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Is It Possible for Korea to Go to Round of 16 in Russia World Cup?

It seems impossible for South Korea to go to Round of 16 in Russia World Cup. The South Korean soccer team has already lost against Sweden and Mexico. 300 more words

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White Nationalist Almost Gives a Speech at the University of Alabama

As culture and technology develops, our ideology towards society’s values encompassing a scope of race, language, gun control, and so much more advances to a more inclusive, liberal stance. 312 more words

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Minute Murderers

microplastics beads
damn humans and their plastics


prevent sex-selective abortions and make them fear

China is well known as the restriction of the babies that was enacted because of too much population. There are too many stories about them who were born to be a second daughter or son in China and discriminated against even their families. 297 more words

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The World Cup: Argentina vs. Iceland

The World Cup is so-called ‘the world festival’. This year, of course, there have been many huge issues for the reputation. Among them, one of the most contentious games was Argentina and Iceland’s game in June 16, 2018. 201 more words

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Bashar al-Assad is conducting chemical attacks. The West's response is stagnant.

Bashar al Assad, president of Syria is committing war crimes. Using all measures to oppress the rebels in the disorderly time for Syria, Assad has initiated chemical attacks against certain ethnic groups, exterminating them— also referred to as “chemical cleansing”. 219 more words

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The reason why Dutch teenagers are happiest in the world

According to the report, Dutch teenagers are happiest in the world. Even though, the rate of Britain teenagers’ depression and US young people’ suicide are rising, the happiness scores of Dutch teenagers are keep rising. 359 more words

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