Keeping Up with Tech in Social Impact

I’ve worked in social impact communications and program management for almost a decade, and although technology has changed immensely in that time, social impact organizations seem to trailing behind. 1,055 more words


Business Seminar: Branding a Product In a New Market, Part 2

Okay, so last post I spoke about using the government’s five-year plan when entering the Chinese market, inspired by a talk from Arthur at Strategic Public Relations Group. 741 more words


Business Seminar: Branding a Product In a New Market, Part 1

Last night was the first event hosted by CRCC during my time here. I was quite excited as it was a business seminar based on branding an international product in China and vice versa, which is essentially what my entire degree is about! 787 more words


International Marketing opportunities

These documents are about marketing opportunities in countries located in the central Asia. Data about each country have been selected and presented. Based on the collected data, the number of countries have been segmented to a lower number. 17 more words


Overseas Marketing Research: Methods & Importance

Market research is defined as a “component of marketing research whereby a
a specific market is identified and its size and other characteristics are measured.” 1,192 more words

International Marketing

Consumer Buying Behavior

Following are the buyer characteristics or factors which affect his buying decision

Cultural Factors:

  1. Culture: It is the most fundamental determinant of preson’s wants and behavior.
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International Marketing

Product Strategy for International Markets

Developing Products for International Markets

  • Ethnocentric Approach
  • Polycentric Approach
  • Regiocentric Approach
  • Geocentric Approach

Ethnocentric Approach

  • This Approach is based on the assumption that consumer needs and market conditions are more or less homogeneous in international markets as a result of globalization…
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International Marketing