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I just returned from the Chicago Art Institute’s exhibition of Van Gogh’s three paintings of his bedroom in Arles. The display notes that he lived in 37 places during his 37 years of life, and how hungry he was for a secure place where he could “nest.” His relatively tiny bedroom was a treasure for him, and he painted it three times even though painting an empty bedroom seemed a very odd thing to do at the time. 793 more words

Migrant vs. immigrant vs. refugee: Why names matter

This week’s blog post is written by Esther Isaac, advocacy research intern in the Ottawa Office.  Esther recently completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa. 993 more words


Time for an aid revolution for Syrians and others

James Denselow, Al Jazeera

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is staggering. Statistics like the number of people that need humanitarian assistance and the number of homeless and displaced is unfathomable. 214 more words

Middle East

Living memory

Talking with friends about the new documentary about maidan ‘Winter on Fire’: “I don’t want to see it,” said one. “I don’t want to be reminded. 615 more words


Let us pray for the suffering women and starving
children in Madaya, in Syria,

let us pray for the dead
in Jakarta
and the internally displaced… 54 more words


Do internally displaced people have rights under the law?

ACCORDING to annual figures from the United Nations in 2014, there were almost 60 million refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) around the globe right now. 1,747 more words

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In search of hope: Risking it all to flee conflict and hardship

By late September, some 30 million children worldwide had left their homes behind, fleeing conflict and hardship in search of safety and hope for a brighter future. 57 more words

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