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Building Blocks

Namuno, Mozambique

As a youngster, there were few activities more captivating to me than watching construction projects. Whether it was building a home, outdoor landscaping, or even painting a wall, I’ve always been drawn to the building process, the clean-cut sign of progress, and the zen-like state it brings about. 97 more words


June 2015, Day 5: Beaudouin feeding program, English as a Second Language, and the Beaudouin orphanage

Continuing computer repairs (with a chicken!)

I know this will be surprising… but a portion of Day 5 involved….. fixing computers!

The repair process was actually really easy to manage, thanks to the decades spent working on my own computers and then the two years I spent working IT at Yale Law School – where I often had to juggle 5+ laptops at any given moment.  1,876 more words

June 2015 Trip

About Poverty

“Poverty” is such an ugly word. “Poverty” in the West is unconsciously synonymous with sad children who have flies buzzing around their saucer-like eyes. Yes, poverty exists in Malawi. 518 more words

I have a beard, you have a beard, we should help each other.

Beards were not really the point, but that was the statement made to us on the last day I spent with these people in the Himalayas. 346 more words

Design With the Other 90 Percent: Creative Solutions to Global Needs

Aimee George is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute. She is an international and community development professional with experience designing, implementing and managing projects in the United States, South Africa and Thailand. 944 more words

Irish Impact

Adelina Gavrila reports on "Arts and International Development"

The Arts and International Development Conference was organized in partnership with the British Council and AESOP, and brought together artists and developmental specialists aiming to discuss the gaps in bridging the two fields. 472 more words