing intake if you have excess fat and maintaining a healthy weight if you don’t. 237 more words

Fasting Vegan

Fitness Challenges: CIZE

The Beachbody CIZE fitness challenge promises to teach awesome dance moves while enjoying a workout (if that’s at all possible… I mean, only insane people enjoy workouts) :-)

Challenge start date: 28/11/2016


The broken chain and some updates

Alas, after nearly two months of daily blogging, I have finally missed a day. What can I say… I was wiped out yesterday. The previous two days I got very little sleep, probably five hours or less a night. 320 more words

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My Ketogenic Lunch

This is garlicy zucchini noodles stir fry on a bed of oven grilled chicken breast.

I think I’m slowly coming around and it’s been weeks since I decided to limit my carb intake. 45 more words

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