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Exciting new discovery - stopping eating causes fat loss!

So when exactly did losing weight suddenly become this massively complex problem? After all, it must be a problem right, otherwise all the scientists and the Government would have come up with the solution by now? 702 more words

Weight Loss.

Intermittent Fasting: Day 1

I tried. I really did. I just feel really tired. I haven’t slept since 12AM because of going to the gym and then church and I’m at work at the present moment. 182 more words


I was debating whether I should of done my workout before Church or after work. Wednesday I perform at Church at 4:15AM. Afterwards, I head straight to work to do my 12 hour shift from 7:30AM to 7PM. 308 more words


The benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Before practicing intermittent fasting, I subscribed to the six meals per day eating approach. I ate six meals per day because I was brainwashed into believing that I had to eat every two to three hours or my metabolism would slow down and my body would go into starvation mode. 949 more words

Fat Loss

the anatomy of hunger

In order to help my son lose weight for his varsity team, I went on this eating pattern with him, called Intermittent Fasting (IF). Because he does judo and I do jiujitsu, we do the kind of IF that allows us to undereat for 20 hours (like, fruit or yogurt) and then overeat for 4 hours (after we train martial arts), called the Warrior Diet. 269 more words

Maintenance Monday

After the weekend, Monday is a good day to start getting the weight down to at least where I feel my weight loss effort is a success! 973 more words

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Fall Fasting & Other Fun Stuff

It’s a gloomy Monday morning and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than sitting out on my screened-in porch, enjoying the chilly breeze with a hot cup of coffee. 904 more words