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Is anything outrageous?

Michel Rempel, who, in my opinion, should be running to lead the Conservative Party of Canada ~ because she is, inter alia, young, smart, socially moderate, tough on crime and terror, telegenic, fiscally conservative, and media savvy ~ is outraged by… 389 more words

Foreign Policy

A modest, Canadian, Conservative canon (Part 4)

About a week ago I said, “We need to affirm that our enlightened, secular, Anglo- Saxon, liberal democratic values are the “gold standard” for… 1,784 more words

Conservative Policies And Platform

A digression ... shooting oneself in the foot

An editorial in the Toronto Sun wonders why on earth an apparently respectable London, ON, magazine, Al Saraha, a monthly Arabic language publication, ran an article in their latest issue headlined “ 506 more words

Conservative Policies And Platform

Risk reduction

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that we, Canadians, are “shocked” by the events in Nice.

I’m sad to say that’s not true. Unfortunately, as Rex Murphy says in the… 492 more words

Conservative Policies And Platform