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Do Wind Turbines threaten our safety in America? YES!

This is a MUST READ by an economist with 7 years of experience at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. It is like a great novel, with heroes and villiains, and plenty of suspense. 713 more words

Demand Side Flexibility & the Energy Transition

So, demand side flexibility (DSF) is basically making the demand side of energy (i.e. consumers) flexible to changes in output. This is becoming particularly relevant as we in Europe move increasingly away from baseload power supply toward intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar. 245 more words


IADT, dutasteride, and the AVIAS trial -- not the result some would want to hear

So the initial results of the AVIAS trial are not going to make a couple of our regular readers too happy — although at least a trial of the type they have been asking for has now been carried out. 467 more words


True or False? Girls Outperform Boys Academically


Girls tend to get better grades in reading, math and science than boys, according to a new study that challenges the widely held belief that boys do better in these subjects than girls. 79 more words

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Intermittent Fasting: "500 Days"

I want to share with you a weekly occurrence in our household- it’s called a “500 (calorie) day”. ¬†Fasting is an ancient tradition that has many health benefits, and with food available at every corner and in abundance (hello, supersize), it is good to at least consider giving your body a break from food. ¬† 340 more words


Doctors Discovered The Cause Of Human Aggression. Part 3 of 3

Doctors Discovered The Cause Of Human Aggression – Part 3 of 3

Mark Dombeck, a psychologist in Oakland, California, said the new study is interesting even though it has no immediate clinical application. 95 more words


Doctors Discovered The Cause Of Human Aggression. Part 2 of 3

Doctors Discovered The Cause Of Human Aggression – Part 2 of 3

Still, it’s not known if inflammation triggers aggression or if repeated acts of aggression lead to inflammation. 188 more words