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"My Son the Fanatic" and "Free for All"

“My Son the Fanatic” and “Free for All” are two short-stories about the relationship between a father and a son, where the question of identity and belonging is a main theme. 870 more words

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Operation Days Work, 2017

Operation Days Work is the biggest solidarity campaign we have in Norway. The campaign happens annually, and are split in two parts. First we have the International Week (or International Day/ it depends from school to school), where we step away from the usual curriculum and schedules, and focuses on reflective questions – why does the 85 top richest people on earth own more than the 3,5 million poorest? 877 more words

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International English Project

The last couple of weeks we have been working on a project during our International English classes, the project involves a group of max 4 students making a short film (5-10 minutes) about one of the many English based creoles around the world. 342 more words

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Xenophobia and racism in Norway.

Xenophobia, which means fear, dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries can be found in Norway. Signs of xenophobia can be if you are afraid to be near people that are not similar or jump to conclusions and stereotypes about others that are different. 673 more words

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English in Nigeria

Nigeria is a West-African country on the Gulf of Guinea. The population was estimated to be 186 million in 2016. The country is a federal republic and has been independent since 1960. 343 more words

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International English

Published by Disclaimer, 13 August 2017

A voice tells him to make himself comfortable. A disembodied, non-British voice, its accent impossible to place but with the curled vowels of American English. 40 more words

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3rd Entry: The Darkness Unveils a Construction of Grandeur, Unlike That of Which has Previously Been Seen on This Blog; a Shadow Assumes its Form as a Man of Great Stature Blocks the Sun with His Visage

In nomine deus, no entiendo

‘There he stood. Over there, past yonder hill. A Man unlike any I’ve ever seen before. T’was not a Man of any ordinary type, coming home from his long day of work to enjoy the evening with his family, no, this Man was standing there as though as if it was his purpose. 738 more words