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Chili Crab con Garlic

I have seafood allergies but I can’t help myself. I need to eat what I cooked today. I just have to take my medicine :) 175 more words

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Les Snacks Dangereux

Flavours. So many of them!

In the past, cultural isolation kept humans across the globe from discovering each others’ regional taste kinks. But with the advent of jet planes and the Internet, the lid has been blown off this international conspiracy: potato chip flavours that are normal to us are not even available in some countries. 590 more words


Coconut sambol / Pol sambol (Sinhala)

Coconut sambol / Pol sambol is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from coconut which serves as a ultimate side dish for  Idiappam / Bread / Dosai (especially… 203 more words


Bonnington Café 

Vegan delight ! This adorable resturaunt is just what I craved on my first solo night in London. I spent about 30 minutes strolling around town only to find that most resturaunts are either closed on Monday nights or there are only a few meager patrons inside. 258 more words

International Cuisine

Chicken with Grapes, Tarragon and Thyme

This post is to share with you one of my favourite ingredients at all time and a must-have in my pantry– Verjuice. Verjuice is made from the juice of unfermented grapes.  1,495 more words

International Cuisine

Grilled Baby Back Ribs

My growling tummy is ready to devour grilled baby back ribs.

1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 tablespoon paprika
salt and pepper to taste… 191 more words

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Spanish-style Hamonado

Normally Hamonado is cooked with pineapples. But to add a twist, I am putting in cherries. You will love the additional flavor that cherries will bring to your hamonado plus the fact that cherries add color making the food look more appetizing. 197 more words

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