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Crying Tiger Steak with Roasted Tomato Chili Sauce-Thai

Such a cool name for a recipe- no? The legend goes like this (comes from my cookbook “Quick and Easy Thai” by Nancie McDermott) “the tiger snatches a pawful or two of the Roasted Tomato-Chili Sauce, burst into tears and then weeps uncontrollably…” Another story from the book says the fat from “lusciously marbled beef steak melts onto the fiery coals and flame up like a tiger’s tears.” Either way, the sauce was not so terribly hot that my tear ducts went crazy. 371 more words

International Food

The descent into Morocco begins

The tagine

Fasten your seatbelts and stow your tray tables away, we’re commencing our descent into Morocco!

My friend Viv (who is also Will’s mum) gave Lauren a Moroccan recipe book for Christmas, so I have dipped heavily into that for our lunch in Morocco. 315 more words

So you think you know Mexican food?

“Thankfully, we’re starting to pull away from the idea that all Mexican food means burritos as big as your head.” Chef Rick Bayless 1

American Chef Rick Bayless has built his celebrity status on both introducing Mexican regional cuisine to the United States as well as creatively reinterpreting its concepts to a 21st century palate. 720 more words

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My Easy Veggie Ramen

I LOVE RAMEN.  A big slurpy bowl of goodness which is particularly enjoyable when it is cold outside.  You can eat lots, safe in the knowledge it’s pretty good for you.   300 more words


Brazilian-Spanish beef & cassava stew

Traditional Northern-Spanish stew with a twist: cassava! This root vegetable very typical in Brazilian cuisine is by far my favourite, so I couldn’t resist trying to make a super clean, heart-warming and nourishing stew with it.  432 more words

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Magali's favourite picks in Barcelona

Magali has been living in Barcelona for now 7 months, and has quite a few great addresses to share with us today!

Her food style: she is into… 185 more words

Personal Favourites

Claudia's favourite picks in New York

Claudia, living in New York for more than 6 months, shares with us her best restaurants in New York City, a place where you would probably need more than a lifetime to try the finest eateries. 104 more words