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Tips for Preventing Fraud in Your Organization

If your not-for-profit became a victim of fraud, it wouldn’t just hurt your organization’s bottom line — the infraction also could do devastating damage to your reputation. 600 more words



November 3, 2015

What has the BOC done to set new policy or initiate changes to keep employee thefts from happening? Nothing the public knows about; in fact the only real comment that has been made about the thefts was made by Chairman Gene Trammell when he brushed it all off by saying the bonding company would reimburse the county. 336 more words


Sources and methods

Where does the information you rely on really come from?  Should you be concerned that your employees brought it with them from their prior employer? 56 more words


Time To Update Audit and Oversight Protocols!

In late September 2015 the long-tenured Treasurer of the Mahopac Fire Department resigned shortly after a local newspaper reported about a combined investigation by the State Police and the Putnam County DA’s office into the loss of up to $5 million of fire department funds. 716 more words

Red Flags for Fraud

Top 10 Red Flag Warnings of Fraud – Jodi Chavez

How prepared are you to detect fraud if it slips through the cracks, or even detect fraudulent activity? 676 more words


Whose information is whose?

Here’s the situation: a contractor issued a phone to one of its employees.  The now-former employee is accused of insider trading based on third-party information he allegedly accessed while employed.  122 more words


Oh, those pesky emails

Investigation into potential FCPA violations for J.P. Morgan’s hiring of the sons and daughters of high-ranking Chinese officials; was this an attempt to get more business from the Chinese government? 70 more words