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The best defense

Of course the firm’s chief information officer knows all the emails are stored forever.  So he wouldn’t write bad stuff in email.

Defense Puts Spotlight on Law Firm’s Emails,” … 69 more words


It's not what you say

An auditor briefs some of company’s directors about an investigation of bribery.  In 2006.  Nobody tells the SEC until 2011.  What are the director’s obligations once they know or have reason to know of criminal wrongdoing?  92 more words


Sharing isn't always a good thing

Inside a company, sharing knowledge (aka information) can be a good thing.  When you start sharing with other companies, things can get problematic.  Or criminal. 112 more words


Compliance Week 2015 Wrap Up

Compliance Week 2015 has ended. This year was the tenth anniversary of the annual conference and in many ways I found it to be the best one yet. 1,368 more words


Anatomy of a Fraud

In this fraud, ING, an extremely large and well-known financial services company had approximately $8.5 million stolen from it by a single employee over a period of a little more than four years.  730 more words

Internal Controls for Catch-Up Contributions

For 401(k) plans evaluating whether participants are eligible to make a catch-up contribution, 1965 is an important year.


Separated employees

What’s the risk that an employee you pay a $100,000 separation payment will nonetheless steal trade secrets?

U.S. Says Man Sold Secrets to China,” … 92 more words