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PRIVATE EQUITY fund houses tax structure in Budget 2015 demystified by CS GAURAV +919990694230

This year 2015 Mr jaitley presented a mixed bouque for Private Equity fund houses which contains basically:-
1.Simple rules for getting global capital pool.
2.Permanent Establishment exemption for PE funds for offshore setting up of funds. 315 more words


Third World Innovations: Mobile Payments in Africa

By Cross Atlantic Business Advisors, LLC

If you are like us, you love waving your phone to make a payment at your local coffee shop. Or maybe you love receiving the latest coupon at your local supermarket. 332 more words


PCS as designated partners of a LLP new amendment

PCS allowed to become designated partner of a LLP

New Provisions

Old Provisions

The Council at its 227th Meeting held at New Delhi on January 18, 2015 while approving the formation of LLPs by PCS granted general permission to the members in practice to: 947 more words


Fema provisions for holding property outside India From CS GAURAV+919990694230

Immovable Property outside India- FEMA Provision Under FEMA all the transactions are divided into two categories: (1) Capital Account transactions (2) Current account transactions As a general rule all the current account transactions under FEMA are permitted except those specified and all the capital account transactions are prohibited or regulated. 681 more words


Understand Budget 2015 summary From CS GAURAV +919990694230


  • Credibility of Indian economy has been re-established in the last nine months.
  • Indian economy about to take-off on a fast growth trajectory.
  • Most growth forecasts have upgraded Indian economic growth while downgrading global economic growth.
  • 3,928 more words

amendments in Excise Duty 2015 budget From CS GAURAV +919990694230

Excise duty structure on certain goods is being restructured as follows:

1) Wafers for use in the manufacture of integrated circuit (IC) modules for smart cards from 12% to 6%. 1,337 more words


amendments in Service Tax of 2015 budget From CS GAURAV+919990694230

Improving the quality of life and public health through Swachh Bharat Initiatives.

1) An enabling provision is being made to empower the Central Government to impose a Swachh Bharat Cess on all or certain taxable services at a rate of 2% on the value of such taxable services. 1,422 more words