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IMB urges a common worldwide information sharing taskforce

From IHS Maritime 360, by Titus Zheng, Sept 2015

Malaysia-headquartered anti-piracy agency, International Maritime Bureau (IMB) urges for a common worldwide information sharing framework to disseminate crucial details for law enforcement forces to react swiftly and decisively. 301 more words


'Anonymity is the rule': Murders at sea remain a mystery despite gruesome video, witnesses

Warning: Video contains graphic content

SHARJAH KHALID PORT, United Arab Emirates – The man bobbing in the sea raises his arms in a seeming sign of surrender before he is shot in the head. 1,315 more words


Pirates Raid Greek Ship At Port In Nigeria

Gunmen have boarded an unloaded Greek-owned tanker anchored near a major Nigerian port, killing at least one crew member and taking three more hostage. 162 more words


The Legend of Zheng Shi: Badass Lady Pirate

According to legend, the greatest pirate ever to have lived may have been a woman by the name of Zheng Shi

According to legend, the greatest pirate ever to have lived was a woman known by several names, including Zheng Yi Sao, Zheng Shi, Cheng Shih, Madame Ching, and more. 636 more words


Weekly Press Review - 16 January 2015

The release of the International Maritime Bureau’s global report made headlines this week with the revelation that in 2014 Asia accounted for three-quarters of global maritime piracy.  179 more words

Weekly Press Review

Sri Lanka's election upset just destroyed a linchpin of China's foreign policy

Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa just conceded defeat to his one-time ally, Maithripala Sirisena, in an upset that will have an impact far beyond the teardrop-shaped island and its 20 million residents. 459 more words

Unusual Container Weight Fraud Uncovered

The International Maritime Bureau has been alerted to a fraud involving a shipping container’s weight and size that is atypical of what one might out of a container weight fraud case; the tare weight, or unladen weight of the container itself was unrealistically falsified and much higher than the actual, correct weight of the container. 473 more words

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