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Church Apologizes To Survivors of Sodom, Gomorrha

for destruction of their city by Christian God in attack against non-heteronormative 121 more words


Off To The Killing Fields!

Ever desired to move to the big city, say London, where you’re surrounded by interesting races like Blacks, Indians, Pakistanis and Lord knows what, only to subsequently… 245 more words


WW III Is Over.

I noticed that World Wars are not numbered right. We already had 3 of them. Which one did we forget? 115 more words


Soros E-Mail Leak Shows Influence-Taking On Pope


(and of course, on the EU , on Merkel etc. to enforce his multicultural agenda. Which is… 10 more words


"Minority" Crime Is Legal In The West

“Petty Crime” (stealing 3000 USD’s worth of appareil in broad daylight) is not persecuted in the USA anymore – instead of zero tolerance it’s now all the tolerance. 182 more words


Safe Space Invented 100 Years Ago

…at the Sommes, at that time called a “Dugout“; to protect from microagressions like artillery, hand grenades and snipers.

Oh and it was invented by White Patriarchy.


Humanity's Decline Accelerates: The Enemy Is Now A Total Mutant Moron

Millenials. I mean it’s not their fault. They have about 400 mutations more than the people around the time of the October revolution, and even most of those were morons. 203 more words