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Swastika: Symbol of peace or hate?

The story begins with an unnamed college student at George Washington University in the USA pinned a swastika symbol on a bulletin board of a Jewish student group. 568 more words

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Starbucks and IKEA in India and China

I would like to welcome my, “Contemporary Issues in Marketing” class on the Richmond campus, looking forward to some great conversations in class on many contemporary issues and topics through the semester. 644 more words


7-Eleven: A Hangout Haven

This case study of 7-Eleven illustrates how a brand needs to and can benefit from adapting to a local market.


7-Eleven is known in the United States as a convenience store chain where customers can grab snacks, drinks and other everyday products on the go. 1,887 more words

International Marketing

How the iPhone went on from Japanese Loser to Conquer the Market Share

When Apple first attempted to market their iPhone in Japan they did not do nearly as well as they had hoped. Apple had hoped to sell one million units of the iPhone in Japan. 561 more words


HOW TO.....

Create a successful freelance marketing business. Freelance marketers can have the best jobs on the planet. It is always excitement when starting new projects working with new clients, but in the end your work is helping businesses grow, meaning better livelihood for everyone involved. 290 more words

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PR Interview #8: David Wilkes (aka, my dad!)

As you may know, the reason I started studying PR was because my Dad knew about the industry and reckoned I’d be good at it. Obviously, as a 17 year old who didn’t enjoy being told what I was and wasn’t good at, I was like ‘yeahhh yeah sure dad I’ll look into it….’, but when I actually… 945 more words


Marketing a satellite/branch campus

The University of Groningen just announced that they’ll be┬áthe first Dutch university to have a campus in Yantai, China. It’s our first branch campus ever so it’s an extremely exciting time. 203 more words

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