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Bow to the Buchtel!

It’s not until I left Italy that I realized we take good food for granted. Not just in our homes, but everywhere we go. Even when skiing. 435 more words

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The pursuit of biryani and the refrigerator bowl

I, like my sisters, am a grazer. Like a (cuter? more portable?) cow, I meander around my apartment eating handfuls of whatever’s around. To fight my ruminant tendencies, I try to keep a bowl of something marginally acceptable in my fridge so I can go stick a spoon in it and go about my day (rather than eating a bag of chocolate chips). 758 more words


Welcome to the Meat Market

There are many things I miss about international teaching now that I’ve retired: the diverse, hard-working students; the decent tax-free salary; the innovative, well-supplied school systems; the food; the travel. 933 more words


International food: 10 dishes that have changed the way I view the world

I firmly believe that what we eat, like what we see or the people we speak to, makes what we are. It contributes, in a quiet way, to the way we look at the world. 1,744 more words

Chiles En Nogada

Nuts Over Coconut-Free Curry

Every once in a while, we test a new recipe that perfectly fits the bill. Of course, the first thing we want to do is share it with you. 294 more words

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Pancakes not just for Pancake Day there for Life!

 Because Pancakes aren’t just for Pancake day!

So depending on where you are in this glorious world it was “Mardis Gras”, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day a whole list of names on February 17th 2015, 2 days since,  ultimately it’s history lies in celebratory food, a feasting prior to the limitations of Lent. 1,254 more words

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Alright, I’m back with a new time zone! We’ve finally made it to Sydney and this is the first day where things aren’t completely crazy (it’s Wednesday, we got here on Monday). 102 more words