Why is friendship so difficult?

We look at why do your European friends desert you when you need them most?

There’s this girl I know, she found me on Facebook. I don’t know why. 625 more words

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FUTURE PREDICTION: There won’t be a single thing that won’t be COMMUNICATED through ENGLISH

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This may we already be the case, not sure, but for the future it is a certainty. No matter how many Chinese or Indians are born – Mandarin or Hindi will never be able to reach the kind of global communication presence as English. 655 more words

International Marketing

Definition of International Marketing

Cateora (1997) defines international marketing as performance of business activities that direct the flow of company’s goods and services to consumers in more than one nation for profit. 101 more words

International Business

Expanding Your Business Globally

The benefits behind expanding your startup business globally include rising sales, more no. of profits and enhanced improved competitiveness. Going global can also help in reducing your business dependency on the domestic markets. 675 more words

International Marketing

CEMEX is a Mexican company that has become a major international competitor in cement while maintaining a higher level of profitability than other, long-established majors.  CEMEX’s superior profitability supplies a basis for discussing the sources of superior performance in a global context.   178 more words


The Internship: Part 1

Walking round the corner to ‘The Place’

The Hotel Eclat, directly opposite the building

Walking round the corner to ‘The Place’

I’ve been an intern in China for two weeks now and wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve been doing, as well as my initial perceptions of the Chinese work ethic. 1,141 more words


Essential Characteristics of Successful International Businesses

Today, in the global market where we reside in, several companies such as Apple, Google and many more make it look so easy to get bigger internationally with success. 912 more words