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The Political Spectrum In Germany

From left to right that’s:

AntiFa – The Left – Greens – SPD – CDU – AfD.

(I omit the FDP because they will do whatever their coalition partner demands. 254 more words


The USDJPY Is The Machine Gun...

…of the commissariat of Finance which pours
fire into the rear of the bourgeois system (Preobrazhensky – partner of Lenin)

Oh wait, I misremembered that. In fact he said 121 more words


Universal human rights…. But not for you

As children, we see things in black and white.  For the first years of our lives, we only understand good vs. bad, until maturity catches us and shows us that everything, especially people, are both at the same time. 543 more words

Equal Opportunities

Pippa Malmgren's "Signals"

Economist Dr. Philippa Malmgren articulates my views in a far more accessible manner than I ever could. The short version goes something like this.

There’s entirely too much debt in the world today and most of it will never be repaid. 143 more words

About What Goes Around

Welcome to What Goes Around.

What Goes Around is a blog and podcast used to discuss and highlight historical characters, events, and facts that influence our world or can be compared to current events. 70 more words


100-Word Challenge For Grownups - Week 175 - False Security

“But shall we close the borders?” one congressman asked another.

“Why bother? It’s a joke to close them without securing them.”

Even as they spoke on the capitol steps, at the southernmost border of the country a knife blade flashed in the moonlight, but the guard was facing the other direction. 83 more words