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Science shows intermittent fasting diet could extend life

Think of it as interval training for the dinner table. Proponents of fasting style diets will be first to tell you there are health benefits, heck we’ve even covered some of the science… 831 more words


A lesson learned

It’s been four days since my last fast day. Today is my second fast day of the week and it’s proving harder than most. I think my body (and mind) forgets what fasting is like when I go this long, and add to that the fact that I didn’t sleep well AND took my husband to the airport at 4:00 this morning—this day is shaping up to be a long, hungry one. 249 more words

5:2 Diet

Journey to Health with MS - Day 140 - Ready for Monday?

Ah tomorrow will be interesting, a weigh-in day and this time a picture day as well, for sure. It will be exactly 20 weeks since I’ve started tomorrow. 332 more words

Weight Loss

Nothing much

Honestly, today was so beautiful that I couldn’t bring myself to write earlier. We spent most of the day doing work around the house. It was nice enough to hang clothes on the line (which I have this odd obsession with—I just love seeing them floating in the breeze, it feels so wholesome to me!) and I bought a few plant starts for the garden. 173 more words

5:2 Diet

Journey to Health with MS - Day 139 - Every day is hard.

There’s a blogger that I absolutely enjoy reading, both his weight loss blog as well as his thoughts blog. He’s clever, wise and an absolute inspiration for me. 519 more words

Weight Loss


What’s on your agenda today folks?

I’m heading off to work soon, with hubby driving me to work.

Got the keys and will start the truck up at 6:20 a.m. 120 more words

Not gonna lie...

I’ll be thankful to get to my next fast day. As crazy as that sounds, I’m feeling overly-fed these days and with my dad still here, there’s no end in sight. 111 more words

5:2 Diet