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Poison 'best before date' not much of a warning

Arkansas shoppers are being advised to check the expiration date on any lethal injection they might be planning to administer to loved ones or fellow cult members.  190 more words

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Trump gets first full erection

President Trump announced to the world’s press that with his missile strikes on Syria, the US was entering a heightened military state – to match his own elevated level arousal.  225 more words


Prevention saves lives - Meningitis in a resource constrained setting -by Dr. Teddy Totimeh - A physician in Accra, Ghana

Four students have died. One after the other over a ten day period. And the diagnosis is only certain now, after they died. In a country with 5000 doctors, multiple teaching hospitals, a Ministry of Health, and a Health Service, this is not acceptable. 559 more words

Trump bans transgender golden showers

Donald Trump’s unhealthy interest in all things urinary has now extended to a ban on transgender evacuations anywhere ‘in the vicinity’ of the Presidential face.  Having revoked transgender student toilet rights, Mr. 177 more words


If you could give a girl something no one could ever take away, would you?

Now, more then ever, women in the United State are standing up for equality and equity in a way that was never addressed by the previous waves in feminist history. 700 more words

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Hans Rosling: A Tribute

Such sad news, the death of such a great man. May his legacy and influence live on. As a clinician, as a statistician who informed scholars and audiences world over, and a researcher whose work on economic development and global health changed the way we view our world. 115 more words

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To Mourn

Being thousands of miles away from my home country doesn’t make the reality and the severity of the potential harm the Trump Administration could cause feel any less grim. 637 more words

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