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Learn English and get a job with an NGO!

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(By the way if you don’t know NGO means it is a Non-Government Organisation. These are usually set up by people who want to personally help developing nations improve their quality of life, run by donations not government funding) … 267 more words


Inwazja Angielskiego

Imagine walking down your local high street and seeing advertising slogans, signs and other such items written in say French or Czech or even in Cyrillic or Arabic script. 408 more words


Can you guess the accent? (Quiz)

A few weeks ago, Quartz writer Nikhil Sonnad wrote an article about the Speech Accent Archive – a project by Steven Weinberger, a professor of linguistics at George Mason University. 146 more words


How many people learn ENGLISH GLOBALLY?

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It’s incredible but it is estimated that right at this moment over 1 billion people are learning English worldwide.

According to the British Council, in the year 2000 there were as many as 750 million English as a Foreign Language speakers. 215 more words


One thing to add to your resume that will DEFINITELY improve your chances of getting a job

Can learning English really improve your chances of getting a job?

Only one answer to this question:       Absolutely!

In this day and age if you are able to speak English in whatever profession you choose, your chances of getting the job of your dreams are so much higher.   309 more words

English Interest

Help with a project to map English

Test which type of English you use, and help train a machine algorithm to map out the differences in English grammar around the world.

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Bits & Bobs

A professional approach to teaching professionals

Sam McCarter is a teacher, consultant and freelance writer/editor with special interests in medical English communication skills, and IELTS. He is the author of Medicine 1… 708 more words