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Industry Insight: The Importance of Internships to the Hospitality Industry

For those entering the industry, internships can prove essential in opening up opportunities. Employers often demonstrate a preference towards those who have real life experience over those who don’t. 432 more words


Top 10 tips to get an internship

An internship is the first of many rewards a hard-working person gets for dipping a toe into the frigid pool we call the workforce. Melodrama aside, being a college student — anybody who has recently been inducted into adulthood — calls for having your eyes permanently peeled for job opportunities. 849 more words


Why International Internships Are Key to University Global Engagement

College graduates need an international perspective to be competitive in today’s job market. Many will have to negotiate foreign cultures whether they work in the United States or abroad. 967 more words


5 questions to ask yourself before you take that internship

“Ask yourself what tangible things you’re going to get out of this internship.”

Once, a college diploma meant access to entry-level jobs – jobs that provide relatively stable work arrangements with health insurance and biweekly paychecks. 894 more words


The intern economy is booming this summer

The full-time grownup job market isn’t the only one on the rebound: According to employment research firm Burning Glass, internship openings for college students have fully recovered to pre-recession levels. 234 more words


Global Internships: The New Key to Getting a Job

As if paying for college wasn’t enough, now students are paying to get a high-value internship that will give them an edge in the job market. 747 more words