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Success is Not Measured by Results

As we get educated, we realize that jealousy is ignorance and any sort of imitation is suicide. We come to the understanding that for better or worse even though the world is full of good, picking someone’s knowledge and understanding will leave us dissatisfied. 175 more words

Cognitive Psychology

Emotions: The Stuff Nightmares are made of.

I sometimes think I have the emotional IQ of a toddler. I’m not good at the whole feeling thing. To be clear, I’m cool with you having emotion. 610 more words

If you think you’ve figured it out but haven’t done the internal work of merging duality then you’ve only stumbled upon a single layer of deception which is designed to appear to be the truth to those who are only looking on the surface level.

Underground Bases

Chrysalis: Stage 2

This post is about what I learned over the last three years and the importance of the messages in “Fade”.

Fade is about relationships– the relationships outside of Ada and Ezra. 1,279 more words


6 Ways Contemplation has Helped Me Focus My Rage. 

In 2014, the public execution of Michael Brown left me pissed. The grotesque display of in-affection towards his humanized Blackness left me ineffably pissed. I start here and not in 2012, in reference to Trayvon Martin, because in 2014 my anger hit a boiling point. 962 more words

Internal Communication Material

Working for a non-profit made means there is always systems and files that can be improved in order to enhance every day operations from an internal standpoint. 48 more words

Internal Work