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Wall Street Journal combs through nonprofit hospitals' board-business ties: 6 things to know


As some of the largest nonprofits in the U.S., hospitals face a major challenge — their board members or executives often have direct ties to organizations with which the hospital does business, 20 more words

Internal Controls Helps in Business Efficiency, Survival and Growth

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staff and employees are over-burdened and are more prone to making mistakes in handling business processes. There can are certainly also temptations for unscrupulous employees to clandestinely take advantage of weaknesses in systems and controls for personal benefit. 151 more words


It Rhymes With Witch

Another update from the Jungle….

Once upon a time in a town not so far away, there lived a nice woman named Alanis. She liked her job and was always willing to learn from more experienced co-workers. 474 more words


Heads roll

Notwithstanding the Yates Memorandum, not a lot of senior executives have taken the fall for company problems.  However comma.

“Email Hack Leads to a DNC Shake-Up,” … 57 more words


Do you like searching for Pokemon or for Fraud?

Do you like searching for Pokemon?  How could that translate to your future career?  Would you like to search for fraud?  Great internal controls help to eradicate fraud, each business owner needs to develop their internal controls in a manner that stays on the look out for the points of the famous “fraud triangle”. 106 more words


Jail for Officers' Alleged Failure to Ensure Food Product Safety

The new Eighth Circuit decision in U.S. v. DeCoster, discussing the responsible corporate officer doctrine, is an important case for corporate officers, managing agents and board members as the Eighth Circuit upheld jail time for the corporate officers’ alleged failure to ensure the safety of food that was sold to the public (i.e., egg safety, and salmonella). 196 more words