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Putin, Sochi, and filthy lucre

As I pointed out in my last post of the evening yesterday, all it takes is a general glance around the global headlines to see that “worse bad things than ever before” are happening in the world of humankind.  1,142 more words

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Broadband internet to the most remote parts of the world, via Global Broadband Satellites, set to blast off

Satellites for Global Broadband Internet Are Set to Blast Off

MOSCOW, June 24 (RIA Novosti) – Four satellites set to provide broadband Internet access to remote parts of the world will be launched on Tuesday, a day behind schedule, due to unfavorable winds, a popular space news site reported Monday. 138 more words

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Latest "Signs" compilation

I have gotten to the point where I no longer “immerse” in the catastrophic events in the midst of them (real-time), but prefer to pull back and get the overview since things are happening so fast and prolifically at this time, that a weekly “snapshot” better reveals the consistent acceleration of the “birth pangs” we are seeing.

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The most down-to-earth, comprehensive and crucial post you'll read today!

The world is a pretty big place, but it grows smaller by the day.  Not because of overpopulation, but because of increasing accessibility through travel, and real-time satellite internet.  2,846 more words

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A crucial moment in time

In this sound-bite driven modern culture, rhetoric is 9/10ths of perception.  That ought not to be so, but there it is!  If you can hijack the narrative, you can become the arbitor of “reality”.  375 more words

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