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To Chill or not to Chill - Part 1

In yesterday’s post mentioned my brand-new addition to my trusted kitchen accessories, the Euro Cuisine Greek Yoghurt Strainer. It is well worth the money. I decided on the stainless steel-mesh model for longevity (let’s hope it is worth the extra investment…) 207 more words

Mindfulness In The Kitchen


The national dish of Malta is rabbit – I asked my two if they fancied sacrificing their lives for the project but they declined. Coincidentally, the last time I ate rabbit was the night before bringing my first bunny, Stu, home over a decade ago. 173 more words


A haunted house, Thai food and a museum

Last night I broke my own rule and didn’t sleep enough and right now I’m collapsing with tiredness. It wasn’t a bad day though. I even had time to wonder around in a bookshop. 277 more words

International Dessert Food Recipes

International Dessert Recipes:

Now I preferred international recipes, you’ll get to make many best-loved desserts from other domain and like delicious old twisted treats. 95 more words

Food Recipes

Recipe: Gluten-Free Spätzle.

Spätzle is German pasta that’s cooked in the form of little chunks of dough. The dough made by this gluten-free recipe is more fragile than rubbery wheat pasta, but if handled carefully and served quickly it functions well as a starchy side dish or an addition to soup. 270 more words

Lakeland: Scream'n Tuna Sushi

My wife and I had dinner at Scream’n Tuna Sushi in Lakeland recently. They have not been open a long time, less than a year. The interior of the restaurant is smaller than we expected – that’s not a complaint, just an observation. 753 more words


Eurovision, Brazil and our local Indian takeaway

1. Eurovision. It’s cheesy, it’s obvious, it’s camp and I love it. And Twitter makes it ever better.

2. Brazil. In December 2010 I went travelling through Brazil for three weeks and I ended up spending Christmas with people I met on the road in Salvador de Bahia. 75 more words