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Expand your palates and try a new cuisine. Introducing kids to new foods can be fun if everyone keeps an open mind (and if the menu offers some form of chicken tenders!). 113 more words

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Eat Food From Different Cultures: An Adobe Spark Campaign

A huge part of this website is to encourage people to try out new foods from different cultures. While I do not blatantly tell you to do this in my normal posts, I am doing it now. 228 more words


Food in Tokyo, Japan

Are you confuse what to eat in Tokyo? don’t worry I’ll share some information of delicious food and price range when I was in Tokyo. 134 more words

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Japanese delights

Oh. my. God. Japan, how wonderful you are! It doesn’t matter what language we say it in, you are magnificent!!

Japan has definitely given us the best lunch yet. 239 more words

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Yahşi Cafe + Pub

Tucked in between a hookah bar and a row of Turkish street food vendors sits Yahşi Café + Pub.  You have to look twice to notice Yahşi is anything other than but another dive pub or low end kebab joint.  208 more words



Konnichiwa, Japan. I can’t wait to meet you!

It seems so long since we have had an international lunch, and I suppose it is. We were all so busy in November that we couldn’t find a free Sunday, so here we are having lunch in Japan in December. 434 more words

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