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Going Global: 8 Indicators To Help Decide If The Time Is Right

By Larry Harding of Radius

It’s no secret that companies that have gone global have many advantages over those that remained focused on local markets alone. 990 more words


How an international office expansion may risk equity value

Expanding your consultancy business and opening new offices abroad can seem an attractive proposition, however, it’s advisable to proceed with extreme caution. It’s important to consider the significant equity value and financial instability associated with such a move. 523 more words


International expansion and headquarters location

My former executive student at Kellogg Jaime Valles wrote this interesting comment on international expansion and headquarters location from a Latin America perspective.


Your Startup In Europe? The Time Is NOW!

Budding entrepreneur? Dream of your company office in the heart of the European extravaganza? The land of wine and cheese is now opening its doors in a whole new dimension:innovation. 219 more words

DraftKings and FanDuel may need to expand internationally

DraftKings and FanDuel are taking advantage of U.S. laws against sports wagering through the loophole that fantasy sports is a game of skill, as opposed to the legal definition of what the federal government has defined as gambling. 517 more words


Want to expand business internationally? Choose France!

France has always been considered a dream destination for culture, arts and heritage. It is also one of the richest and most developed countries in the world. 2,319 more words

EU Expansion

Canada’s retail landscape a new frontier for American retailers

The basic fact of the Canadian retail market that is fundamentally different from dealing in most other global markets is that we have much fewer landlords than the rest of the world. 530 more words

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