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UK seizes Iranian tanker and no one blinks. But...

…Iran seizes a British tanker, and a trusty Western narrative gets trotted out.

The Guardian has the first part of the story, which took place on Friday. 252 more words

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Iran calls seizure of British vessel a response to Royal Marines impounding Iranian tanker

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s seizure of a British oil tanker was a response to Britain’s role in impounding an Iranian supertanker first, senior officials said Saturday, as newly released video of the incident showed Iranian commandos in black ski masks and fatigues rappelling from a helicopter onto the vessel in the strategic Strait of Hormuz. 1,116 more words


Weekend long read

1) At Mosaic magazine Professor Eugene Kontorovich explains “The Many Incoherences and Hypocrisies of International Law on Jerusalem”.

“Under the uti possidetis principle, then, Israel’s borders at the moment of independence are quite clear: the borders of Mandatory Palestine. 741 more words


FaceApp and Russia fears overblown

If you’ve used that (bizarre, if you ask me) FaceApp in recent days, then congratulations (I guess) because you know what you might look like 30 or so years down the road. 112 more words


What Putin’s supposed “death” of liberalism means for human rights

This article was published first in Open Global Rights

If Putin was right, and liberalism is dead, what would be the future of human rights in global politics? 1,047 more words


Qué significa para los derechos humanos la supuesta “muerte” del liberalismo anunciada por Putin

Este artículo fue publicado en Open Global Rights en Español.

Si Putin tuviera razón, y el liberalismo hubiera muerto, ¿cuál sería el futuro de los derechos humanos en la política global? 1,160 more words