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Today I am going to discuss the controversial topic of stem cells. Everyday scientists are using stem cells to push the boundaries of reality and, with it, ethics. 436 more words

English is the Language of Business and Diplomacy

The international language of business is English.  Is it to serve and benefit England? – No.  Is it to serve and benefit Hong Kong? – No.  376 more words

Accent Reduction

In the last blog post we touched upon a very interesting subject. When looking at the eliodomestico in more detail, I came to the understanding that these innovations that could help developing economies may not be so easily available to them. 510 more words

Top 10: Questions People Ask Me About Placement

I thought that since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my upcoming placement I would answer some of the more frequent ones as best I can. 467 more words

Friendship not Fences

It strikes me as a somewhat of a paradox that the people who rail against those migrants trying to enter into the UK are often the same people who rail against the UK International Development programme. 735 more words

Current Affairs

For all the women in my life, this is for you:

“I want to apologize to all the women

I have called pretty

Before I’ve called them intelligent or brave

I am sorry I made it sound as though… 146 more words

The McLeod Group

Looking for some in-depth analysis of issues pertaining to foreign affairs and international development and Canada’s role in the world in general? Take a look at

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