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Tongue in Cheek Trivia #2

Oh my Wordy! Mustering up a post here while I remember I had intended more regular effort and quite shocked to realise it’s so long since I’ve even tried. 715 more words


The Reluctant Fundamentalist - the movie

What do I think about the movie, and why? 

After both watching the movie and reading the book, I found the book to be the best. 115 more words

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The end ...

In the final chapter, Changez and the American were walking towards the American´s hotel, while Changez continued his story. He was wondering about how his life would have been, if Erica came to live with him in Pakistan – while he taught classes. 359 more words

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist, ch.8/9

In the beginning of chapter 8, Changez is still having his conversation with the American, where Changez is explaining to him why the waiter is looking at him, and making him ill at ease. 352 more words

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Day of Terror - 9/11

After watching clips from this day, reading both about the horrible attack itself and the witnesses statements, I have no words. I can not imagine how it must be to be there, or to know someone who could have been a victim, of such a terrifying incident. 94 more words

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist

So far so good. Personally I really like the book, and find the story quite interesting. The way the narrator is presenting the story is also why I like it so much. 594 more words

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The movie Outsourced is a movie about a company which are outsourcing to India – they are paying people to work for them, a lot cheaper in India than in America, and using their global sources. 794 more words

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