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 Facebook trademarks the word ‘book’

Having used its brand of Instagram to sue makers of the app Littergram, Facebook has demanded naming rights to any book-related suffix; including scrap books, match books and cheque books.  225 more words


Petrobras and its African Connection

This essay sought to explain Petrobras and its international connections to Africa. It is important to understand that the main focus will be on Petrobras’ role, not based on a country, but all sub- Saharan African(SSA) countries, Nigeria, Angola, Gabon and Tanzania, it today operates its exploration and production(E&P) in. 2,867 more words

France: We Will Not Cut a Deal on Taxes

Lawyer up (or possibly more up) Google: France is not making a deal on taxes. “France will ‘go all the way’ to ensure that multinationals operating on its soil pay their taxes and more cases could follow after Google and McDonald’s were targeted by tax raids, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said. 26 more words


​Xiaomi sells record 600,000 phablets in two months, prepares for India expansion

In March and April, Xiaomi sold a staggering 600,000 Redmi Note 3 phablets ($135 each) according to its supremo for international business Hugo Barra.

The Redmi Note 3 phenomenon continues to underscore two trends in the Indian smartphone firmament. 691 more words


Working Internationally

I have been doing international business, by choice, for almost 17 years now.  I have had the privilege to see many countries, many many cities, and meet lots of wonderful people.  152 more words

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No Such Thing as "Free" Trade

As far back as anyone dares to write about, trade has been a part of our existence.  In recent memory countries of the world have sought to facilitate trade through the reduction of trade barriers and trade borders.  484 more words

International Business

Supply Chain Fundamentals for new opportunities

Here is an introduction to international trade and supply chain logistics, a course I often teach at the University of California, Irvine. This seminar is made for professional environments and is driven by power points. 93 more words

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