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America’s Love Affair with Guns & the Potential Impact on International Student Recruitment

We have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere in the world… 686 more words


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This is an interesting blog post by Dr. Mark Ashwill on his blog "An International Educator in Vietnam." The reality of violence--particularly gun violence--in the USA and how quickly and widespread that this news is disseminated in media outlets around the world is definitely a factor that we face as we recruit international students. For my part, it is embarrassing to be at an international recruitment event when I have to face a potential student or their parents ask me about safety, about the issues of mass shootings on college campuses, etc. What do you say to someone who is afraid to send their child to the USA, even to a community as safe as mine? Even more embarrassing and concerning to me are the anti-Muslim rhetoric and racist sentiments that are pervasive among our local and federal leadership, as well as other public figures. Their comments certainly make my already-challenging job much more difficult! The current global economic and political climate are already presenting major challenges for international recruitment. Between lower oil prices that are decreasing revenue in Middle Eastern nations--several of which provide government-backed scholarships, economic turmoil in markets like China and Brazil, the high cost of education in the USA, etc., international recruitment is certainly challenging enough. But when you add xenophobic rhetoric from public figures to the mix--as well as a basic standstill in DC when it comes to dealing with these problems--we basically have our own leadership working against us. [caption id="attachment_292" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Oil price trends -- from The Economist: http://econ.st/1Pep3tN Oil price trends -- from The Economist: http://econ.st/1Pep3tN[/caption] Even those who do not have a personal passion for international education can at least look at the industry logically and appreciate what international students do for us. Besides the social and cultural contributions that these students make in our classes and activities, we also should remember that these students make a major impact on our economy (see the NAFSA International Economic Value Tool). [caption id="attachment_293" align="aligncenter" width="300"]From NAFSA International Student Economic Value Tool: http://bit.ly/1LI3Z9F From NAFSA International Student Economic Value Tool: http://bit.ly/1LI3Z9F[/caption] For many of us, our livelihoods depend on international students--so xenophobic rhetoric and policies are not the appropriate response to what is, at a basic level, a problem with our domestic policy. Thank you to Dr. Ashwill for posting such interesting food for thought.

4 Ways to Use Music in International Communications

The other day I was driving along the motorway when a van overtook me bearing the slogan ‘Music is the International Language of Choice’.  Obviously this was a music instrument supplier or similar but it set me thinking about how music plays (pardon the pun) a key role in communication.   736 more words

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"One does not simply walk into China"

Many Western B2B companies who are looking to grow their business with existing and potential Chinese customers, have boldly gone to China to establish a production facility there, only to experience that the Chinese market fails them; sales figures are not moving in the right direction, regardless of the companies’ efforts.  92 more words


Doris Lafavers

Title: Senior Business Development Manager

Company: Damco, The Maersk Group

Location: Irving, Texas

Senior business development manager Doris Lafavers was naturally drawn to the global logistics industry at the start of her career. 197 more words

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Flight Risk

If you ask anyone in my family where I’ll be next year, they will be just as clueless as I currently am. However, with 100% certainty they will tell you I will not be in Iowa. 590 more words

Starbucks Will Have The Last Laugh.

As I sip my Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, I think, I might like to live the life of Josua Feuerstein.  (In case you have slept thru the last few days, Josua is the Arizona evangelist responsible for firing the first shots at Starbucks over their new and very controversial holiday cup.)  What must it be like to have so little stress in your life that you have to create some over a CUP? 350 more words