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More Statist Propaganda from the Taxpayer-Funded OECD

When writing about the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an international bureaucracy based in Paris, my life would be simpler if I created some sort of automatic fill-in-the-blanks system. 741 more words

Big Government

Hypocrisy Alert: International Bureaucracy with Tax-Free Employees Is Pushing a Big Energy Tax on American Consumers

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is a Paris-based international bureaucracy with the self-proclaimed mission to “promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.” 1,078 more words


The Repellant and Arrogant Statism of Global Warming Fanatics

I’m a firm believer in climate change. Heck, there have been several ice ages and warming periods, so it’s obvious that temperatures shift over time. 799 more words


Who You Going to Believe on Infrastructure Spending: The IMF in August or the IMF in October?

The International Monetary Fund isn’t my least-favorite international bureaucracy. That special honor belongs to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, largely because of its efforts to… 1,685 more words

Big Government

Bureaucrats at the United Nations Endorse Sweeping New Tax Powers for Politicians

I’m not a big fan of international bureaucracies.

Regular readers know that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is the worst institution from my perspective, followed by the… 1,200 more words


The OECD's Scheme to Raise Tax Burdens on Workers, Consumers, and Investors

People pay every single penny of tax that politicians impose on corporations.

The investors that own companies obviously pay (more than one time!) when governments tax profits. 1,253 more words

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