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Who checks the checkers?

Compliance with law and compliance with policy and procedure are relatively easy to establish.  But compliance with ethics?

“Journal Reporter Fired Over Ethics,” The Wall Street Journal… 161 more words


Kidnapping v. stealing information

One unique aspect of information is that it can be stolen, yet remain in the owner’s possession.  Apparently, medical facilities are required to report if your medical information is stolen, but not if it is merely kidnapped and held for ransom. 86 more words


Weakest link

Where do you start if you want to pierce a corporation’s cybersecurity protections?  The CEO.

“Goldman, Citi Bosses Duped by Email Prankster,” The Wall Street Journal… 65 more words


Cyber Incident Response and Little League Baseball: It’s all about the Follow Through

Responding to a cyber incident isn’t just about getting the systems back up and running (very important) but rather performing in sequence a set of mechanisms that improve the overall cyber incident response effectiveness. 45 more words

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Can Your SOX Compliance Process Benefit From Some Fine-Tuning? Find Out With Our Latest Benchmarking Survey

By Brian Christensen, Managing Director
Executive Vice President, Global Internal Audit

The results of Protiviti’s latest SOX compliance survey are in, and one takeaway in particular – cost of SOX compliance – may be music to the ears of some companies. 391 more words

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The Day that Information Governance Died, the Sequel

Last July, after the July 5 new conference, I wrote about the consequences of James Comey’s decision not to prosecute, https://infogovnuggets.com/2016/07/12/sounds-of-silence/.  I view that as The Day Information Governance Died. 168 more words