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Put it in writing

There are hard requirements (like laws and such) and soft requirements, somewhat more mystical.  If you want people to obey, make the requirements (or guidance) hard, which requires writing them down, and publish them on the web.. 45 more words


Labels matter

In the case of another serial offender, “Mylan Settles U.S. Claims on EpiPen,” The Wall Street Journal, August 18, 2017 B5.  Mylan pays $465 million for misclassifying the EpiPen as a generic, which affects how Medicaid reimbursements are made. 25 more words


IT consultant pleads guilty to information misuse

“Insider Charge for Ex-BofA Staffer,” The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2017 B1.  The staffer was a former IT consultant accused of getting tips from a confidential deals database and passing them on to his girlfriend’s father. 26 more words


Can shareholders do that?

Can one of the shareholders both sue your former CEO for fraud and contact all the other shareholders?  Apparently.

That’s what happening at Uber.  “Kalanick Critic Stirs the Pot,” … 92 more words


The dog that didn't bark

In a departure from normal practice, I comment upon an event unreported, as far as I can tell, in The Wall Street Journal.  For me, some things transcend politics. 173 more words


Hire the bad guys

Someone breaches your security perimeter and hacks your product.  Relax, it was only a job interview.

“GM Hires Famed Jeep Hackers,” The Wall Street Journal… 40 more words