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3rd Entry: The Darkness Unveils a Construction of Grandeur, Unlike That of Which has Previously Been Seen on This Blog; a Shadow Assumes its Form as a Man of Great Stature Blocks the Sun with His Visage

In nomine deus, no entiendo

‘There he stood. Over there, past yonder hill. A Man unlike any I’ve ever seen before. T’was not a Man of any ordinary type, coming home from his long day of work to enjoy the evening with his family, no, this Man was standing there as though as if it was his purpose. 738 more words


2nd Entry: Literally About Education, in Other Words, Vocational School. Or Rather, at One Point it Was. I Dunno About Now

Guess who’s back!

It’s none other than moi, Jokke the Jokke I the Great of … this blog. I think I’m gonna let my little buddy take over writing every now and then. 792 more words


International English at Slåtthaug vgs


Hello y’all it’s me, Jokke the Jokke, the (in)famous wordsmith, singer, guitarist, musician etc. from the grandest, bestest, and in general, coolest town in the world, Arna, and in this post I’ll be introducing y’all to the wonders that has been International English at Slåtthaug vgs. 550 more words