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EU Social Partners promote ratification of ILO Work in Fishing Convention C188 in Bulgaria

EU Social Partners promote ratification of ILO Work in Fishing Convention C188 in Bulgaria

During a meeting held on 28 January in Sofia, Bulgaria, the European Social Partners in Fisheries*, the ETF and Europêche, promoted together with the ILO ** the swift ratification of the ILO Work in Fishing Convention C188. 521 more words

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Pegida Ireland Launch - defeating the fash with facts

On January the 29th, Identity Ireland invited English Defence League founder ‘Tommy Robinson’ to address their press conference. The press conference had a pre-planned turn out of well known… 1,865 more words

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Japan military on alert for imminent N Korean long-range missile launch

Japan has put its military on alert for a possible North Korean ballistic missile launch after indications 261 more words

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Japan’s first stealth fighter unveiled

Japan on Thursday unveiled its first stealth fighter jet, officials said, with the maiden test flight planned for next month 155 more words

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Mish Mash- Maintaining a peaceful stand in a violent environment- Palestinian contrast between hopelessness and hope

Dear All,
I’ve wanted to post for some time but other involvements I have prevented this. I think the long article below from the Guardian is bleak and shows the numerous threats of violence in Palestine. 1,885 more words


BREAKING NEWS: The UN Has Officially Declared The Beginning of World War III

The chairman of the Security Councils of the United Nations, Raimonda Murmokaite, officially declared from New York on Wednesday that after World War II ended, several countries have declared against the forces called itself Islamic State or ISIS. 126 more words

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Press Release: Human Rights at Sea welcomes ITF pledge to fund MV Seaman Guard Ohio crew legal costs

“Our families face financial ruin. Men have lost wives, houses have been repossessed, family members have died and one of the men is due to become a father in the next few days. 751 more words
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