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Two years, again

Facebook has been overstating the time viewers spend watching video ads.  For two years.

Allegedly, didn’t affect billing rates.  But would advertisers have spent so much if the data were accurately reported?  17 more words


What is the Board accountable for, anyway?

Earlier this morning, I posted about the Wells Fargo CEO, and his responsibility/lack-of-accountability for the illegal conduct at the bank in creating customer accounts to meet performance objectives.  150 more words


Responsible v. accountable

The RACI model is used in mapping out organizational responsibilities.  Who’s responsible, who’s accountable, who needs to be consulted, and who needs to be informed? 142 more words


Corporate Governance is Essential for Business Efficiency, Effectiveness and Productivity!

Corporate Governance is a system by which a company controls and directs the organisation. It requires the establishment of optimal method and processes for the organisation to ensure sufficiency of vigilance against omissions, errors and fraud, and to manage these by implementing of effective controls and checks. 260 more words


Act Your Age!

Another update from the Jungle….

Jerry feels besieged and overloaded. He’s the CEO and he ought to be bragging about his business. Instead, he’s hiding in his office while he decides what to do next. 479 more words


What happens when certain people request "special" treatment?

Policies, processes, and procedures are put in place to prevent certain behavior that may harm the organization.  What happens when, because of the personality or position of the person involved, the processes are ignored or avoided? 109 more words