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Malawian step aerobics class and Madonna visits

This first full week at work has been one where many administrative tasks had to be done before my study could be officially initiated.  At MLW (Malawi-Liverpool-Welcome Trust), this translates into a lot of one-on-one sit down meetings with the departments for orientation and acquiring a physical signature on a sheet of paper.  512 more words


Wintering in Malawi

After a 40 hour journey, I am finally in Blantyre, Malawi as of 07/05/2017.  The longest portion of the flight was 13 hours from Washington D.C. 925 more words


Journey to Blantyre, Malawi

From July through September 2017 I will be in Blantyre, Malawi for the research portion of my fellowship.  I wanted to use this blog as a way to keep in touch with and inform people of the goings-on.  714 more words

International Health

Poison 'best before date' not much of a warning

Arkansas shoppers are being advised to check the expiration date on any lethal injection they might be planning to administer to loved ones or fellow cult members.  190 more words

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Trump gets first full erection

President Trump announced to the world’s press that with his missile strikes on Syria, the US was entering a heightened military state – to match his own elevated level arousal.  225 more words


Prevention saves lives - Meningitis in a resource constrained setting -by Dr. Teddy Totimeh - A physician in Accra, Ghana

Four students have died. One after the other over a ten day period. And the diagnosis is only certain now, after they died. In a country with 5000 doctors, multiple teaching hospitals, a Ministry of Health, and a Health Service, this is not acceptable. 559 more words