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Rare Photographic Evidence Of Camera-Shy International Socialists

Somebody made it into the nest of the most ancient group of nation destroyers: The Fabian society. 128 more words


Account Of The Paris Attacks

Account of the singer of Eagles Of Death Metal, undistorted by quality journalists.

Gruesome but extremely important – especially for people who never touched a gun. 48 more words


Mentally ill attackers

Great list of terrorist attacks where the muslim attacker was declared “mentally ill” by Western authorities.


We’ve all heard this countless times, so it’s nice that someone collected it into a list. 296 more words


The Clinton Crime Couple

A few comments I just left somewhere else after collecting what caught my eye just minutes ago…

Trump got accused of being a client of pedophile ringleader Epstein. 206 more words


Continuing Islamisation of Germany

As the British Express points out, 61,000 migrants applied for asylum in April 2016,i.e. a speed of 720,000 a year, as usual, most will be Islamic, male and of fighting age. 589 more words


Elite doesn't take kindly to being exposed as Morons

This is what is currently happening to the guy who informed us about the Clinton e-mails 242 more words


The End Is Nigh! Donald Trump!

Cruz drops out of race. Dems will likely present Hillary. Trump will say, “You’re next!” and that will be that. 249 more words