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Red Flags for Fraud

Top 10 Red Flag Warnings of Fraud – Jodi Chavez

How prepared are you to detect fraud if it slips through the cracks, or even detect fraudulent activity? 676 more words


Providence Creek Academy's P-Card Misappropriation Of Funds But How They Took Quick Action

When I see the words “p-card” and “misappropriation of funds”, I am usually pretty hard on charters.  The reason for that is because I don’t see a great deal of action taken on it.  236 more words

Providence Creek Academy

Whose information is whose?

Here’s the situation: a contractor issued a phone to one of its employees.  The now-former employee is accused of insider trading based on third-party information he allegedly accessed while employed.  122 more words


Oh, those pesky emails

Investigation into potential FCPA violations for J.P. Morgan’s hiring of the sons and daughters of high-ranking Chinese officials; was this an attempt to get more business from the Chinese government? 70 more words


Who gets prosecuted?

A company gets ready to plead guilty to criminal wire fraud for making misleading statements and concealing information about a safety issue.  Fine will be close to a billion dollars. 144 more words


PWC Warns of Several Often Successful Fraudulent Wire Transfer Schemes

In an article from their CFO Direct quarterly newsletter and in a related on-line video, PwC’s Valerie Wieman and Kristin Rivera explain several very simple wire transfer fraud schemes that can prove to be costly for affected companies. 151 more words


Fraud: Is Your Nonprofit Ripe for the Picking?

Fraud has always been a concern for nonprofit organizations, and it’s not going away. A recent Association of Certified Fraud Examiners report shows the median loss is more than $100,000.

126 more words